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Ilya Artamonov, painter, teaches at the Kazan school of visual arts, Russia.

Genadij Belyajev, photographer, Russia.

Arkadij Bourkhanov, early music, lute, teaches music at the Novosibirsk Conservatory, Russia.

Andrei Erofeev - Zaharovskij, painting, Siberia, Russia.

Elena Frolova, singer, musician, Russia.

Ashraf Geibatov, painter, Russia.

Andrej Lessovichenko, musicologist, Russia.

Elena Ostrer, painter, stage design, illustrator, Russia.

Oleg Podbereznyi, sculpture, painting, graphics and decorative arts, Russia.

Vasily Ragosin, theatre, Russia.

Maria Skrebtsova, poet and writer, Russia.

Olesya Tsutskova, illustrator, painter, Russia.

Lilia Valitova, composer, musician, Russia.

  • The Moscow WWWArt Centre: -a mix of web art (by various net artists) and a site showing work in more traditional media by Russian artists.

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