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Vasily Ragosin  

web and print design, theatre, Russia.

heart (of) matters, 2000, digital painting made in Painter,
3710x4711 pixels, by Vassily "vr" Ragosin, Russia.

Born in 1973, and based in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, he works as a print and web graphic designer, creating digital images as artworks once in a blue moon.

He started out in theatre, directing a few plays but found it too expensive and that it needed too many people to sustain, creatively in Siberia where he was living at the time. So in 1995 he moved into graphic design and moved back to Nizhny.

Between 1992 and 1995 he coordinated, translated and distributed the Russian version of the BAFA newsletter which was spread thinly across all of Russia.

  • Letter, Arts Dialogue December 1995
  • Letter, about the Art Forum in Novosibirsk, BAFA newsletter, December 1993
  • Letter, about the Russian BAFA newsletter, BAFA newsletter, September 1993
  • Letter, about translating Russian to French, BAFA newsletter, June 1993
  • Letter, about a play he directed, BAFA newsletter, December 1992
  • Review, about Maria Skrebtsova's new book, BAFA newsletter, December 1992
  • Letter & Review about the Russian BAFA newsletter and Bahá´í arts events in Novosibirsk, June 1992

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