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Sabrina McCormick  

visual artist, U.S.A.

Rio, 1999, diptych, photographic process.

This work is made using the Liquid Light process where she applied photographic emulsion onto art paper and other surfaces to create a more textured and varied response in the final printed piece. "I start with the prime source and go through several stages of development which take the piece further away from traditional photography. I also find that employing these processes allows viewers to transcend the medium and simply appreciate the affect. The image is of Rio de Janeiro. My motivation behind creating this piece in particular was to comment in the massive global population growth which is permeated by extremes in wealth and poverty. The favelas (slums in English) which line the hills of Rio are filled with millions of destitute Brazilians. The favelas are immediately adjacent to some of the richest people in Brazil."

My mother is an artist and so I have grown up utilizing all sorts of media. My strongest areas of interest have been dance, ceramic sculpture and photography. Becoming a Bahá´í in 1995 helped me to understand how I was being inspired in art and how to better articulate the principles I wished to communicate through it.

Much of my work has focused on the potential of the human soul. This concept is explored through abstract, often figurative, photography. Utilizing alternative processes individually (or these techniques combined) allows me a range of techniques which can all produce ethereal and mysterious images. The two kinds of alternative process photography I use most are polaroid transfers and Liquid Light processes.

Arts Dialogue, June 2000, Arts Dialogue. page 22.

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