Each child may memorize as much as he can from this supplication.



O my Lord! O my Lord! I am a child of tender years; nourish me from the breast of Thy Mercy, train me in the Bosom of Thy Love; educate me in the school of Thy Guidance and develop me under the shadow of Thy Bounty; deliver me from darkness, make me a brilliant light; free me from unhappiness, make me a flower of the Rose Garden; suffer me to become the servant of Thy Threshold and confer upon me the disposition and nature of the righteous ones; make me a cause of bounty to the human world and crown my head with the diadem of Eternal Life.
Verily, Thou art the Powerful, the Mighty, the Seer, the Hearer!
(Signed) Abdul-Baha Abbas.
Translated by M. A. Esphahani, Sept. 6, 1906, Washington, D. C.
Published by C. E. Sprague, 3502 Lake Ave., Chicago, Ill.

BC # 71


At the foot of Mt. Carmel, in the sacred neighborhood of the ìHoly Garden: (the tomb of the Bab).
Haifa, Syria, Aug. 14, 1907, A.D.
Shaban 5th, 1325, A.H.


Honorable Anayatíullah-Upon thee be the Peace of GOD:
Sometime ago a letter was received from you wherein you have recorded two questions asked by his honor, the beloved of GOD, Mr. Woodcock. Upon him be Bahaíuíllah El-Abha!
The first question concerns the genealogy of the Pure Mother of His Holiness, Abdul-Baha. (May the spirit of the world be a sacrifice unto Him). And the second touched upon the unity which was to bring together the two branches of the family of his holiness Abraham. The first questions was submitted by me to His Holy Presence. The Tablet in reply is cited below:

He is God!
Honorable Mirza Assidíuíllah, upon thee be BahaíuLLah El-Abha:
You have asked concerning the relations and genealogy of the mother of Abdul-Baha. The father and grandfathers of mother went to Persia from the regions of Taif, and the inhabitants of those regions are all, with very few exceptions, descendants of the posterity of Ishmael.
Upon thee be Baha El Abha.
Sig. Abdul-Baha Abbas.î
BC # 72 A.

As to the second topic, namely; that according to the history of the pyramid and the prophesy the two nations which compose the Christians and Islam, descendants of his holiness Abraham, will in this blessed Day united, and establish the Universal Peace, etc. (the end of the question).
Such expressions and prophecies concerning the future time, the latter Day, when these two great and glorious nations (i.e. the Christian and the Mohammedan) shall be united are numerous and will be found in all the Prophetic Books. These prophecies are eloquent glad-tidings of a great reality. They indicate, however, that in the latter Day a great religion and law shall appear; the mighty Ocean shall be revealed with great waves and these two religions like unto two great straights shall join that Ocean, uniting to such an extent as to leave no trace of the former strait. Then only one ocean shall be seen surging gloriously.
This great Ocean, according to the explicit texts and accurate records of the Holy Books, the Old and the New Testament and the Koran is the law and religion of Bahaíuíllah, glorious is His Mention and Sublime His Station. In the Old Testament, the gathering together of the scattered sheep of Isreal from the four corners of the earth to Jerusalem is one of the prophetic statements. This expression refers to the unity and concord of the great nations under the one tabernacle. These events are the character-

BC # 72 B


istics of the final Day, the time of Judgement. They must take place. Verily, in the heavenly Books, there is no subject which has received greater emphasis than this; no greater prophecy is given.
The purpose of the latter Day, Time of the End, according to the terminology of the prophets is, the Day of the Manifestation, of the Great Divinity, the Day of the government of the Lord of Hosts, a government in truth and reality. That Day is the very day wherein the Blessed Beauty, Bahaíuíllah revealed Himself and proclaimed the mighty Word: Verily I am GOD, which reached the ears of the world.
There is no doubt that subsequent to this great Spirit-real (???) unity between these two different, opposing nations when the spirit of the New Kingdom of GOD shall be revealed, the material unity such as inter-marriage, etc., will naturally follow. The unity between the individuals of mankind is of two kinds. First; a spiritual unity and faith and second a natural and physical unity. The spiritual unity comes first through the religion, and the material unity concerns the physical and follows the first.
To elucidate the topic, let us state that the Christian nation is of the opinion that all the inhabitants of the earth eventually will embrace Christianity and that that religion will be the only true one which shall survive and the Gospel shall alone be the Holy Book. The Islamic nations hold to the view that the worldís salvation is

