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Anneke Buys

poetry, reviews (poetry),
The Netherlands.


The reed is calling
for the breath of its master,
the Master goes out,
looking for his reed.

   Rabindranath Tagore

I have called
and waited
blowing in the wind,
scourged by the rain,
cherished by the sun.

Who shall describe
the acute pain
when you cut me off
and, shorn of my leaves,
notched me at your wish.

Now there's only
your warm breath
blows melodies in me.

Day Of Creation

Just look:
I paint blue the windows
and hang the sun in them

just feel:
I fill up the room
my head bobs on the water

just hear:
I catch bird sounds on tapes
a cricket sings in my ear

and then
I model you
from clay of words

From Arts Dialogue, June 1996

3 languages
White horse between sheep with
Lambs - something like
Small, Large and Extra Large

in animal fashion

3 lingvoj
blankaj chevalo, shafoj kaj
shafidetoj - io kiel
Malgranda, Granda kaj Ekstre Granda

en besta modo

3 talen
Wit paard tussen schapen met
lammeren - zoiets als
Small, Large en Extra Large

in animale mode

  • Member of the BAFA board since 1986.

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