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Rob Weinberg     author, reviewer, U.K.

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"...In 1950 Leach travelled in the United States for four months at the invitation of the Institute of Contemporary Art, Washington. While there he met the young potter named Janet Darnell who subsequently became (in 1956) the third Mrs Leach...
... post-war years meant good business for the Leach Pottery and Leach found time to develop further this theories of the contribution potters might make to society. Integral to this contribution was the spiritual process a potter went through in fashioning a pot."

Page 24 - 25, "Spinning the Clay into Stars", edited by Robert Weinberg, George Ronald, U.K. 1999.

More about Bernard Leach on this website and more photos of his pottery by Rob Weinberg.

Pots by Bernard Leach in the St. Ives pottery. Detail of a photograph: Robert Weinberg, U.K. from Rob's book, "Spinning the Clay into Stars", George Ronald, U.K. 1999.

  • Photographs of Leach's pottery: in Just Let the Wind, 2005

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