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Choreography / Dance

Espaņol     external LINKS

Omid Aazami, dancer in the Awake Dutch Bahá´í Dancegroup, The Netherlands.

Erika Batdorf, dancer, choreographer, teacher in dance/mime, Canada.

Travis Birch, ballet dancer, choreographer, Canada.

Birligin Sesi, (Sound of Unity), dance and music group, Turkey.

Johannes Birringer, dancetheater, new media, video, writer/reviewer on art and dance, U.S.A.

Kate Digby, dance, U.S.A.

Adalia Ellis, dance, playwriting, U.S.A. / South Korea

Kevin Locke / Tokeya Inajin, dance, music, U.S.A.

Roberto Lun, dance, choreography, Italy

Joseph Houseal, dance, reviewer, choreographer, U.S.A.

Imma Sarries - Zgnoc, dancer, choreographer, Belgium / Germany, Spain.

Robert Takashi Imagire, dancer, graphic artist, U.S.A. / the Cook Islands.

Vasu Mohan, dancer, choreographer, India / U.S.A.

Alan Murdock, performance / video, U.S.A.

Fayard Nicholas, entertainer, dancer, singer, musician, U.S.A.

Egle' Surkyte', singer, dancer, Lithuania.

Wildfire, theatre, music, dance group, Australia.

external LINKS:

  • Diversity Dance Workshop -eine jugendliche internationale Tanzgruppe.
  • Network for International Media Art and the Performing Arts
  • Tanssin Tiedotuskeskus -Finnish Dance Information Centre in Finnish & English.
  • Australian Dance -dance network through services based in national, state and territory offices.
  • Dutch Dance/Theatre Site -featuring 26 dance groups and theatres with links.
  • rescen -centre for research into creation in the performing arts, at Middlesex University in association with the South Bank Centre, London, U.K.

  • Festivals
  • Steps -Switzerland's major international dance festival. Under the theme "Interdisciplinary Encounters and Dialogues", Steps #8 will feature a broad range of contemporary dance from April 4th through May 5th, 2002. 12 dance companies will be presented in over 70 performances in 23 cities throughout Switzerland. Site is in English, Deutsch et Francais.
  • Holland Dance Festival -Annually hosted in The Hague.

  • Companies
  • The Australian Dance Theatre (ADT) -Founded in Adelaide in 1965, the company was one of the first full-time professional dance companies in Australia. Their site has video clips of some of their internationally toured work.

  • Labs / Schools / Institutes
  • Digital Cultures Lab, Nottingham, U.K.
  • Nancy Campbell School -Bahá´í run high school on the performing arts in Canada.

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