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Kaziek Wieckowski  

sculptor (found object assemblages), poet, Poland.

Composition with mirror, mixed media assemblage.

Na wiosnc

Gdy slonce chciwie
calun mokry spija
a wiatr ozywczy
czupryny zwicdle lize
zrywam sie do marszu
tesknica gnany.

On Spring

When the sun drinks greedily
the wet shroud of snow
and the reviving wind
licks the crops of grass
I start for the march
impelled by an urge.


Wenn die Sonne gierig
die nasse Schneedecke aufsaugt
und der belebende Wind
die verwelkten Schopfe leekt
springe ich auf zum Marsch
von Sehnsucht getrieben.

  • Assemblage: Arts Dialogue, June 2001
  • Sculpture: Arts Dialogue, June 1997
  • Sculpture: Dance, BAFA newsletter, June 1994
  • Sculpture: BAFA newsletter, December 1993
  • Article: translation: The mass as a collective artwork, BAFA newsletter, September 1993
  • Translation: "Towards an understanding of African Dance Culture" by Ulrike Gross,
    BAFA newsletter, September 1993
  • Poems: On Spring, Time, (in English, Polish and German)
    BAFA newsletter, March 1993
  • Sculpture: Composition with mirror, BAFA newsletter, December 1992
  • Sculpture: Intimate Duet (tree root and red lampshade), BAFA newsletter, September 1992
  • Sculpture: Official Duet (medals, documents, sash, cushion in a frame), BAFA newsletter, September 1992
  • Sculpture: Tree of Life (wooden egg and branch), BAFA newsletter, September 1992
  • Artist Profile: BAFA newsletter, September 1992

Arts Dialogue, Dintel 20, NL 7333 MC, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands