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-craft, ceramic, clothing, graphic, jewellery, interior, stage, textiles, web...

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The Bahá´ís of Las Condes craft project, Chile.

Alan Bell, secretary for Bernard Leach from 1975 - 1979, U.K.

Paula Bidwell, Native American Bahá´í artist - jewelery, paintings, drawings, prints, U.S.A.

Istok Bratic, fashion design, clothing, Saravego, Bosnia

Javier Castillo, jeweller, Venezuela.

Chris Clay, ceramicist, U.S.A.

Queenie (Makuini) Chadwick, T-shirt designer, Aotearoa / New Zealand

Deborah Crumbaker, design, ceramics, U.S.A.

S.K. Dapoz, poet, website design, U.S.A.

Hooshang Eshraq-Khavari, calligraphy, design, illustration, Australia.

Janet and Joey Fischer, interior design, visual therapy, nature photography, U.S.A.

Rodney Francett, graphic design, Finland.

Brigritte Jauss-Hansing, ceramicist, Germany.

Anis Alagandra Karpayah, design, Malaysia

John Kavelin, set, stage, environment designer, U.S.A.

Bernard Leach, ceramics, U.K.

Nadine Mouslimani, graphic designer, calligraphist, Lebanon.

Taraneh Mozoun, ceramic objects, the Netherlands.

Natalie Muller, textiles, The Netherlands.

Cary Enoch Reinstein, graphic designer, website designer, visual artist, U.S.A.

Brigitte Schirren, textiles, Germany.

Patricia Haley-Tsui ceramics, Canada.

Sonja van Kerkhoff, website design, performance, installations, visual arts, The Netherlands.

external LINKS:

  • Graphic arts by Bahá´ís, made by Dale Lehman - part of an extensive site on various Bahá´í related issues that is regularly updated.
  • The British Crafts Council

  • Festivals / Symposia
  • Late August The International Design Conference in Aspen
    The 3 day event occured for the 54th time in 2004.

  • Illustrators / Designers
  • Michael Dudok de Wit Dutch illustrator for animations
  • Bas van der Schot , illustrator, political cartoonist, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

  • For New Media or Internet related links see: moving

  • Judith Rouhani, textiles, South Africa.

  • Web Designers or agencies
  • Butterfly Works Amsterdam-based, they design processes, content and produce concepts through interaction. They have worked with, through and in: non-formal education and exchange; sustainable product and project development; interactive media; networking across majority and minority world; Africa, Europe, Asia.
  • Bytes Ahead Martin de Wit, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • fyi design Bryn Heveldt, a Graphic Designer, Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Steamworks -Michelle Gay, Toronto, Canada
  • Talia Johnson Florida, U.S.A., web and print design.
  • Tasty Mouse, webdesign, CMS, ActionScript, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • Peter Macguire U.K. designer.

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