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All information -so far- about the Book on the arts

May 2013 update
The book was ready to be published by Kalimat Press in 2006 but due to unforeseen circumstances we could not continue. Now Sonja is going to pay for the publication costs of the book and Kalimat Press will publish and distribute the book.

However to realise this we need to cut the book down in size drastically. So the artists will be contacted in the list below to see if they are still happy about being in the book and if they agree a new edit of their material. No new material will be added, the new edit is a reduction.

See the list of who is in the book so far on this page.

Artists do not get a reduction nor a free copy for being in the book.
No artist is expected to buy the book either. However we might give a cheaper price for pre-orders from Kalimat, and a pre-order might be necessary in order to be sure of getting a copy of the book as we might only print to order. Details will be announced on this page.

We realise that many wonderful artists are not in the book and we suggest that you submit material (see: participate) so we know about you. This book is just a taste. It does not aim to be representative.


Insights into the works and ideas of over 200 artists, from architecture to dance, from the Cameroon to Brazil.

part of the introduction:

The Bahá’í Association for the Arts is, without doubt, a grass-roots initiative. Artists started it in 1986, and artists and art lovers have kept it going with subscriptions and donations. This book contains just a taste of some of the material we have published, along with some new articles. Many wonderful articles didn't make it into this book, and all articles here have been cut and squeezed. This book is also not definitive. You are welcome to submit material for book two. Also see our website for further information about all the artists in this book:

BAFA has never been exclusively for those who would call themselves Bahá’ís. Our focus is on promoting and giving the arts the valued status they have in the Bahá’í writings. ...

The artists selected for the book (arranged here alphabetically by surname):

