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Siron Franco  

painting, ceramics, sculpture, Brazil

Em Nome do Pai, 1997, oil on canvas,
190 x 180 cm.

Sem Titulo (Untitled), 1987, enamelled ceramic, 40 x 30 cm.

Detail of the 500 totem Peace Monument.

Siron Franco, born in 1947 in Goiás Velho, Brazil, he works in many media from paintings to large scale sculptural installations such as his 1992 monument for the city of Rio de Janeiro, bearing the texts (in Portugese), "Earth is one country and humankind its citizens" and "Maxi Nome Bahá´í ".
A Bahá´í, and exhibiting since 1967, Siron Franco is Brazil's foremost painter and creator of politically motivated public installations. Resident in Goiânia and in São Paulo, Siron Franco frequently engages in environmental and social issues, such as his 'fur' paintings in response to the illegal fur trade, or the repression of the Movimento Sem Terra (Landless Movement).

Detail of the Peace Monument.

Siron Franco's painting is at times semi-figurative and other times abstract and painterly, with tactile surfaces created out of layers of various materials. He often works in a series and in other materials such as ceramics.

A Rainha na Intimidade, 1983,
oil on canvas, 110 x 90 cm.

Sem Titulo (Untitled), 1987,
enamelled ceramic,
40 x 30 cm.

Datas - Serie Curral, 1989, oil on canvas,
180 x 171 cm.

A Boca, 1979, oil on cloth, 41 x 52 cm.

Detail of Madona (Madonna), 1976,
oil on cloth, 60 x 70 cm.

Pássaros, 1980,
oil on canvas,
90 x 80 cm.

More of Siron Franco's paintings, ceramics and sculpture:

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