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Currently only the issues from 1992 (#19) to the latest issue are here.
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# 30, December 1994

Tine Waagaard (Norway), Tefik Dedei (Albania),
Helen Kontos (Greece), Ruth Ann Montgomery-Anderson (Denmark),
Ruth Rosenwald (U.S.A.), Mark Ochu (U.S.A.),
El Ruisenor (U.S.A.), The Purple Rose, (U.S.A.), Artgenda (Australia), Orison (U.S.A.), Le Cancion De La Nueve Era (Ecuador), Steven King (U.S.A.), A Pictorial History of the Bahá´ís of South Africa.


2 - 4

Letters from:
R.K. Singh (India), Tefik Dedei (Albania)
Eric Chaet (U.S.A.), Olga Gituikova (Russia)
Eric Kuiper, (Dutch Antilles), Sergei Romanovitch (Russia)
Vadim Pavinsky, (Latvia), Sonja van Kerkhoff (The Netherlands), Vargha Mazlum (Italy)


4 - 6

International conference of young playwrights in Townsville
by June Perkins and Jedda Bradley, Australia,

6 - 7

Witnesses of existence
Report on a presentation of art out of Sarajevo in New York City.

by Johannes Birringer, U.S.A.

7 - 9
Art project in Norway,
by Jacqueline Wassen The Netherlands.

I'm a Short Fat Kebab Shop Owners Son
Review of a new piece by actor/comedian
, Omid Djalili
by S. Fazel, U.K.

Bahá´í Institute for the Arts (BIA) Report,
by Anne Gordon Perry, U.S.A.

9 - 10
Impressions of the 1994 BIA conference
by Kathleen Hite Babb Japan.

Performance on the Canadian periphery,
by Andrew Houston , U.K. (Canada)

11 - 14
The German artist Georg Herold
by Sonja van Kerkhoff The Netherlands.
14 - 15

Artist Profiles
Ilja Artamonov, painter, Tatarstan - Russia
by Galya Tuluzakov, Russia. Translated by Elena Ostrer, Russia.

15 - 16

Mary Davis, singer - songwriter, U.S.A.
16 - 18

Mark Sadan, photographer, filmmaker, U.S.A.
18 - 24

Zekrollah, Aram and Roija Aflatuni, musicians, Finland.
24 - 25

Pejman Varghai, rap musician, now living in Bulgaria.

On Horace Holley
The Writer and the Bahá´í Cause by Geoff Nash

25 - 27

Nadezhda Lavretska
by Ligya Kalosossra, Latvia.

28 - 30

Amber by Dorothy Lee Hansen, Venezuela

Where Nowhere is by Robert Schwarz, U.S.A.
Sunlight Tapping by June Perkins, Australia
Resolution by Hugh McKinley, U.K.
The Holiness of Doubt by Sen McGlinn, The Netherlands
Incident by Anneke Buys, The Netherlands
Illusions by R. J., New Zealand
A poem is by R.K. Singh, India

The Dreamsong of Olav Asteson -about her series of paintings-
by Yoke Hoey, The Netherlands.


Bela Bartok: his life
by Christian Schmidt, Germany

30 - 31

Short Stories
The Law of Falling Bodies by Richard Goodson, U.K.

32 - 33

An act of Faith: An Excerpt from 'The Persian'
by Kathleen Hite Babb, Japan.

33 - 35

Photographs and Illustrations of work by:
Mark Sadan, U.S.A., Ilja Artamonov, Russia, Jacqueline Wassen, The Netherlands, Barbara Nessim, U.S.A., Sil Crefcoeur, The Netherlands, Chrizzia Waagaardi - Tine Waagaard Stang, Norway, Margo Akermark, Latvia, Bujar Zajni, Albania, Heather Elton, Canada, Yoke Hoey, The Netherlands, Luana Darlow, Okinawa, Nadezhda Lavretska, Latvia, Chen Yi, P.R. China, Cajla de Bruijn, The Netherlands, Linda Eze-Rozentale, Latvia, and Ashraf Geibatov, Russia.

Translations, editing, layout, by:
Kathleen Babb, Japan, Sen McGlinn, The Netherlands,
Sonja van Kerkhoff, The Netherlands.

