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Kate Digby  

dance, U.S.A.

Kate Digby in Molt.

Kate Digby started Digby Dance in 2000 and now serves as its Artistic Director.
She performed with the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company during her apprenticeship 1998-1999 and has also performed with Prometheus Dance, David Parker and the Bang Group, and in works by Sean Curran, Sun Ho Kim, and Julie Ince Thompson. Digby was choreography fellow at Summer Stages Dance 2003 and is currently on the faculty of the Boston Conservatory and Longy School of Music.
Her choreography has been performed throughout the northeastern U.S. and in Ecuador at venues including the Boston Arts Festival, NYC's West End Theater and numerous colleges. Digby was named a finalist in the Massachusetts Cultural Council's 2004 Choreography Grants and has been commissioned to make new work by the LEF Foundation and World Music/CRASHarts.

Encased in this lighthearted, athletic and playful celebration of movement is a tense, slow,
creature-like unease that brings a surprising weight.
"Digby slips through emotional states as rapidly as a child" (The Boston Globe) in this "mannerist portrait" (The Boston Herald). "Digby tick-tocked her way through a strict floor pattern, stating her gift for histrionic humor" (The Boston Herald).
Farnsworth/Blalock Photography

Absolute Zero inspired by Baha'u'llah's writings on the Valley of True Poverty and Absolute Nothingness explores starting places both emotional and physical. The first section is an image-rich rapid-fire series of lifts, partnering, and solos. Dynamic leaps, collapsing puppet-like shapes and rhythmic, pulsing motion dissolve into graceful aquatic movements creating "a striking tableau" (The Boston Globe).
The second section finds a single dancer surrounded by floating shapes which gradually evolve into solos and partnering. The piece ends in a slow meditative backward diagonal with some dancers lost in their internal worlds and others looking outward. "Stunning," wrote The Boston Herald. "This is choreography as landscape."

Digby Dance in Absolute Zero
choreographed by Kate Digby.
Farnsworth/Blalock Photography
Digby Dance in Bound, Boundless, Bounding
choreographed by Kate Digby.
Farnsworth/Blalock Photography

Through short bursts and flinging leaps, Bound, Boundless, Bounding explores the forces that keep people confined: intellectual boundaries, borders of the heart, and constraints of the body. As the dance progresses through three sections, the hardened shell of each dancer softens and her true self begins to emerge.
"The dance turns corners, too," The Boston Globe wrote. "It's ostensibly a look at constraints, but it holds its own as an exploration of the varieties of movement." Bound, Boundless, Bounding was featured in the WGBH (Boston's PBS station) documentary Greater Boston Arts in April 2003.

Kate's Website:
  • Illustration and caption: Just Let the Wind, 2006

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