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Bruce Filson  

poet, writer, publisher, Canada

Once upon a hill

It came to me on a prairie hill
that I would die

Wrapped up in a blue-black night
I saw, where the fabric was thin
a great cosmic light shine through
in prick-points of star pins.

The hill was a surfacing whale,
and the prairie, limitless ocean.
The length of my life felt no longer
than that leviathan´s breath.

He would slowly roll, blow-
then I would go

from the book, Angel Ruckus, 1996,

From the December 1996, Arts Dialogue, page 12

Bruce K. Filson has published about 100 poems in literary magazines, several stories, as well as a book of poetry entitled Angel Ruckus. A founder of Nine Pines Publishing and September House, two Bahá´í literary book publishers in Canada, he has also tried to promote and encourage the writing of other Bahá´í writers, both in Canada and abroad. He has also been active as one of the editors of Orison, a Bahá´í arts publication from the Bahá´í arts chapter of the Association for Bahá´í Studies. At present, he teaches French in rural Saskatchewan, Canada.

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