# 29, September 1994

Letters from:

Johnny Woods (Sweden), Joseph Houseal (U.K.), Anne Gordon Perry, (U.S.A.), Mehran Sharifi, The Netherlands, Kathleen Hite Babb (Japan), Sonja van Kerkhoff (The Netherlands)


2 - 7


As in music so is life by J. Woods
by Anneke Buys The Netherlands.


Travels with Lua - a play by Carolyn Nur Wistrand
by Duane Herrmann U.S.A.


Artist Profiles
Kevin Locke, Lakota dancer / musician, U.S.A.

9 - 10
Joseph Houseal, dancer, choreographer, U.K.
10 - 13

Michel Verheecke, singer-songwriter, poet, Belgium.

14 - 15

Egle' Surkyte', singer, dancer, Lithuania.


Zacarias Carvalho de Lima, painter, Brazil.


The Ridvan Ballad by Martyn Burke, Belgium.


Subsistence; unplanned, austerity by Hugh McKinley, U.K.

Hope by Michel Verheecke, Belgium


The light in the tower (on poetry) by Martyn Burke, Belgium.

17 - 19

Photographs and Illustrations of work by:
Ashraf Geibatov, Russia, Jacqueline Wassen, The Netherlands, Fritz Mann, U.S.A., Zacarias Carvalho de Lima, Brazil, Simon Arazi, Austria, Henk van der Voort, The Netherlands, Sil Crefoeur, The Netherlands, Yoke Hoey, The Netherlands, Dzinta Eze-Rozentale, Latvia.

Translations, editing, layout, by:
Kathleen Babb, Japan, Sen McGlinn, The Netherlands,
Sonja van Kerkhoff, The Netherlands.

# 28, June 1994


Forum: Volume 3:1 contents list and summary of contents:
Steve and Alison Marshall, New Zealand.

Circle of unity on church steps in Hattingen: Ariane Opitz, Germany.

Photo-poetic exhibition: Hans Knospe, Germany.

Russian Realists from Kazan: Ilya Artamonov, Russia.

2 - 4


About a her new CD and cassette release: Jean South, Luxembourg.

About poetry as a way of saying prayers: Mike Baker, New Zealand.

The Reggae Music Project: Chris Miller, Guyana.

About creative writing: Kathleen Hite Babb, Japan.

Thoughts on Africa - poem: Bate Bate, Cote d'Lvoire / The Ivory Coast.

To write about my tree: Liyun Xu, The Netherlands (P.R. China).

About tonal & atonal music composition: Ludwig Tuman

4 - 6

Take Me Up - Music CD by Mary Davis by Sonja van Kerkhoff, The Netherlands.

The book, Mirror of the Divine - art in the Bahá´í World Community
by Ludwig Tuman. Reviewed by Ian Palin, U.K.



Artist Profiles
Philip Moore, painter, sculptor, poet and more, Guyana.


Alfred Calkoen, painter, Australia. 10

Erika Batdorf, mime artist, dancer, choreographer, U.S.A.

11 - 14

Sean O'Rourke, musician and graphic artist, U.K.


Sue Norris, poet, U.K.
Written by Jonathan Griffith, U.K.


R.K. Singh, poet, India.

16 - 19

Luana Darlow Hirahara, painter, Okinawa.
Interviewed by Kathleen Hite Babb, Japan.

23 - 24

Mark Ochu, classical pianist, U.S.A.
Interviewed by Sonja van Kerkhoff, The Netherlands.

25 - 29

God Given, Dragons, In a fog, Where are you? by Sue Norris, U.K.


Selections from various poems by R.K. Singh, India.
16 - 23

Attar of Roses by Hazel Mori, The Philippines.


Journeys by Aaron Justicio Emmel, U.S.A.


Zuiverheid / Purity by Saskia van Baarda, The Netherlands.


The Gardener by Rhonda Palmer, U.S.A.


The Beginning, Evening News, Swell, Magic in a Strange Place by Marguerite Serkin, U.S.A.


Mademoiselle Courage by Hermann Poort, Czech Republic.


Pennies, Nickels and Dimes by Jack McLean, Canada.


Creative Writing

Recovery An excerpt from the novel, The Persian
by Kathleen Hite Babb, Japan.

30 - 31

Jungle Jamesi - a short story, by Kwame Okyere-Boateng, Ghana.