Alí Allié, film, U.S.A.
Ashley Alvis, poetry, U.S.A.
Janita Appa, installations, theatre, U.K.
Jean-Pierre Aubert, collage, painting, France
Kathleen Hite Babb, writing, U.S.A.
Michelle Backhouse, sculpture, Aotearoa | New Zealand
Mastaki Bafa, singer, guitarist, The Congo
Anne Bahrinipour, visual arts, Germany
Norman Bailey, opera singer, South Africa, U.K., U.S.A.
Sheila Banani, poetry, U.S.A.
Myriam Bargetze, visual arts, Liechtenstein
Erika Batdorf, movement, choreography, Canada
Stephen Bedingfield, photography, Canada
Genadij Belyajev, photography, Russia
Paul Bennett, singer, Aotearoa / New Zealand
Birligin Sesi, "Sound of Unity" dance and music group, Turkey
Johannes Birringer, dancetheater, new media, U.S.A
Änni Langenhorst Blackmer, painting, France
Arkadij Bourkhanov, early music, Russia
Margaret Bremner, visual artist, Canada
Geoff Broadway, interactive installations, U.K.
Kathleen Bunin, collage / watercolour, Canada
Anneke Buys, poetry, The Netherlands
Estelle Cabannes, mail art / art books, France
Dario Cardoso, folk music, Argentina / Chile/Bolivia
Clare Carswell, visual artist, U.K.
Gérard and Solange Chabert, street theatre performances, France.
Eric Chaet, writing, poetry, music, U.S.A.
Chen Yi, painting, P.R. China
Chris Cholas, poetry, Hawaii, U.S.A.
Chris Clay & Suzette Nyokka, ceramics & basketry, U.S.A.
Liz Coats, glass, visual arts, Australia / New Zealand
Henri Cross, music, U.S.A.
Deborah Crumbaker, ceramics, U.S.A.
Cheryl Cudmore, poetry, Canada
S.K. Dapoz, poetry, U.S.A.
Mary Davis, poetry, U.S.A.
Ropata Davis, bone carving, Aotearoa, New Zealand
DB70, The Dawnbreakers of Europe, music, Europe
Istvan Dely, drumming, Hungary / Colombia
Leonor Dely, singing, Colombia
Martin Derbyshire / Ma Teng Fei, visual arts, P.R. China
Zoharo De Tafalla (Frederick Mohler), sculpture, carving, U.S.A.
Margie Díaz Mesén, photography, Costa Rica
Kate Digby, dance, U.S.A.
Ozan Diler, photography, Turkey
Omid Djalili, actor, U.K.
Coskun Dogruluk, photography, The Netherlands / Turkey
Suellen W. Dornbrook, theatre, Argentina
Christophe Doucet, visual arts, France
Maxim Dumitras, visual arts, Romania
Michael Eissinger, radio journalism, U.S.A.
Keith Eldridge, calligraphy, Canada
Annick Elziere, photography, arts promotion, U.S.A.
Alma Engels, poetry, U.S.A.
Enoch’s Vision (Cary Enoch Reinstein), visual arts, U.S.A
Edel'Akongu Ekodelele Eyperu, music, Uganda.
Farzad, violin, U.S.A.
Bonnie Fields, painting, U.S.A.
Bruce Filson, poetry, Canada
Michael Fitzgerald, poetry, U.S.A.
George Fleming, painting, writing, Northern Ireland
Siron Franco, visual arts, Brazil
Elena Frolova, music review, Russia
Tahirih Fruchaud, photography, The Netherlands
Darlene Gait, visual artist, Canada
Joseph Galata, theatre, U.S.A.
Gina Garcia, singing, New Zealand.
Russ Garcia, composer, conducter, New Zealand.
Bill George, theatre, U.S.A.
Dizzy Gillespie, jazz trumpet, U.S.A.
Francisco González Pérez, photography, Spain
Mary Gregory, glass sculpture, installations, Finland
Bruce Grover, rock music, U.S.A.
Rob Hain, painting, U.K.
Edmund Hall, collage, painting, South Africa
Leenakaisu Hattunen, paper works, Finland
Robert Hayden, poetry, U.S.A.
Patricia Hayley-Tsui, ceramics, Canada
Eva Hemmerlein, painting, Germany
Duane Herrmann, poetry, U.S.A.
Yuichi Hirano, architecture, Japan
Doc Holladay, jazz, U.S.A.
Sandy Hoover and Lunar Drive, music, U.K. / U.S.A.
Lee Hosack, music, U.S.A
Joseph Houseal, dance, U.S.A.
Alexis Hunter, visual arts, U.K. / New Zealand
Robert Takashi Imagire, dance, graphic artist, the Cook Islands, U.S.A
Lowell Johnson, radio dj / writing, South Africa
James Johnston, printmaking, U.S.A.
Suzy K, singer, U.S.A.
Biggy Kapeta, sculpture, Zimbabwe
John Kavelin, set design, U.S.A. / Japan
Dietmar Kieven, painting, Germany
Ian Kluge, poetry, Canada
Annabel Knight, playwright, U.K.
Hans J. Knospe, photo-poetry, Germany
Ben Koen, music, U.S.A.
Helen Kontos, music promotion, Greece
Kosta Kontos, music promotion, Greece
Philip Kwesiga, painting / ceramics, Uganda
Conrad Lambert, music, U.K.
Teresa Henkle Langness, writing, U.S.A.
