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John Kavelin,  

theatre / stage design, U.S.A. / Japan

Russ Garcia, John Kavelin and Gina Garcia, January 2002.

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"God's Eye" (Ojo de Diós), set for the San Francisco Bahá´í Peace conference, 1986
designed by John Kavelin.

Detail of the stage at San Francisco Bahá´í Peace conference, 1986, on the opening night with singer/songwriter, Red Grammer and Bahá´í's in native costume. The Forty foot in diameter globe ascends behind the Aztec-style sun proscenium.

Photograph by Paul Slaughter, 1992.
A 3 metre in diameter lucite star globe dominated the main stage at the 1992 Bahá´í World Congress in the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York.
Part of the 400 member choir is visible here, conducted by Tom Price.

Photograph by Paul Slaughter, 1992.
Aboriginal dancers on stage at one of the many New York hotel venues, where performances were hosted nightly. The simple banners were the identifying stage set for the various venues.

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Photograph by Paul Slaughter, 1992.
A dramatic portrayal about the painter, Juliet Thompson performed by actress, Susan Hegarty on the main stage. You can just see her profile projected on huge screens flanking the stage. Seated to the left is Phillip Hinton and Nikki Gundry is on the right.

Model of the main stage at the 1992 Bahá´í congress by John Kavelin.
Photograph by Paul Slaughter, 1992.
The Octagonal platform in the centre was eventually cut by half to accomodate the larger orchestra and choir.

John Kavelin, Ruhiyyih Khanum and Elizabeth Martin at the 1992 Congress in New York in front of one of the rooms of the "Abdu'l-Bahá: Mission to America" theme pavilion. Behind them is a diaorama of the social issues of the day. Issues, such as equality, racism and peace which Abdu'l-Bahá addressed on his 1912 visit. Photograph by Paul Slaughter, 1992.

John Kavelin designed this 17,000 square foot exhibition, spread over five adjacent ballrooms on the third floor of the New York Hilton Hotel, evoking the spirit of Abdu'l-Bahá's visit to North America in 1912. Elizabeth Martin researched and wrote all the text for this as well as producing a video documentary for the pavilion entitled, "The City of the Covenant".

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