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Steve Marshall   coordinator, internet, Aotearoa / New Zealand.

Steve was a member of the BAFA board from 1996 - 2002.

Alison and Steve Marshall produced Forum : whiti korero o nga Bahá´í,
a culture and arts journal from 1992 until 1995.
Contact Steve about buying back issues.

Here is the contents list of volume 4: number 1 (1995)

  • Editorial (Note on teaching) -Michael Fitzgerald
  • Letter to the editor (the middle ground - Ron Price)
  • Influence and Example -Martyn Burke
  • I forgot my briefcase -Sonja van Kerkhoff
  • My role as a change agent: reflections on community development -Glen Cotten
  • The Samoan Islands-a personal experience -Shomays Dadfar
  • Poems by June Perkins
  • Language traps-our unconscious gender slips -Margo Westrheim
  • Music and teaching -Vargha Mazlum
  • Hightlights of a conference -Kathleen Hite Babb
  • Farewell: an excerpt from "The Persian" -Kathleen Hite Babb
  • Preparation -Jennifer Sharpe
  • Come 'home' lost soldier -James Rhodes
  • An African blanket -Martyn Burke
  • Getting the best from our mind -Kieran Simpson
  • Poems by Margot McKague
A number of arts related articles have been reprinted from Forum
in Arts Dialogue.

  • Member of the BAFA board: 1996 - 2002

  • Announcement: Forum, BAFA newsletter, June 1995
  • Announcement: Forum, issue 3:1, BAFA newsletter, June 1994
  • Announcement: Forum, issue 2, BAFA newsletter, June 1993
  • Announcement: Forum, issue 2, BAFA newsletter, March 1993
  • Announcement: Forum, issue 1, BAFA newsletter, September 1992
  • Announcement: Forum, issue 1, BAFA newsletter, June 1992

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