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Michael Fitzgerald  

poet, U.S.A.

In Memorium
    for Robert Hayden

A thousand sterling hours
cleft for the single gold -

so Robert Hayden wrote -
so he lived -unending good things,

set aside for the excellent -
yearning placed in a vase out of Keats -

what is the yesterday he felt
but the crucial yes after no -

Hayden knew how to say no -
he cut himself from his own fabric -

Hayden was in many ways his own invention -
yet he belongs to the world -

Robert, Robert, so I sing you -
hearing you have gone before us, singing -

by Michael Fitzgerald, U.S.A.
from Songs for the Phoenix, published by George Ronald, U.K., 1994.

Arts Dialogue, February 2000, page 14


He trundles into town
tasting the grasses
with his eyes, savoring
the light-long shadows
under the white oak,
treating day as day
not wishing, but being,
tasting his coffee, there,
side by side with the workman,
in the diner, whole minutes
between them in silence--speaking democracy
with the door open
for the old gentleman
in his overhauls,
sampling the wind
on his brow, to see
the shape of evening--

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