BC # 72C



dependent upon the propagation of Mohammedism, and that all nations shall at least embrace that religion and believe in the Koran as the one Book. Thus these two great nations point out the way to universal peace. The theologians interpret all the Biblical prophecies to confirm their view and ideas, and the learned in the Koran and traditions do the same with their side.
The true and valid explanation is that which has been mentioned, namely; that a New and Great Revelation was to appear. A Holy Book, the Kitab El-Akdas, and a new Jerusalem were to become actualized in order to bring these two nations under the new Tabernacle in Unity and Peace.
Still more lucid and clear shall we aim to make the point. Know thou that all the Manifestations of God whose names appear upon the pages pf the Holy Scriptures, and whose deeds are recorded in books of history from the time of Adam to our present age, reveal themselves in the name of Prophethood. Their Books and their Words were heavenly and referred to GOD, i.e., they declared them to be revealed on the part of GOD. Their laws and ordinances which were established among the creatures were His laws. All of them without exception declared that in the great, final Day all their laws would be united and all the paths would be joined. All differences would be removed and Peace Supreme would rule.

BC # 72D



After the declaration of the Oneness of GOD and the exhortation of their followers they considered the giving forth of this prophecy and this glad-tidings of the greatest importance. This, however, was expressed in different and various terms. Once it was said: ìI will go now, but will come again to tell you that for which you are not ready now.î Again it is recorded: ìThe Great Spirit shall appear,î ìThe Comforter shall come.î Yet again: ìThe Heavenly Father shall bless His children by His Presence.î
In the Tablets and heavenly writings of Zoroaster we find the following: ìThe time of rest, repose, happiness and peace, the day of longevity shall come at last, it shall be the day of Bahram.î The philogist gives the definition of Bahram as Bahi (Baha) and Niku (literally bright and good). It is said that at that time the world shall be filled with light and goodness.
In the glorious Book, the Koran, the Day of GOD is indicated by the terms: ìThe Meeting with GOD.î ìThe Divine Manifestation; the Appearance of the Lord.î In the traditions of the Imams reference is made to the Manifestation of Hossein, after the appearance of Ghaim.
In all the Holy Books, prophecies focalize around the Time of the End, the latter Day. None of them, however, give it clearly, all using symbols and parables. For

BC # 72E


instance his holiness Isaih says ìIn the time of the end the Lord of Hosts shall declare ëVerily I am the Lord and there is none beside H,í etc.î In the Gospels it is stated: ìThe Heavenly Father will appear and will say: Verily I say, and not, ëThus saith the Lord.î In the Koran it is stated: ìWhen the Lordd appears the Unitarian believers will attain the Meeting of GOD.î
In the Beyan, the first point, the Bab, says: ìIn the Day of Him whom GOD shall manifest, ìi.e. the Day of the Blessed Beauty, Bahaíuíllah, ìIn all states He will utter: Verily, I am the Lord.î These expressions and similar statements are inspired words and revealed texts. They are understood fully only by the Prophets, who are the mines of Divine Inspiration. The earnest souls and assiduous students in the School of the Prophets may comprehend such mysteries.
In this connection therefore let us first clearly understand the meaning of ìThe latter Dayî and then state the purport. Let it be known that ìthe latter Dayî is the Day wherein the Manifestation of the Divine occurs. Namely, the day when GOD reveals Himself in a human temple and proclaims ìVerily, I am GOD, there is no GOD but Me.î The day of prophethood ends in the ìday of Lordship.î The ìDay of Lordshipî ends in the ìDay of Divinity,î the ìlatter Day,î

