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Zoharo DeTafalla (Frederick Mohler)  

sculpture / carving, U.S.A.

Born in Ohio in 1948 into a blue collar family, my artistic development was shackled by the 'the only rich artist is a dead artist' materialist mentality. When I was eight I taught myself to use charcoal using a self-course from a book. I was working in oil pastels by ten years of age and when I was 11 I had an intense mystical experience which transformed my agnosticism into confirmed devotion to a Supreme Power. In particular, I began looking at Eastern religious traditions. Raja (jnana) yoga led me to samadhi. This discipline labeled my mystical experience as the Death Trance. Knowing that others understood the experience made me more comfortable about it. Since then, I have discovered that most Westerners only experience such things when their body is dying. I was a very inquisitive child, but I lacked the discipline for productive artistic production. That I persevered at all is a tribute to my high school art teacher. She crammed four years of art training into my senior year. I was given full reign of the art department and exelled in working with clay. She was also instrumental in my first commissions in textile designs. However a number of my early exhibited works were confiscated and destroyed by locals.

Art is a religious experience for me, both during the creation and afterwards as an influence in mediation or as a shamanistic object.

Extinction, Orenda of Ohio series, 1991, signed FCM
Oak wood with polychrome reliefs, 1 x 10 x 2 inches.

"...Extinction, is reminiscent of an American Indian medicine bundle, which was used during hunting expeditions to enact the expected hunt, and ensure success. The title refers to the shamanistic way of working rather than to the extinctions of the objects themselves...

...Some pieces are utilitarian objects, such as containers, others are ritual or ceremonial pieces such as Red Hawk / Spirit World. All these Native American influenced works, which I continued to make until 1993, came about through my contacts with the spirit, Orenda. During this time, my sub-conscious became a guide in the form of the mute Indian maiden...

Arcanumysm (arcane and mysticism) is the word I use to describe my present method of working, where there are four styles of communicating the mystical. These are: the imbued, which is imaginary; the altered, where what exists is changed; the portrayed, which is representational; and the transferred, where the context is changed for an existing form or object. The last category best describes my installations. The axiom, ´a thought is a thing and a mood is a place´ is the key to combining Eastern and Western mysticism in my work...
If one"s purpose is to connect with a particular culture, one must use the symbols that are inherent in the group mind. This is why, living in Ohio, I use American Indian and American colonial symbols in my work... "

Arts Dialogue, December 1995, excerpts from pages 9 and 10.

Red Hawk / Spirit World, signed Orenda of Ohio, 1993.
Catlinite (Indian Red Pipestone) 2 x 1 x 1 inches., McFarland Collection, Gahanna, Ohio.

My past works as Frederick Mohler, have drawn to a close. As Frederick, I will assist in promotional materials.

My work as an artist is represented by a masculine mystical identity, Zoharo DeTafalla, given to me in Spain by my hostess on my last visit.

Other work, as has been done since 1978, is continued by Orenda of Ohio, my feminine identity in the arts. Her work is in a shamanistic Native American stye.

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  • Artist Profile: in Arts Dialogue, December 1995

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