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Below are a few arts and / or Bahá´í related e-lists and web radio.
Email us with details and we can add your list here.
BAFA is not involved in the operation of any of these lists.

Art 'n soul   Joyful Noise   Web Radio

To join the ´art & soul´ email discussion email (or click on the email on the next line)

and type
subscribe in the subject line.

The list leads its own life generated by those who post on it.

This is a discussion-group to provide a forum for the discussion of the arts from any angle or style. Advertisements of art items for sale, exhibitions, performances and arts projects are welcome as are essays on the arts, along with questions, ideas, comments, reviews and views.

List owner:
URL to this page:

If you have any inquiries about this list contact Steve Marshall at: forumBahá´í(at)

Joyful Noise

An email list for Bahá´ís into music:

Generally messages / requests, announcements.


Bahá´í run and music by Bahá´ís. To connect, go to
and download and install the player (you can get the light version).
Once installed, right-click on the top-bar,
select play, then select location and enter

Go to or and "look around" a bit.
Select "Guestbook" from under Feedback on the menu

You can contact the guy behind this,
Michael Eissinger, at eissingr(at)