BC # 72F



the ìTime of the End,î ìThe Highest Firmament,î ìThe Greatest Name,î ìThe Sadrat El Montaha,î ìThe Great Judgement.î
The difference between these three Days is that the ìDay of Prophethoodî is that day wherein the Manifestation of GOD, appointed by Him will guide the souls unto Him. Their guidance or calling is thus expressed: ìWe are humble servants come from GOD bringing the people ordinances of salvation.î This is the language which has been used from Adam to Mohammed.
ìThe Day of Lordshipî is the Day when the Manifestation of GOD trains the realities of human beings with Divine Utterances, preparing them for the ìDayî of ìDivinity,î ìThe Day of the Lord of Hosts,î This was the Day of the First Point, the Bab, the precursor of the Blessed Beauty, Bahaíuíllah, who in His lifetime awakened and prepared the souls for the ìDay of the Blessed Perfection.î
ìThe Day of Divinityî is the Day of the Manifestation of the Reality of Realities, the Revelation of GOD entire. It is the Day of the Blessed Perfection, Bahaíuíllah, Holy is His Name and Magnified is His Grandeur. This is the ìDay of the End,î ìDay of Judgement,î it has many names. It is mentioned in all of the heavenly Books. In this Day He will declare ìVerily, I am GOD,î even as was recorded in the Sacred Texts. All who appeared before Him were the Lord of Hosts and He is the ìLord of Lords,î ìKing of Kings.î
BC # 72G


He will bring together the scattered hosts and will unite the scattered enemies (?) in a New Jerusalem under the Tent of Peace. There shall remain no trace of discord and no divergence of sects. Jews, Christians, Echammedans, Buddhists, Zoroastrians and Brahmans and all the sects will become united under the Tent of Abha and gathered by the name of Bahaíuíllah in the religion of Oneness.
They will find under that canopy of Peace, no prejudice or race, sect or religion; they will all look to GOD and live in peace in the House of the Father. They will attain the long and earnestly looked for blessings of heaven and will give thanks night and day.
Therefore these statements make it evident that the purpose of the unity of the Christians and Islam, the two descendants of Abraham and their communication and intermarriage is realized through the comprehensive Bahai religion and law. This unity, concord and intercourse is not to be confined to those two noble and great nations, nay rather, all mankind, whether descendants of Abraham or Ilcah or Adam will equally enjoy the heavenly table of the Father, Bahaíuíllahóglory be to Him.
All laws shall end in the Bahai law. All Scriptures shall merge in the Kitatbi-Akdas. The East, West, North and South shall united in Bahai love. They shall become as



one united whole, one great nation, and the face of the earth shall become the Paradise of Abha. Even so was it witnessed in the blessed Day of Bahaíuíllah, when members of all nations gathered around His bounteous table, the Sun of His Generosity shedding Its light upon all equally, all basking in Its rays and heat. The clouds of His Mercy showered upon the tender plants of the human souls, all growing in His life-giving atmosphere.
By means of these heavenly Words, He admonished the people of the world and liberated them from religious animosity and sectarian hatefulness. ìConsort with all religions with spirit and fragrance.î ìBeware lest the bigotry of ignorance possess ye, among the people.î
ìAll have originated from GOD and to Him they return.î ìVerily He is the Originator of the creatures and the destination of the people.î Again He says: ìThe most glorious tree of Knowledge is this Sublime Word. Ye are the fruits of one tree, and leaves of one branch.î ìGlory is not for him who loves his native land, but for him who loves mankind.î Again He says: ìThe religion of GOD and the seat of GOD have descended from the heaven of the Will of the Lord of Eternity only for the purpose of the unity and concord of the people of the world. Make it not a cause of discord and inharmony.î ìThe great means and mighty cause of the appearance and

