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Erika Batdorf, dancer, choreographer, teacher in dance/mime, Canada

Stephen Bedingfield, photographer, Canada

Travis Birch, ballet dancer, choreographer, Canada

Jean Claude Boudreau, singer/songwriter, musician, Canada

Margaret Bremner, painter, Canada

Kathleen Bunin, collages, watercolour, Canada

Brendan Cook, creative writing, Canada

Cheryl Cudmore, poet, designer, Canada.

Keith Eldridge, visual artist, calligraphy, Canada

Bruce Filson, poet, writer, publisher, Canada

Andrew Houston, academic in theatre, Canada

Ian Kluge, poet, writer, teacher, Canada

Catherine (Patrick) McLaughlin, poet, reviewer, Canada

Jack McLean, poet, author, Canada

Susan McMaster, poet, Canada

Bev Peden, visual artist (painter), Canada (Uganda)

Wendeline Philpott, play review, Canada

Donald Rogers, painter, Canada / Israel

Fariburz Sahba, architect, Canada

Eugene Smith, singer/songwriter, musician, Canada

Hubert Schuurman, filmmaker, Canada

Suzanne Schuurman, poet, writer, Canada

Anisa Skuce, paper-crafted, installations, Canada

Bill Skuce, painter, Canada

Valerie Senyk, playwright, poet, teaches theatre, Canada

Eugene Smith, singer/songwriter, musician, Canada

Spirit Village, folk/new age-like mix, Canada

Ryan Telfer, musician, Canada

Patricia Haley-Tsui ceramics, Canada

Alison Vardy, harpist, Canada

Roger White, poet, Canada / Israel

Thaya Whitten, painter, pianist, Canada

Burhan Zahra'i, calligraphy, painting, sculpture, jewellery, Qatar / Canada.

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