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Jacqueline Wassen  

illustration, printmaking, painting, mail art, installations,
The Netherlands.

Jacqueline Wassen makes illustrations for books, children's television programmes and for newspapers.
She also makes installations and coordinates performance projects.

Jacqueline Wassen, 2000,
with some hanging-book birds made for a children's festival.

Paradiso, lithograph, 1997, by Jacqueline Wassen.

Detail of the poem, The Divine Comedy, 1997
lithograph on three shaped pieces of card,
by Jacqueline Wassen.
The print can be folded flat or out.

Illustration for a children's book she is working on with Sonja van Kerkhoff.

Click here for a larger view (45kb) of this illustration.

< Illustration for a Bahá´í children's prayerbook, 1995,
by Jacqueline Wassen.
24 pages of illustrations made with Sonja van Kerkhoff.

Email to order a copy,
4 Euros plus postage.

Illustration for the poem, Spring by Keli Ottarsson, Iceland.

Detail of the poem, Spanish America,
by Janet Ruhe, and illustration by Jacqueline Wassen.
Click here to view the whole poem and illustrations.

Illustration by Jacqueline Wassen for "The Tight Rope" a short story by Kwame Okyere-Boateng, then living in Ghana, in the December 1995 issue of Arts Dialogue.

Theatre project in Bolzano, Italy, 1999.

Magister Ludi, theatre project in Bolzano, Italy, 1999. Directed by Roberto Lun.

Video projections of drawings by Jacqueline Wassen were projected on the titled table surface while four actors performed around the table.

For more of Jacqueline´s art go to her website at:
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