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Kwame Okyere-Boateng  

musician, writer, Ghana / South Africa

Kwame and his wife Cynthia (previously a member of the New Ireland Dawnbreakers) produced the music cassette, Justice, in 1993 which contains selections form the Bahá´í writings in their lyrics. It was aired on Ghana Broadcast Radio.

Illustration by Jacqueline Wassen for
"The Tight Rope" a short story by Kwame Okyere-Boateng, in the December 1995 issue of Arts Dialogue.

Kwame primarily writes short stories: "The Tight Rope" comes from a volume of five called 'Jungle Jamesi'. Here are two excerpts:

"In our tribe, every child had a hand at raising domestic animals, especially fowl and sheep, for it was commonly believed that a child's future luck and prosperity could be determined by how well the animals flourished...

...The matter was peacefully settled, however, and my uncle accompanied me to the old lady's house that same evening to tender an apology for my rudeness. On the way, he warned me never to give such provocative answers to my elders, and that the next time my sheep misbehaved it would be given to another to care for..."

Excerpt from Arts Dialogue, December 1995,
pages 13 - 14.
  • Short Story: The Tight Rope, short story, Arts Dialogue, December 1995
  • Review: International Music festival in Harare, Zimbabwe, Arts Dialogue, June 1995
  • Short Story: Jungle Jamesi, short story, BAFA newsletter, June/July 1994
  • Announcement, music cassette, BAFA newsletter, September 1993
  • Letter: introducing himself, BAFA newsletter, September 1993

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