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Susan Lewis Wright  

singer/songwriter, musician, arts organizer,   U.S.A.

Days of Beauty, music CD
by Susan Lewis Wright,

You can order or listen to some samples of music at: www.Bahá´í

A 59 min album by Susan Lewis Wright, based on or inspired by the Bahá´í Writings.

1. How Can I Keep from Singing
2. One Step Away
3. La Luz de la Unidad
4. Broken Things
5. Healing (Persian Chant)
6. Prayer for Healing
7. I Have Turned My Face
8. Mystic Nightingale
9. O Baha'u'llah
10. Arise
11. My God, My Adorned One
12. Somewhere/Somewhere Out There/ Over the Rainbow
13. Hey Mama Mama (aka Solid Ground)
14. Forever Young
15. How Can I Keep From Singing (reprise)
16. Don't Laugh at Me
17. Hey Mama Mama Sing-along track

Susan Lewis Wright,

I am a singer and songwriter and also play guitar, flute and piano. I studied violin, viola, sax (alto, tenor and baritone), clarinet, piccolo and drums. I have been, or still am, a professional entertainer (occasionally mistaken for a standup comic), workshop presenter, poet, music columnist, as well as an advertising / PR / marketing person...
I wrote a music column called Syncopation for an alternative weekly in Atlanta...
Most recently, I have written a script for a musical, Visions. It´s major theme is about achieving world peace through the elimination of prejudice, and closes with the visions of Black Elk and Martin Luther King. I had previously written scripts for documentaries and media presentations, but a musical...that includes drama, dance, music, mime and audio-visual was quite a leap. In 1996 my husband and I incorporated Global Visions Arts Alliance as a vehicle for producing the musical. Since then GVAA has gone on to produce a number of concerts, where the aim of overcoming prejudice by celebrating diversity has been the major theme.

I was a pioneer in the Virgin Islands from 1981 until 1986...I played music to support myself and my son. I also jammed with the reggae and soca bands, and really fell in love that music...I played and sang standards, Latin jazz, folk, blues, show tunes, classical as well as reggae and calypso. It was a wonderful way to reach people who were otherwise somewhat closed. At the time I was the only Anglo woman in St. Thomas that played jazz and reggae...

In 1990 I went to the L.A. Songwriters' Showcase with two of my new songs, and (my CD) Down in Mexico was picked up by a number of music industry folks...
The direction of my music has changed, from my first album, which was generally folk and pop, to the latest album (Bird), which is mostly based on or inspired by the Bahá´í Writings... I do write songs that I'm not necessarily the best singer for, such as Turn this world around, which really needs a R&B singer. So for that song, I have a lot of people singing with me. The hook for that song was in my brain for several years, but when I needed a rousing song to close the first act of the musical Visions in 1996, I finished the song. I tend to work better with deadlines...
The music was a rough demo at the time but the segment received a wonderful response, and one Bahá´í came up and handed me a check, saying that was to help us ´get the show on the road´...

Excerpts from an artist profile, Arts Dialogue, June 1998, pages 4 - 6

Down in Mexico, 1993

list of tracks

Bird, 1998

list of tracks

cover image: Angel in a Rainbow
by Cary Enoch Reinstein,

You can hear her music at:
The CDs Down in Mexico and Bird cost US$15.95 each, plus postage and packing (US$2 or US$4).

Email Susan at:

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