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Sonja van Kerkhoff

visual artist, video, installations, performance, reviews (visual arts), websites, The Netherlands.

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Making Salt, 1998, detail of performance
incorporating video and text projections with performance, at the 1998 International InterSociety for Electronic Arts Symposium, Manchester, U.K.   more info

Made with Sarah Buist & Gaudi Hoedaya.

Ablutions, 1995/7, video installation of my hands moving downwards towards a glass bowl and then carrying water upwards. As the hands move upwards the image gradually darkens so the hands appear to rise into darkness. The video image is projected onto a cloth suspended between four pillars. Each pillar is 50 cm apart so only one or two people can view the image at a time in each of the four openings.   more info

Give and Take by Sonja van Kerkhoff, 1995.
The text "Make not your deeds as snares wherewith to ensnare the object of your desire" comes from the Kitab-i-Aqdas by Bahá'u'lláh.

I started in art school the first time round as a painter / printmaker in 1980 in Dunedin, New Zealand.
In the 1980's, while taking subjects in English literature, Art History, Linguistics, Maori Studies, and a dash of Philosophy, I started writing art reviews for the student newspaper and later a small city paper.

A 2004 look. Photo: Alexis Hunter, U.K.

I moved to the Netherlands in 1989 to continue my art studies, where I started out in the painting department and then gradually moved into other media (and departments) such as video and performance. Currently I work 3/5 time as a website designer.
This website for Arts Dialogue is my first website.

At the moment I generally participate in or coordinate art projects working with others to create environments as well as making work
for a straight gallery environment.

A few of these are:

The Living Creature, an installation and performance project involving seven artists and one child in during the Bermondsey Carnival in South-East London, U.K., May 1999. more info

The continuously expanding space... 1999, video and slide projections, texts, hung objects, printed images and mirrors (a collaboration between Jacqueline, Gaudi, Sen and myself) in an old archive in the centre of The Hague.  
more info

Letters of the Living, an installation of 19 flags, at the 1996 Oerol arts festival, Terschelling,
The Netherlands.
one kilometre long.
more info

Tulips from Istanbul, 1997. Each cast resin tulip is about 10 cm high. more info

Big Ones, 1998, installation in the Other Gallery, Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff, Canada. more info

Other Projects or artworks

In 1998 I participated in an exhibition on the theme of contemporary religious art and in writing a statement for this found Bahá´í references in most of my work, so I turned this into a booklet about my work and its relationship to the Bahá´í Faith.   more info

Left to Right: My soul myself, drawing, 1997, First lessons in Relativity, silkscreen on cardboard, 1992, Change is a Law of nature, performance in Hull and in London, 1996, Te Koru Iwa (Nine Spirals), fire drawing as part of a festival, 1996.

Email: sonjavank(at)
(but beware, I do not read this email address very often and I dump everything that seems like spam - so make a clear message in the subject line).

See more art at:

Some websites by Sonja   Postcards   Articles, Reviews

Conversations, 2005, drawings on transparent film on the mirrored walls accompanying the poem Dizzy, an eulogy to Dizzy Gillespie by June Perkins.
More about the work: Conversations
  • Member of the BAFA board, 1989 -

  • Installation: The Gesture, Arts Dialogue, February 2002
  • Review: Miracles of Vision, Arts Dialogue, June 2001
  • Photograph: of Roberto Lun performing, Arts Dialogue, October 2000
  • Illustration: Certain Measures, Arts Dialogue, September 1999
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  • Letter: Arts Dialogue, June 1997
  • Illustration: Give and Take, Arts Dialogue, June 1997
  • Review: Arts Symposium in Villach, Austria, Arts Dialogue, December 1997
  • Illustration: installation, The Letters of the Living, Arts Dialogue, December 1996
  • Review: An island is stage, the Oerol Performing Arts Festival, Arts Dialogue, December 1996
  • Review: 1995 Venice Biennale, Arts Dialogue, December 1996
  • Photographs: of the UK Arts Academy, Arts Dialogue, September 1995
  • Letter: the UK Arts Academy, Arts Dialogue, September 1995
  • Review: Forum on the arts at Landegg, Switzerland, Arts Dialogue, June 1995
  • Photographs: Forum on the arts at Landegg, Arts Dialogue, June 1995
  • Review: The Connected Body: impressions, Arts Dialogue, March 1995
  • Photographs: The Connected Body?, Amsterdam, Arts Dialogue, March 1995
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  • Illustration: from New Vessels, Arts Dialogue, March 1995
  • Review: The German artist Georg Herold, Arts Dialogue, December 1994
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  • Review: music CD by Mary Davis, BAFA newsletter, June 1994
  • Article: The Bahá´í Writings and the arts, BAFA newsletter, June 1994
  • Interviewed: Mark Ochu, BAFA newsletter, June 1994
  • Drawing & Photograph: of Parnssus Dance/Theater, BAFA newsletter, June 1994
  • Review: John Cage's presence at the Venice Biennale, BAFA newsletter, March 1994
  • Letter: about Roland Zwicker's mime activities, BAFA newsletter, December 1993
  • Sculpture: Bijzettafel (Side Table), BAFA newsletter, December 1993
  • Article: about Alex Wu, BAFA newsletter, September 1993
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  • Letter: About the European Arts Schools exhibition, BAFA newsletter, June 1993
  • Essay: Some thoughts on the Nigerian writer, Ben Okri, BAFA newsletter, March 1993
  • Lithograph: "in you I have treasured the pearls of My mysteries and the gems of My knowledge", BAFA newsletter, December 1992
  • Review: Art Borders, BAFA newsletter, December 1992
  • Review: Documenta IX, BAFA newsletter, September 1992
  • Interviewed: Roland Zwicker, BAFA newsletter, June 1992
  • Reviewed: a catalogue by Otto Don Rogers, BAFA newsletter, June 1992
  • Line Drawing: BAFA newsletter, March 1992
  • Etching: Your honour, BAFA newsletter, December 1991
  • Drawings: Carrying a message, Found Objects, He Matua, BAFA newsletter, December 1991
  • Etching: Your honour, BAFA newsletter, December 1991
  • Review: Art Forum East in Bratislava, BAFA newsletter, September 1991
  • Letter: Dealing with five male tutors, BAFA newsletter, January 1990
  • Artist Statement: BAFA newsletter, October 1989
  • Announcement: Two Books illustrated by Sonja van Kerkhoff, BAFA newsletter, October 1989

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