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Currently only the issues from 1992 (#19) to the latest issue are here.
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# 59, November 2002

Bart Hoen, French Guiana


People I met hitchhiking on USA highways, by Eric Chaet,
Reviewed by Anneke Schouten-Buys, The Netherlands


"Myriads" choral music CD by Richard Leigh, U.K.
Reviewed by Geoff Smith, U.K.


Artist Profiles

Richard Leigh, composer, U.K. Interviewed by Geoff Smith, U.K.

Larry Magee, musician, songwriter, U.S.A

Parisa Badiyi, violinist, educator, Germany.

Julio Savi, poet, Italy.

Valerie Senyk, playwright, poet, performer, Canada.

Edel’Akongu Ekodelele, musician, singer, songwriter, Uganda.

Nancy Lee Harper, pianist, Portugal.

Maxim Dumitras, visual artist, curator, museum director, Romania. Translated by Dudu Cordos, Romania.

Cal Rollins on Robert Hayden, poets, U.S.A.

Leidi Haaijer, visual artist, The Netherlands.

Ken Zemke, film and video, New Zealand.

John Kavelin, art director, designer, U.S.A

Teresa Henkle Langness, writer, U.S.A

Judith McNeil, poet, singer, songwriter, New Zealand.

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You Come Back, O Poetry by Julio Savi, Italy


The Tawny Candle by Julio Savi, Italy


Kissing by Valerie Senyk, Canada


Of Angels by Valerie Senyk, Canada

6 - 7

A Plague of Starlings by Robert Hayden, U.S.A.


Skin Deep / Upon the Assassinations of Kennedy and King by Cal E. Rollins, U.S.A.


Obatala Santeria by Cal E. Rollins, U.S.A.


Bottling Season by Judith McNeil, New Zealand


Flower Thief by Judith McNeil, New Zealand


Mother's Day by Judith McNeil, New Zealand


Ancient Rain by Judith McNeil, New Zealand


Photographs and Illustrations of work by:
Birgitte Schirren, Germany, Eve Manning, New Zealand, Carolyn Nur Wistrand, U.S.A., Maxim Dumitras, Romania, Filipe Tohi, New Zealand, Lloyd Lawrence, U.S.A., Thea Souwer, The Netherlands, Gennagia Belyeva, Russia, Therese van Kerkhoff, New Zealand, Leidi Haaijer, The Netherlands, Adel Salmanzadeh, New Zealand, Margaret Nagawa, Uganda, Martine Knoppert, The Netherlands, Xia Xin, P.R. China, Joseph Houseal, U.S.A., Myriam Bargetze, Lichtenstein, Elena Ostrer, Russia, Peter Randall-Page, U.K., Liz Coats, New Zealand.

Translations, editing, layout, by:
Dudu Cordos, Romania, Kathleen Babb, U.S.A., Alison Marshall, Aotearoa / New Zealand, Sonja van Kerkhoff, The Netherlands.

# 58, June 2002

Letters from:

The Autistic Shoe - theatre, Janita Appa, (U.K.),

Poetry for Peace Project, Patricia Haley-Tsui, Canada.

"Welcome", a performance in response to September 11th by Alan Murdock, U.S.A.

Protest in Art and a poem, Cal Rollins, U.S.A.


2 - 4

Music CD, En.Trance by Henri Cross, U.S.A. Reviewed by Geoff Smith, U.K.

Three Music CDs (Traces by M & G. Smith, Charteuse Blues by C. Ruhe, Reliance by B. Koen)
Reviewed by Sonja van Kerkhoff, The Netherlands.

4 - 5

Artist Profiles

Gina Garcia, singer, author, director, lyricist, New Zealand.

Vasu Mohan, dance, theater, U.S.A.

Tierney Sutton, Jazz singer, U.S.A.

Natalie Muller, textiles, The Netherlands.

Micheal Eissenger, radio journalism, U.S.A.

K.C. Porter, songwriter, music producer, U.S.A.

Martin Derbyshire, visual artist, P.R. China.
Interviewed by Wendy van Overmeeren, The Netherlands / China.

Yuichi Hirano, architect, Japan.

Hugo van Bolhuis, musician, The Netherlands.

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22 - 23



Black and White by Linzy Forbes, New Zealand.


n e w s by Catherine McLaughlin, Canada


I hear this hill by Cal Rollins, U.S.A.


Photographs and Illustrations of work by:
Hans J. Knospe, Germany, Natalie Muller, The Netherlands, Peter Randall-Page, U.K., Mark Sadan, U.S.A., Chen Yi, P.R. China, Dave Taylor, U.S.A., Ropata Davis, New Zealand, Keith Eldridge, Canada, Martin Derbyshire, P.R. China, Dale Malner, U.S.A., Coskun Dogruluk, The Netherlands, Alexander Malgazhdarov, Kazakhstan.

Translations, editing, interviewing, layout, by:
Wendy van Overmeeren, China / The Netherlands, Teresa Henkle Langness, U.S.A., Alison Marshall, Aotearoa / New Zealand, Sonja van Kerkhoff, The Netherlands.

# 57, February 2002


Cross-Culture - Exhibitions at Bradford Cathedral/Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Reviewed by Shaeron Caton-Rose, U.K.

2 - 3

Review of the music CD: Celebration: Congo Music
By One Country

3 - 4

"Waging Poetry through Peace after September 11th"
By Susan McMaster, Canada.

4 - 5

The Expedition - George Fleming, author and painter
Reviewed by Edwin Graham, Northern Ireland.

5 - 6

Music CD, Te Ripo, by Mahinarangi Tocker, Aotearoa/ New Zealand.
Reviewed by Geoff Smith , U.K.


Artist Profiles

Praying For the Rain , - a collective of musicians, U.K.
Interview with Vincenzo and Domenic deCicco, U.K.

7 - 10

Marco Naseman, photographer, teacher, arts coordinator, the Netherlands.

10 - 12

Suzanne Brindamour, singer/songwriter, guitarist, U.S.A
12 - 15

Hans J. Knospe, photopoetry, Germany.

16 - 17

Foo Hong Tatt, painter, U.S.A.
Interviewed by Annick Elziere, U.S.A.
18 - 19


A number of Haiku and the poem: impressions at the sea of cortez
by Hans J. Knospe, Germany


Century’s End by Anthony A. Lee, U.S.A.


Re-sailing Cherry Creek Reservoir by Cal E. Rollins, U.S.A.


Raindrop by Eline Hermans, The Netherlands


Haiku by R.K. Singh, India


Photographs and Illustrations of work by:
Alexis Hunter, U.K., Foo Hong Tatt, U.S.A., Joanna Margaret Paul, Aotearoa / New Zealand, Peter Randall-Page, U.K., Sian Lile, U.K., Rosalind Stoddart, U.K., Sue Flowers, U.K., Alan Murdock, U.S.A., Shaeron Caton-Rose, U.K, Bonnie Fields, U.S.A., Jacomien Souverijn, The Netherlands, George Fleming, Northern Ireland, Juanita Pichardo de Peralta, Dominion Republic, Sonja van Kerkhoff, The Netherlands, Gennagia Belyajev, Russia, Tahirih Fruchaud, The Netherlands, Alexander Malgazhdarov, Kazakhstan, Hans Knospe, Germany, Margie Díaz Mesén, Costa Rica, Marco Naseman, The Netherlands,

Translations, editing, layout, by:
Kathleen Babb, U.S.A., Alison Marshall, Aotearoa / New Zealand,
Steve Marshall
, Aotearoa / New Zealand, Sonja van Kerkhoff, The Netherlands.

Arts Dialogue, Dintel 20, NL 7333 MC, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands.