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Sarah Buist  

visual artist / sculpture / installations / performance, U.K.

Sweet Conversation, 1997, sugar cubes and wood.
From an installation made in collaboration with Mia Cavaliero
shown in the 1998 Whitechapel Open, London.

Sarah Buist was born in Taranaki, Aotearoa / New Zealand and has been based in London since 1978. She has been involved in making art / craft for a number of years and graduated in 1996 with a first class honours degree in Fine Art from the University of East London.

Lost at Sea, 1997, mixed media.

Yes, maybe, 1996,
About one hundred large pompoms, fan, doors.

Behind every process... 1996,
billboard. Here the letters REVOLUTION are spelt out.

Untitled (Feather Piece) 1996, mixed media.

The performance, Making Salt
made with Gaudi Hoedaya and Sonja van Kerkhoff for ISEA '98, Manchester, U.K.,
began with a video projection of each of these ´signed´ letters.

  • Illustration: Revolution, 1996, Arts Dialogue, December 1998.
  • Making Salt: performance made with Sarah, Gaudi and Sonja was reviewed in Arts Dialogue, December 1998

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