Lloyd Lawrence, intradiscipline, U.S.A.
Bernard Leach, ceramics, U.K.
Anthony A. Lee, poetry, U.S.A.
Richard Leigh, composer, U.K.
John Barnabas Leith, poetry, U.K.
Susan Lewis Wright, singer, songwriter, U.S.A
Juan Leyva, painting, Spain
LineSync Architecture: Joseph Cincotta & Julie Lineberger, U.S.A.
Kevin Locke / Tokeya Inajin, dance / music, U.S.A.
Albertina Lourenci, sustainable architecture, Brazil
Godfrey Machijli, sculpture, Zimbabwe
Imelda Maguire, poetry, Ireland
Larry Magee, singer, songwriter, U.S.A.,
Dale Malner, installation, U.S.A.,
Alexander Malgazhdarov, photography, Kazakhstan
Fritz Mann, painting, U.S.A.
Audrey Marcus, visual arts, U.S.A.
Sabrina McCormick, processed photo images, U.S.A.
Sen McGlinn, poetry, New Zealand / The Netherlands
Catherine McLaughlin, poetry, Canada
Vasu Mohan, Bharata Natyam dance, U.S.A.
Nadine Mouslimani, graphic design, Lebanon
Taraneh Mozoun, ceramics, Iran / The Netherlands.
William Muñoz, photography, U.S.A.
The Musa Carvers, carving, Cameroon
Nadieh, music, The Netherlands
Margaret Nagawa, visual arts, Uganda
Tahereh Najmi, Persian singer, U.S.A.
AnKi Nilsson, photography, piano, The Faroe Islands
Mark Ochu, piano, U.S.A.
Carl O'Kelley, photography, U.S.A.
Kwame Okyere-Boateng, musician, writer, Ghana / South Africa
Elena Ostrer & Peter Nilov, stage design, Russia
Rhonda Palmer, poetry, U.S.A.
Ruth Park, ceramics, Australia
Richard Paton, visual arts, U.K.
Joanna Margaret Paul, poetry, painting, New Zealand
June Perkins, poetry, Australia
Anne Gordon Perry, poetry, U.S.A.
Juanita Pichardo de Peralta, painting, Dominican Republic
Nawruz Paguidopon, illustration, animation, The Philippines
Oleg Podbereznyi, visual arts, Russia
Carwyn Ponga, painting, Aotearoa / New Zealand
KC Porter, music producer, U.S.A.
Marion Prentice, printmaking, painting + installation, U.K.
Praying For The Rain: Dominic & Vince DeCicco and other musicians, U.K.
Vasily Ragosin, visual arts, Russia
Corinne Randall, painter, printmaker, U.K.
Peter Randall-Page, sculptor, U.K.
Margun Risa, singer, Norway
Mike Robles, music, Costa Rica
Bev and Mike Rogers, singers, musicians, U.S.A.
Cal E. Rollins, poetry, U.S.A.
Pooria Sabetazm, painting, U.S.A.
Mark Sadan, photography, U.S.A.
Fariburz Sahba, architecture, Canada
written by Eliza Rasiwala, Israel
Adel Salmanzadeh painting, New Zealand
Julio Savi, poetry, Italy
Brigitte Schirren, textiles, Germany
Sylvia Schulman Benatar, piano, South Africa
Valerie Senyk, theatre / poetry, Canada
Joseph Sheppherd, author, U.S.A.,
interviewed by Alison Marshall
R.K. Singh, poetry, India
Maria Skrebtsova, poetry / writing, Russia
Anisa Skuce, visual arts, Canada
Bill Skuce, painting, Canada
Geoff and Michaela Smith, music, U.K.
Janet Sono, theatre, Japan
Jacomien Souverijn, painting, The Netherlands
Rene Steiner, design, Switzerland
Jasmina Stojanović, painting, Serbia
Tierney Sutton, voice, U.S.A.
Táhirih, poetry, Iran
Colin Taylor, theatre, U.S.A.
David Taylor, painting, U.S.A.
Jeff Thomson, sculpture, New Zealand
Mária Titi, painting, Hungary
Mark Tobey, painting, U.S.A.
Filipe Tohi, sculpture, Aotearoa / New Zealand
Lasse Thoresen, composer, Norway
Reginald Turvey, painting, South Africa
Lilia Valitova, composer, Russia.
Hugo van Bolhuis, music, The Netherlands
Henk van der Voort, printmaking, painting, The Netherlands
Sonja van Kerkhoff, visual arts, The Netherlands
Michel Verheecke, music, poetry, Belgium
Mary Jane Volkmann, painter, Namibia
Jens von Krogh, photography, Faroe Islands, 161
Chris Wagg, textiles, Wales, U.K
Wang Xin, painter, P.R. China
Jacqueline Wassen, visual arts, The Netherlands
Rob Weinberg, photograph, U.K.
Tarasieh Werle - Vahdat, glass sculpture, Ecuador
Roger White, poetry, Canada / Israel
Thaya Whitten, painting, piano, Canada
Carolyn Nur Wistrand, theatre, U.S.A.
Angela Wood, music, U.K.
Liang Xiaoshan, printmaking, P.R. China
Savina Yannatou, singer, Greece
Beth Yazhari, painting, textiles, U.S.A.
Ken Zemke, film, New Zealand
Roland Zwicker, mime, Brazil / France / U.S.A.

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