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AnKi Nilsson
pianist, photographer, (Sweden) The Faroe Islands

Slovakian Bahá´ís performing at the 1991 BAFA Arts Forum in Bratislava. They are wearing textiles made by Chris Wagg, U.K. Photograph: AnKi Nilsson, Faroe Islands.
AnKi Nilsson, accompanied Margun Risa’s performance at the Arts Forum. 60 artists from 15 countries attended the Arts Forum.

Anki Nilsson was born in 1968 in Lund, Sweden where she grew up. She moved to the north of Sweden at 17 years of age to study music. Her final degree is a MA in teaching piano and voice from the university of Luleå.

She has played piano (mainly classical) since 9 years of age and that is her main instrument. She has also studied voice, church organ, classical guitar and a bit of percussion and flute, and has taken courses in conducting, theory of music and composition. She has also been in summercourses in church music and has taken dance classes. She has sung in choirs since childhood and has been conducting choirs for the past few years.

She moved moved to The Faroe Islands in 1991 where she currently travels to 3 islands per week to teach music. Nowadays she mostly teaches only piano, along with a few church organ students, and a small singing group. She also performs in a band again.

Från Vestmanna, utsikit mot Vága, 1991.

"I have many interests and I tend to do things in periods. I have not taken photographs for a long time, but I still can call it my interest. I like travelling, different cultures, learning languages (Iīve studied about 7 different languages, but I can only manage a few). I like dancing, swimming and hiking. When I lived in Sweden I liked skiing, but that I canīt do in the Faroes. I enjoy nature and I have "green
fingers" with plants. I like reading and learning about many different things, I like writing too, but donīt do very much about it. I am a very social person, like to meet new people and talk. I like playing chess, but have no one to play with. I like corresponding with different people, but donīt have much time for it. Iīm interested in different religions. I like cooking vegetarian food and find up my own recepies...... Of course a big part of my life is the Bahá´í activities and that takes a lot of my free time. I think I can go on and on!"
Email to BAFA in 2004

  • Photograph: Från Vestmanna, utsikit mot Vága, 1991, Arts Dialogue, February 2000
  • Letter: Arts Dialogue, March 1996
  • Artist Profile: BAFA newsletter, September 1993

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