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KC Porter  

songwriter, music producer, U.S.A.

KC Porter, 2000

I was born in Los Angeles and raised in Guatemala from the age of seven. My musical influence was my father, Bob Porter, who was a trumpet player. He worked as a composer and arranger for musical groups and artists, as well as TV shows such as Lassie. I was around him all the time-at the studio, under the piano, singing on commericals or in his band, and listening when he practised the trumpet. I began taking piano lessons at the age of 11, which were extremely helpful. I had two teachers, one classical and one jazz and pop. The first strengthened my sight-reading and technique, while the other began teaching me the performance side of playing and how to analyse harmonic progressions in songs (something I still do involuntarily every time I hear a song).

Excerpt from Arts Dialogue, June 2002/

2004: Currently KC is in the studio working on a new song for Patti LaBelle's album featuring Carlos Santana and Marc Anthony. He's also producing the known Iraqi artist, Kazem Al Sahir for his worldwide English language debut.

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