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Hugh McKinley 

Poet, U.K.

A Sonnet

Your song and witness over there
For finding should some seeker dare
Recall that crux of circumstance
Making your rhyme strike true; your glance
Out-face hypocrisy, discomforting
Passed age’s sober parroting.

Or else
Some bright girl’s raven hair -
Or brown or blonde -, hot lips that dare
Give Eden’s passion sacred bent,
Though years with churchyard-mould be blent
Still catch the evening sunlight’s ray,
Still dare tomorrow for today;

If read
In small brown-paper book
Discovered by his passing look
Who’ll turn out trunks in some old loft
When snow stops work upon the croft.
Your resurrection so, in lives of others
Gives hope fresh meaning with your later brothers.

  • Poem: Sonnet, Arts Dialogue, June 2001
  • Poem: Resolution, Arts Dialogue, December 1994
  • Poem: Subsistence..., BAFA newsletter, September 1994

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