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Marion Prentice  

painting, printmaking, installations, U.K.

Image is copyright of the artist
UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL, shown in The Burnlaw Centre 'Temple' in 2008, Northumberland. Each piece is approximatley 870 cm in diameter.
The act of cutting out the ’specimens’, projecting light on them and viewing the shadow image on the wall echoes the work of the researcher operating the microscope. Each one of us is a mystery, to each other, and very often to ourselves. I feel myself in ‘collaboration’ with those unknown scientists who reveal patterns for purposes different to mine, but who make their marks out of the sensations and movements of the same human ’stuff’.

Marion Prentice's website:
Based in rural Northumbria, Marion graduated with a BA (Hons.) degree from Cumbria Institute of the Arts in 2005. "My main interest is patterning and texture found in all forms of nature; the medium can be anything appropriate to the subject. I sometimes use poetry to inspire me, and am particularly drawn to Rumi and the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam."

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