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Maria Skrebtsova  

poet and writer, Russia.

Maria Skrebtsova was born in 1968 in Moscow. She received a diploma from the Moris Torez Institute of Foreign Languages in 1990. She is a French language teacher as well as the author of the book "Osvobozhdennaya Mudrost" ("The Unbound Wisdom" - the title comes from the quotation: "the unbound wisdom will get a new skin" from Agni-Yoga) and two collections of poetry which appeared in 1992, 1993 and 1994 respectively. "Osvobozhdennaya Mudrost" "Wisdom Freed" is 176 pages of her poems and meditations on Bahá´í topics, incorporating quotations from various Holy Writings. Maria Skrebtsova is one of the authors of the series "Books for Lessons on Moral Education" which includes 12 volumes.

I cannot even touch Your shadow!
You're everywhere, so ther e is no shadow.
We only have to wake up,
as soon as is possible,
to speak of Your light in everything.

There is no place where You cannot be faced.
There is not an instant without You.
We have only to react,
as soon as is possible,
and we all know the response.

Already for a long time, spoken by every heart,
and from everyone's lips,
is this response.
Though You have no name:
For You there is no difference.

It only matters that everyone's arms raech out
towards You;
An illuminating wonder.
And then every arm touches the earth;
With Your wonder; always with You.

Translation: Veronika Toumanova.

Arts Dialogue, March 1999, Page 15.

  • Poem translated from Russian by Veronika Toumanova, BAFA newsletter, December 1992
  • Review of her book of meditations and poems, by Vasily Ragosin, BAFA newsletter, December 1992

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