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Adel Salmanzadeh   

painter, New Zealand

Photo: S. van Kerkhoff, 2002.

Hidden Words: A collaboration 2001, mixed media on board.
This painting was made by Maui Ofamooni and Adel Salmanzadeh.

Born in 1972 in Tehran, Iran, I have lived in New Zealand since 1989. Generally the starting point for my paintings are the application of the shapes and the forms of written Persian. Later through careful observation and contemplation on the painted lines my images, symbols and characters are born. Many of these images, symbols, and characters have been inspired by the Bahá´í Writings and the New Zealand landscape, its peoples and cultures. I am further inspired by the works of New Zealand painters Colin McCahon and Pat Hanley, also the works of Mark Tobey. My love for colour comes from growing up in a Persian carpet making home.

  • Painting: Dreams of Carmel, Arts Dialogue, November 2002

  • Painting: Fire in the Pacific, in Arts Dialogue, June 2002

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