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Rob P. Altork, poetry, U.S.A.

Ashley Alvis, poetry, U.S.A.

Sheila Banani, poetry, U.S.A.

Rey P. Borromeo, poetry, The Philippines

Martyn Burke, poetry, Belgium.

Anneke Buys, poetry, reviewer (poetry), The Netherlands.

Eric Chaet, poetry, writer, musician, actions/performances, U.S.A.

Chris Cholas, poetry, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Cheryl Cudmore, poetry, designer, Canada.

S.K. Dapoz, poetry, U.S.A.

Victor D'Aravjo, poetry, The Netherlands.

Aaron Justicio Emmel, poetry, writer, U.S.A.

Alma Engels, poetry, U.S.A.

Katje Erickson, poetry, design, U.S.A.

Bruce Filson, poet, writer, publisher, Canada.

Michael Fitzgerald, poet, U.S.A.

Tahirih Khodadoust Foroughi, poet, U.S.A.

Daniele Giancane, poet, Italy.

Anne Gordon Perry, aesthetics, reviewer, arts organizer, poet, dancer, U.S.A.

John S. Hatcher, poet, U.S.A.

Robert Hayden, poet, reviewer, U.S.A.

Eline Hermans, poet, The Netherlands.

Duane Herrmann, poet, reviewer, U.S.A.

Kim Hodges, poet, bookmaker, U.S.A.

Ian Kluge, poet, writer, Canada.

Hans J. Knospe, photographer-poet, Germany.

Robert E. Kogan, poet, U.S.A.

Rudolph Korsten, poet, The Netherlands.

Tony Lee, poet, historian, editor, publisher, U.S.A.

John Barnabas Leith, poet, U.K.

Franklin Lewis, middle eastern literatures, poet, U.S.A.

Rita Lotfi, poet, Venezuela / U.S.A.

Imelda Maguire, poetry, creative writing, Ireland.

John Matthews, poet, Aotearoa / New Zealand.

Susan McLaren, poet, Venezuela.

Catherine (Patrick) McLaughlin, poet, reviewer, Canada.

Jack McLean, poet, author, Canada.

Sen McGlinn, poet, reviewer, editor, The Netherlands / New Zealand.

Hugh McKinley, poet, U.K.

Susan McMaster, poet, Canada.

Judith McNeil, poet, singer, songwriter, Aoteaaroa / New Zealand.

Bobby Mitchell, poet, writer, U.S.A.

Hazel Mori, poet, The Philippines.

Peter E. Murphy, poet, reviewer, critic (poetry), teacher, U.S.A.

Sue Norris, poet, U.K.

Mary O´Malley, poet, Ireland.

Keli Ottarsson, poet, Iceland.

Rhonda Palmer, poet, poetry editor, U.S.A.

Joanna Margaret Paul, poet, painter, New Zealand.

June Perkins, poet, theatre, film theory / history, Australia.

Rosey E. Pool, poet, compiled anthologies on African American poetry, The Netherlands.

Herman Poort, poet, Czech Republic / The Netherlands.

Ron Price, poet, poet reviewer, Australia.

Cal E. Rollins, poet, U.S.A.

Janet Ruhe, poet, writer, U.S.A.

Sam Saté-Askew, poetry, U.K. (Iraq)

Julio Savi, poet, academic, Italy.

Robert L. Schwarz, poet, writer, philosopher, U.S.A.

Suzanne Schuurman, poet, writer, Canada.

Valerie Senyk, playwright, poet, teaches theatre, Canada.

R.K. Singh, poet, teacher in literature, India.

Táhirih, poet, writer, theological essayist, translator, Iran. (1814 - 1852)

Miho Tanaka, poet, Japan.

Mahinarangi Tocker, singer / songwriter, and poet, Aotearoa / New Zealand.

Saskia van Baarda, poet, The Netherlands.

Michel Verheecke, singer / songwriter, poet, guitarist, Belgium. Vlams

Roger White, poet, Canada / Israel.

Kaziek Wieckowski, sculptor, poet, Poland.

Alexander M Zoltai, poetry, U.S.A.

external LINKS:
  • poetry door -Through one are texts created out of a randomly fixed poetry generator based on words from the Bahá´í Writings. Through the other, are virtues created randomly (angelically) by a fixed virtue chooser. Made by Jim Styan.
  • A - some poems by Bahá´ís.

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