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Canada / U.S.A.

Orison, the arts journal of the Bahá´í Institute for the Arts, a special interest section of the Association for Bahá’í Studies, North America, is now available in its ninth issue (2002), with the theme, "The Courageous Committment to the Craft of Art"

Contents: Editorial by Anne Gordon Perry,
On-line Poetry resources by Peter E. Murphy
Poems by: Michael Fitzgerald, Druzelle Cederquist, Hillary Chapman, Walt Manderfield, Charles Lynch, Judith Partelow, Lois Kivi Nochman, Rachel Robinson Huffines, Jeffery Huffines, Kim Douglas, Jennifer Ann Sharpe, and Elinor Mattern,
Articles by: Teresa Henkle Langness, Bradford W. Miller, Bruce K. Filson, Sylvie Nantais-Bourdeau, Marlene Macke, Gail Radley and Matthew Levine.
Artwork by: Barbara Curry, Tim Howe, Richard Quinn, Matthew Levine, George Fleming, and Mary Firman.
Artscene / Artseen, a column featuring information about Bahá´í arts organizations by Anne Gordon Perry.

Cover artwork by Barbara Curry.

This eighth (2000) issue has the theme "Invoking the Light / Knowing the Water."

Articles by: Peter Murhpy, Bruce Filson, Kim Douglas, Linda O'Connell, One Country, Barbara Curry.
Poems by: Valerie Martinez, Loretta Crosby, Elinor Grace Mattern, Patrick Patillo, Victor de Araujo, Ijeoma Thomas, Lynn Ascrizzi, Patricia Abram, Karen Harris Banks, Adam Crossley, Kim Douglas, John Hatcher, Claire Vreeland, Micheal Fitzgerald, Jocelyn Boor,
Artwork by:Hong Foo, Jihmye Collins, Sonja van Kerkhoff, Mitra Goguen-Paik.
Artscene / Artseen, a column featuring information about Bahá´í arts organizations by Anne Gordon Perry.

This seventh (1998) issue has the theme, "Beauty and the Sublime."

Poems by: Bret Breneman, Sylvie Nantais-Bourdeau, Michael Fitzgerald, C.S.Cholas, David Ben-Issac, Rowell Hoff, Carla Mobley, Hillary Chapman, Sheila Banani, David Butler Perry, Charles Lynch, and Lyn Martin. Articles on or by: Caroline Mackay, Hong Foo, Mark Ochu,and Ivan Lloyd.
Artwork by:Hong Foo, J. Picyune, Kimberly Jurianowicz, James Johnson, and Bonnie Wilder;
reviews of current CDs by Susan Lewis Wright, Dirk Anderson, Jerry York, and other musicians.
an editorial on beauty and the sublime by Anne Gordon Perry, editor; and Artscene / Artseen, a column featuring information about Bahá´í arts organizations, artists, schools, galleries, publications, web sites, contests, and more.

Orison is hand crafted with color art on its cover and is available for $8 plus $1 postage ($2 overseas). Please send checks to: Anne Gordon Perry, 702 Keywe Place, Duncanville, TX 75243, U.S.A.

Please send submissions for Orison X by April 1, 2003.
Send submissions of poetry, essays, short fiction, artwork, artist’s profiles/statements, and news items to: Anne Gordon Perry at

  • Announcement: in Arts Dialogue, February 2001
  • Announcement: of issue #1, on Art and Service, in the BAFA newsletter, January 1990

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