BC # 72I



revealment of the Sun of Unity is the religion of GOD and the law of the Lord; the growth of the world and the education of the nations; the security and peace of the country depend upon its ordinances and commandments.î ìIt is the greatest means for the greatest attainment, it confers the Chalice of Life, and endows one with Eternal Life and Everlasting Blessing.î ìThe chief ones of the earth, especially the manifestations of Divine Justice must exert their utmost endeavor in the preservation, protection and elevation of this Station. Likewise they must investigate the conditions of the subjects and exert themselves for their welfare. The manifestations of power, usually the kings and heads are requested to endeavor in order to remove discord from among the peoples and let the light of unity shine. They must do that which the Supreme Pen has recorded. Verily, GOD is the witness and the atoms of existence declare that that which is a means of promoting, elevating and education; protecting and training the people of the earth has been mentioned. We ask GOD to confirm the servants.
ìWhat this oppressed One asks of every one is justice and equity. They must not be satisfied with the listening. guste? Reflect upon that which has been manifested from this oppressed One. I declare by the Sun of Exposition which has dawned from the horizon of the heaven of the Kingdom of the

BC # 72J



Merciful that were there an expounder and utterer visible, I should not have offered Myself as a target to the libelous (?) servants.î
Such lofty statements are numerous in the heavenly Tablets, and the souls who came from the various nations and were blessed with His holy Presence, heard from His lips these lofty utterances. Likewise after His Ascension, in the many meetings osf the Centre of the Covenant, His Holiness, Abdul-Baha-may our lives be a sacrifice for Himó(?) representatives of the various nations are seen seeking answers to their questions which they receive with great satisfaction, each according to his capacity. All becoming brothers and sisters and composing the great Bahai nation. This is the exposition of the unity which the nations were to enjoy.
You have yourself been blessed with that meeting. You have seen with your eyes, heard with your ears therein. May we meet you again in that Radiant Spot and inhale together the fragrances of GOD and harken (?) together to the lofty anthems and witness with sight and insight the beauty of GOD and His Signs of Glory and Majesty.
May this blessing be yours and also be granted to those who earnestly seek, even as you yourself. Verily He is the Listener and the Answerer to our prayers. Amen.

BC #72K


Praise, greeting and peace be upon the beloved of GOD who are firm and steadfast.
From the servant of Abdul-Baha, the Servant of the Covenant.

Mirza Assad Uíllah.
Translated by Dr. Ameen Ullah Fareed, Chicago, Sunday Nov. 24, 1907, 12:15 M.
Published by C.E. Sprague, 3502 Lake Ave., Chicago, Ill.

BC # 72L

IN THE NAME OF BAHAíOíLLAH, the Lordly Effulgence of the Infinite Splendor, the Assembly of Bahais of New York City issue the following utterances of The Greatest Branch of God, the Center of the Covenant of God, Abdul Baha:


Tablet revealed some years since:


O ye beloved of God ! Highway robbers are many and hypocrites are innumerable. The wolves clothe themselves with the shepherdís garments and thieves show themselves in the form of watchmen. Hereafter, if any Persian or Oriental come to those parts, even though he be from the very City of Akka. If ye find he does not possess a letter written by the hand and sealed by the seal of Abdul Baha, you must decidedly avoid him. In future, of course, certain people will come to you claiming faith. )Sig.) Abdul Baha Abbas.


Cable from London to Wilhelmite, New York:
Receive no Persian, even my family, without autographic permission. Communicate to all friends. (Sig.) Abdul Baha.
Received Dec. 30, 1912.


Froma Tablet to Charles Mason Remey, Washington, D.C., translated by M.A. Sohrab, London, England, Dec. 29, 1912:
Awaken the friends, for ere long a test shall come. Perchance some persons, outwardly firm and inwardly wavering, shall come to those parties in order to weaken the faith of the Friends in the Covenant of God. Let them be awake ! let them be mindful ! As long as they see a trace of violation of the Covenant, they must hold aloof from the violator. Day and night let them strive so that the Lights of the Kingdom of Abha may encircle the globe, and the darkness of error may be entirely dispelled. (Sig.) Abdul Baha Abbas.


