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Dario Cardoso  

singer / songwriter, guitarist, Argentina / Chile / Bolivia

Un Lugar En Tu Corazon (A Place In Your Heart).
This Spanish-language album was recorded in 1995 at the Chilean Bahá´í Radio Station and originally released on cassette. Now the master tapes have been digitally remastered for release on CD, in order to preserve the sound quality and the "magic" that originated during the recording sessions.

I'm a singer/songwriter and guitarist who happened to be born in Argentina, currently lives in Chile, and to tell the truth, has no idea where I will end up.

I've recorded two albums, Un Lugar En Tu Corazón (1995) and En Aquellos Días (1998). Also, back in 1991 I participated in a six month tour through Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay as a member of the Bahá'í music group Planeta Paz.

I am currently planning the recording of my third album, and my music is a mixture of South-American folk and blues with indigenous roots.

You can order my albums and learn more about my music, my interests, the inspirational source of my lyrics and many other things on my website. A friend from Buenos Aires, Nazareno, once said to me: "you're not a virtuoso, but you sing from the heart". That's what you'll find there, somebody who sings about his feelings and life experiences as best as he can.

Dario's songs have Bahá´í inspired lyrics and a musical style which is a mix of South American folk with indigenous roots. You can listen to excerpts from the songs and purchase the CD directly at Dario's website.


English language part of his site

Dario moved to Bolivia in 2003.

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