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Jacomien Souverijn  

painter, The Netherlands.

Onthechting (Release) 1998
watercolour on paper.

This is a very Bahá´í theme in my view. It is about letting go of old ideas and detachment from the opinions of others. The dark forms that are detached in the painting are bird-like. Birds often symbolize a soul that is detached from the earthly.

I originally trained as a primary school teacher and taught for six years before going to study art at the Utrecht (1979) and then the Rotterdam academy of visual arts (1980-1984), where abstraction was a "hot"item. For the following ten years I stopped painting to raise my son and daughter and in (1994) I started painting again. I started with painting landscapes ans flowers in oils, acrylic and watercolour. It was important for me to develop a profiency in realism. In (1998) my husband and friends helped me to build a studio in an old barn in our village and now I work and give art classes in this beautiful location. I hope that God will give me the opportunity to gladden and excite many hearts with my work. Some of my landscapes and flower paintings have been reproduced as postcards.

Inside Outside 1998
oil on board, 61 x 66 cm.
The chair is designed by the Dutch architect and designer ,Gerrit Rietveld (1888 - 1964) who aimed to make buildings integral with the environment. In this painting, the internal (domestic) and external (nature) spaces form one whole, in the same way that a person can feel at one with the divine when at prayer.

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