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Mary Gregory  

visual artist, glass sculpture, installations, commissions, Finland

Pohjoinen valo: Ukkonen
Northern Light, Thunder
, 1988,
glass hanging by Mary Gregory.

Stain glass window, 1995.

Hit Me: Depression Glass, installation, 1992.

It was a time of severe depression in Finland where many Finnish were bearing this hardship in silence. This installation aimed to help people to come out and vent their frustrations. Visitors were invited to smash the glass and to spray grafitti in the art space. I was surprised that it was not the youth, but middle-aged men who smashed up a sheet in a matter of minutes.

The Flowering of Martti,
glass in lead, 1993, 112 x 47 cm.

Based on 'Abdu'l-Bahá´s reference to a youth dying being like a shrub that has been transplanted to another garden.

Heijastuksia - Reflections, installation, 1998.

mixed media integrating pressed glass, 1992, 108 x 50 cm.

This work was part of an installation in response to the atrosities in Sarajevo.

Kivirumpu I, glass installation, 1991.

Contact: Mary Gregory: Riipisentie 10, FIN-90540 Oulu, Finland. Tel. +358 8 341 935   Fax. +358 8 341 962

See more of her art at:

Värien ylösnousemus II,
The Ascension of Light II,
lead glass, 53 x 123 cm, by Mary Gregory, Finland.

  • Glass Installation: Kivirumpu I, Arts Dialogue, June 2001
  • Glass Installation: Beyond Life's Boundary, Arts Dialogue, February 2000
  • Glass Installation: Wound, 1992, Arts Dialogue, June 1999
  • Glass Hanging: Reflections, 1998, Arts Dialogue, December 1998
  • Review: Unity in Diversity Show in Lapland, Arts Dialogue, December 1997
  • Glass Installation: Glass Drum, Arts Dialogue, December 1997
  • Illustration: Pohjoinen valo: Ukkonen, Arts Dialogue, December 1996

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