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Eddie Hall  

painting, drawing, poetry, South Africa

Born in 1962, he lives in Port Alfred and works in various painting and drawing media.

The "Fugitive and Stone" paintings have their origin in the shape, colour and texture of the rocks along the coast where I live. Drawings and other reference material are used in the studio to produce images which evoke reality and clarify the essentials of the image .

O Son of Being!
Thy heart is My home;
santify it for My descent,
Thy spirit is My place of revelation;
cleanse it for My manifestation.

The Hidden Words, Bahá´u´lláh.

mixed media collage

Fugitive and Stone I painting by Eddie Hall.

Fugitive Landscape

Converstaions at the fountain, ink and watercolour wash as a study for a painting, by Edmund Hall, South Africa.
  • Illustration: Arts Dialogue, December 1998
  • Poem: The sun swollen and angry red, Arts Dialogue, September 1998

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