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Janita Appa, visual artist, multi-media performance U.K.

Susie Agahi, actress, Northern Ireland.

Erika Batdorf, dancer, choreographer, teacher in dance/mime, U.S.A.

Johannes Birringer, dancetheater, new media, video, writer/reviewer on art and dance, U.S.A.

Gérard and Solange Chabert, street theatre performances, France.

Henry Corcoran, Theatre, U.S.A.

Omid Djalili, theatre, acting, stand-up comedy, U.K.

Suellen W. Dornbrook, playwright, (U.S.A.) Argentina.

Adalia Ellis, dance, playwriting, U.S.A. / South Korea

Bill George, actor, playwright, theatre director, teacher, U.S.A.

Tina Herslund, visual arts, theatre-performance, The Netherlands.

Phillip Hinton, actor, playwright, Australia.

Styve Homnick, musician, performance/film/theatre, U.S.A.

Andrew Houston, academic in theatre, U.S.A.

Helen Varley Jamieson, theatre, new media, Aotearoa / New Zealand

John Kavelin, events organizer, arts organizer, U.S.A.

Daniel Kinch, playwright / theatre director, U.S.A.

Annabel Knight, actress, writer, U.K. (Slovakia)

Lloyd Lawrence, intradiscipline, U.S.A.

Roberto Lun, dance, choreography, Italy

Elena Ostrer, painter, stage design, illustrator, Russia.

June Paisa Perkins, poet / theatre / film theory / history, Australia.

Wendeline Philpott, play review, Canada.

Vasily Ragosin, theatre, Russia.

Marty, Wendy & Caitlin Quinn, music, choreography, dance, U.S.A.

Muhtadia Rice, actress / singer, U.S.A.

Ben Roberts, actor / theatre director, U.S.A.

Valerie Senyk, playwright, poet, teaches theatre, Canada.

Janet Sono, theatre, Japan.

Colin Taylor, theatre, U.S.A.

Sonja van Kerkhoff, performance, installations, visual arts, The Netherlands.

Joke van Stuijvenberg, performance/installation, sculpture, The Netherlands.

Anne Verhoijsen, visual artist, performance art, the Netherlands

Carolyn Nur Wistrand, playwright, U.S.A.

Roland Zwicker, mime, theatre, France.

external LINKS:

    Festivals - Symposia
  • Intermediale: Annual International Performance Studies Conference.
  • Dublin Fringe Festival - presents over 65 productions and more than 300 performances, squeezed into twenty days and nights of fun and excitement, annually from mid September - October. Begun in 1995 it hosts productions ranging from premieres of new ensemble theatre pieces and evening-length dance works for audiences of 60 to 250, to interactive performance work and visual arts projects intended for intimate settings and limited audiences of 10 to 20 per viewing
  • The Magdalena Project - women in the performing arts around the globe.
  • Fado is a non-profit performance group based in Toronto. Their 2 weekly email list contains, submissions, listings, etc, of interest to performance artists.
  • Contemporary Art Forum, Kitchener, Canada. They run an annual international performance festival.
  • ISEA: Internationaly Society for Electronic Arts, international headquarters are in Montreal.
    They host a symposium each year in a different part of the globe. In 1998, Manchester, U.K; 1999, Brazil; 2000, Paris, France.
  • Highfest: International Theatre Festival in Armenia.

  • Magazines
  • The Open Page - a journey of women's thoughts, questions and visions for theatre. Produced in Denmark.

  • Residencies / commissions
  • Rhizome - net art commissions
  • Canadian Creative Innovation Initiatives: New media projects co-produced by the BANFF centre for the arts.

  • New Media
  • Electronic Arts and New Media Search Engine and Database

  • Individuals + Theatre Groups
  • The Children's Theater, New York children's theatre company for adults.
  •, a site run by US playwright, Mark Pery, about some Bahá'í-inspired plays and a playwright contest.
  • Shane O'Brien, London based actor, singer.
  • ,

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