32 - 36

A Performance at the Steppin' Stone Saloon - a short story, by Eric Chaet, U.S.A.

36 - 37


A perspective on the Bahá´í Faith and the arts.
by Sonja van Kerkhoff, The Netherlands

7 - 10
Harmony in Duality: Indianess in R.K. Singh's , poetry.
by Mitali de Sarkar, India.

20 - 23
Photographs and Illustrations of work by:
Papa Nketsiash, Ghana, Philip Moore, Guyana, Henk van der Voort, The Netherlands, Saskia van Baarda, The Netherlands, Zacarias Carvalho de Lima, Brazil, Eric Chaet, U.S.A., Yoke Hoey, The Netherlands, Chen Yi, P.R. China, Sonja van Kerkhoff, The Netherlands, Luana Darlow Hirahara, Okinawa, Margaret Kaye, U.S.A., Parnssus Dance/Theatre, Japan, Alfred Calkoen, Australia, Kaziek Wieckowski, Poland, Ariane Opitz, Belgium, Jacqueline Wassen, The Netherlands, Simon Arazi, Austria.

Translations, editing, layout, by:
Kathleen Babb, Japan, Sen McGlinn, The Netherlands, Sonja van Kerkhoff, The Netherlands.

# 27, March 1994

Letters from:
About his poetry and travels:Gilbert Robert, La Reunion,

About the book, The Artist's Way: Julie Redson-Smith, U. S. A.

About his ideas for a art and individualism: Alfred Calkoen, Australia.

About performing solo recorder on his travels: Jan Quik, Suriname.

About her exhibition of calligraphy in Bonn: Ute Dietmar, Germany.

Questions about popular music and social issues: Wimona Hardy, The Netherlands.

About Artgenda, an Australian arts newsletter: Mary Lin McMahon, Australia.

About artists giving up because they think they are not good enough: Kathleen Hite Babb, Japan.

About Tooloo Kord's paintings: Toja Art and Design, U.S.A.

About his poetry: V. D'Aravjo, The Netherlands.

About their music tour in Croatia: Light in the Darkness, Italy.

About direct or indirect reference to the Bahá´í Faith in one's art: Ludwig Tuman.


1 - 5

Mark Tobey Exhibition
organised by the National Bahá´í Community of Norway to commemorate the Holy Year,
by Britt Strandlie Thoresen, Norway.

9 - 12
History in the Making? -Two theatre pieces by Bahá´ís performed at the Edinburgh Fringe
("A Strange Bit of History", by Annabel Knight & Omid Djallili and
"At the Crimson Hour They Met" by Arlette George & Shirin Youssefian)
reviewed by S. Fazel, U.K.

13 - 14
Report of the Landegg Music Forum
by Silvia Frölich, Switzerland.

14 - 16
Twentieth century interaction between music and the visual arts
by Eric Meyer, The Netherlands.

16 - 17
Some thoughts on John Cage
by Eric Meyer, The Netherlands.

17 - 18
John Cage's presence at the Venice Biennale
by Sonja van Kerkhoff, The Netherlands.

Artist Profiles
Hugo Könings, printmaker, The Netherlands


Chen Yi, painter, P.R. China.


June Perkins, poet, playwright, Australia.

7 - 8

Interview with one of the producers of the video, Bahá'u'lláh Secret of the Century.


To a child by Rita D. Lotfi, Venezuela.


This night by Hazel Mori, The Philippines.


Brother on the wall, Requiem, This is a poem to my heroine Tahirih, For Roger White,
by June Perkins,Australia.


Short Story
The Tree by Pierre Spierckel, France.


Photographs and Illustrations of work by:
Ashraf Geibatov, Russia, Mark Tobey, U.S.A., William Muñoz, U.S.A., Jacqueline Wassen, The Netherlands, Hugo Königs, The Netherlands, Chen Yi, P.R. China, Yoke Hoey, The Netherlands, Philip Moore, Guyana. Tahirih Fruchaud, The Netherlands,

Translations, editing, layout, by:

Kathleen Babb, Japan, Sen McGlinn, The Netherlands, Sonja van Kerkhoff, The Netherlands.

 Arts Dialogue, Dintel 20, NL 7333 MC, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands.