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S.K. Dapoz  

poet, poetry editor, web designer, U.S.A.

Drowning in the Fire

I dream again-
my longing an aria da capo
that draws me back to the iron gates,
their pillared strength a dream-compass
homing me towards True North,
where a bone-deep urging calls to me
from that secret cave where the dark marrow grows-
speaking the Word that is only a sigh,
yet a wordless lover's plea:
my heart, in truth, the burning boat
that sinks in the blood-red sea,
drowning, at last, in the raging sky-
and buried whole in Thee.

Arts Dialogue, February 2001, page 8.

S.K. Dapoz webdesign:

poetry book
Cover: "Roger White, 1952"
by George diCarlo

Purple Rose, 1994,
An anthology of contemporary spiritual poetry by Bahá´ís
Edited by Rhonda Palmer and S.K. Dapoz,
80 pages with a dedication to Roger White (died 1993).

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