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Rhonda Palmer  

poet, poetry editor, U.S.A.

poetry book
Cover: "Roger White, 1952"
by George diCarlo

Rhonda Palmer, was born in Indiana, U.S.A., in 1951. She has had her work published in "Crystallizations," and "Aim Magazine" as well as "The Purple Rose", an anthology of Bahá´í poets which she and Sandie Dapoz edited in 1994.

She has just begun a small press called "White Wings" which is designed to produce art books and poetry chapbooks. She currently resides in Colorado, U.S.A.

Purple Rose, 1994,
An anthology of contemporary poetry by Bahá´ís
Edited by Rhonda Palmer and S.K. Dapoz,
80 pages with a dedication to Roger White (died 1993).


Within this life there burns a rose
This rose burns sweetly
Giving flame the name of joy.

Against a darkened sky
This rose burns sweetly.
This heart is gold without alloy.

This heart conceals a burning rose.
How sweetly does this golden heart
Impart its burning joy.

Arts Dialogue, March 1996, Page 12

A Poem for Angela

In going on and on about our business
We choose the things that make us wholly us.
String and steel and love and hard-edged diamonds,
Chocolate, ink and bits of marble dust.
With these and more we build ourselves a person,
A boundless, endless, magic piece of art.
We make it with the things we lay our hands on.
We build us with the things we take to heart. . .

Arts Dialogue, February 2001, Page 15

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