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Oleg Podbereznyi  

sculpture, painting, graphics and decorative arts, Russia.

Oleg Podberyozny, 1992.

"The main object of my work is focused around the unity of humanity and nature, showing that all people are natural descendents of one God. "

Oleg Podberyozny (born 1960) lives in St. Petersburg, Russia. He studied sculpture at art school between 1987 and 1989, with two more years of study in Vienna where he also did some commissions of sculpture. He had his first solo exhibition in a museum in 1991 and began organising arts festivals on themes of 'Oneness' and 'Unity' from 1992 onwards.

White-shell mother of nature, 1991, bronze.

Unity,1991, glass.

While continuing to exhibit regularly he has also worked as a photographer for magazines. His most recent solo exhibition, titled "Other world" was in 2002 in the gallery "EU-MAN" in Helsinki, Finland.

His website in Russian

The English language part of the site, which only has some images.

Oleg, email the title, year, medium and something about this image -- it's theme or whether this is a performance of yours?? to
  • Sculpture: Family 2, 1990, BAFA newsletter, December 1993
  • Announcement: Easter Week Arts Festival in St. Petersburg, 1993, December 1992
  • Sculpture: White shell-mother of Nature, 1991, BAFA newsletter, September 1992
  • Letter: about his Fine Arts Association, "Unity", BAFA newsletter, September 1992

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