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Stephen Bedingfield, photographer, Canada

Genadij Belyajev, photographer, Russia

Sarah Broun, photography, Isle of Skye, Scotland, U.K.

Yorum Diamand, photographer, The Netherlands

Ozan Diler, photographer, Turkey

Coskun Dogruluk, photographer, The Netherlands / Turkey

Janet and Joey Fischer, interior design, visual therapy, nature photography, U.S.A.

Tom Fox, photography, U.K.

Sylvia Fröhlich (music) reviewer, arts organizer, photographer, Switzerland

Tahirih Fruchaud, photographs, paintings, drawings, installations, The Netherlands

Francisco González Pérez, photographer, Spain

Hans J. Knospe, photographer-poet, Germany

Alexander Malgazhdarov, photographer, Kazakhstan

Margie Díaz Mesén, translator, photographer, Costa Rica

William Muñoz, photographer, U.S.A.

Scott Murray, Image catcher, Scotland

Marco Naseman, photographic installations, The Netherlands

AnKi Nilsson, pianist, photographer, The Faroe Islands

Carl O'Kelley, photography, U.S.A.

Mark Sadan, photographer, filmmaker, U.S.A.

Jens von Krogh, photographer, (Norway) Sweden

Wang Xin,"The Lotus Project", painting, sculpture, photography, P.R. China

external LINKS:

Arts Dialogue, Dintel 20, NL 7333 MC, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands