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Pooria Sabetazm  

painter, U.S.A.

Táhirih composing poetry
by Pooria Sabetazm,
Oil on Canvas, 153 B.E., 1996, 14 x 16 inches.

Finding inspiration in the courage and audacity of Táhirih, I painted several paintings documenting her life. It is my hope that paintings of Táhirih will bring attention to the role which the Bahá´í Faith has played in paving the way for the equality of men and women.

These paintings are based on the descriptions given by Nabil in The Dawnbreakers.

The Martyrdom of Tahirih by Pooria Sabetazm,
Oil on Canvas, 153 B.E., 1996, 16 x 20 inches.

Black Standard Across the Horizon
by Pooria Sabetazm, oil on canvas.

Pooria Sabetazm, born 1976 in Tehran, lives in Atlanta, U.S.A., is self-taught and enjoys listening to music while painting, usually oil on canvas.

His great love is illustrating scenes from the Dawnbreakers and does as much research as he can, given that there are no authentic images of the many of individuals in his paintings. Currently he is studying architecture.

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