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Dale Malner 

installations / sculpture / performance    U.S.A.

So Dale, tell me what this is all about?

Klein 5 and Klein are from a trade show project, Roma journal is just that, drawings collages in small journal 2 pages scanned, Blankets is a digital photo of an accidental wharehouse installation. I like that it looks as though the moving blankets are hung on the wall with other punctuating materials, also like the tone. Bernini's fountain is selfportrait performance photo. I have so many images I scan and send of course. Lets just start with these for now and see if they get to you OK. If they do...pick one. Bio paragraph is forthcoming.

Dale's website:

Supplement with bagged blue boards
or Big Works, 1993.

Crib, a 20 foot construction with a nest-like top made out of multicoloured ‘kindling’ sticks, by Dalner Malner and Bruce Severson, U.S.A., was one of about ten actvities during the Fieldwork 1994 four hour long arts festival of interventions on the streets in Madison.

Dale Malner, is one of the 4 artists in the artist collective, Fieldwork, that organizes exhibitions, projects and festivals in and around Madison.

Influenced by his former job, organizing and installing museum exhibitions, Malner’s work also includes references to the industry of art, such as crating, packaging and shipping art and to art as a process.
Hence Crib is a work in process, as it was constructed and then deconstructed rather than a sculptural object.
  • Drawing, Arts Dialogue, June 2002
  • Letter: Arts Dialogue, June 1998
  • Illustration: Big Works, 1993, Arts Dialogue, March 1997

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