Cablegram received February 3, 1913, from Paris to Wilhelmite, New York:
We have reached Paris. Grettings to all. Any Persian, be he my own son or daughter, if he comes to America without having a new permission written in my own handwriting or signature, do not meet him at all. Inform all cities. (Signed) Abbas.

BC # 73A

Cablegram from Paris, Feb. 14th, 1913: To Parsons-Remey, Washington.
I am Servant of Baha! His Holiness Bahaíoíllah is unique and peerless. All must turn to Bahaíoíllah. This is the religion of Abdul Baha. Firmness in the Covenant means love and obedience to the Command of Abdul Baha. Announce this. (Signed) Abbas.

Portion of a Tablet to Mr. Roy O. Wilhelm:
Convey my longing greeting to all the believers of God throughout all the cities of America and announce to them on my behalf that if any person from amongst the Persian believers who may be well known as to his character, whether man or woman-although he may be my own son or daughter - comes to America and has not a NEW permission for his going to America written with my own handwriting and signed with my own signature, you must not give him any attention at all. Whosoever speaks with him is a violator of the Covenant ! This question is most important. Undoubtedly you must show the utmost caution. There are some wolves in sheepís clothes who may claim to be shepherds. Whosoever from amongst the Persian believers arrives in America although he may be related to me, - that is, - even if he be my son-in-law or she be my daughter, first ask him the letter giving him a NEW permission to come again to America. If she shows you any such letter, be most careful and attentive that it is my writing and my signature, that they may not be counterfeits. Then you cable to me and inquire about him. When the answer is received by you that it is correct, then you meet him, otherwise do not associate with him. Announce the contents of this letter to all the believers and the maid servants of the Merciful throughout America. (Signed) Abdul Baha Abbas.
Translated by M. Ahmad Sohrab, March 25, 1913, Paris, France.
The Original of this Tablet is in the Masterís Own Handwriting.


Excerpt from Tablet to Mrs. Harriet Cline. Los Angeles, Calif.
Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, Paris, March 29, 1913:
To-day firmness in the Covenant is the means of the promotion of the Word of God and conducive to the effect of the word of man. Any explanation which does not accord with the Covenant will have no effect whatever. Therefore, whosoever heralds the Covenant of God, unquestionably he is confirmed. This has been tried a thousand times. Any soul who violates the Covenant and Testament in the least degree, immediately he is cut off: even in this material world he will become afflicted with remorse and regret. (Signed)
Abdul Baha Abbas.

BC # 73B

3 æ

From a Tablet to an American believer, translated by Ahmad Sohrab, Paris, March 4, 1913:
Whosoever claims that Abdul Baha has given to him a Tablet or sent a cablegram, he must prove it (by showing it). Do not accept the ??? saying of anyone on mere statement. He must bring forth the ?? unmistakable and valid evidence, signed by my own written signature and not the signature on a cablegram which cannot be substantiated. (Signed) Abdul Baha Abbas.

Message from Abdul Baha in His own handwriting, to the American Bahais. Translator, M.A. Sohrab, Sept. 18, 1913, Ranleh, Egypt:
Any Persian, whether Bahai, or belonging to the ancient religions of Persia ñ IN SHORT, ANY PERSIAN ñ without carrying in his hand a letter either in my handwriting, or signed with my signature, the believers must not associate with him or speak to him, even if he is Shougi Effendi or Rouhi Effendi (the two grandsons of Abdul Baha). The friends must demand of him before anything else, his credential letter, written with my handwriting, or signed with my signature. (Signed) Abdul Baha Abbas.


Portion of a Tablet to Mr. C. M. Remey, translated in Ramleh, Egypt, ??? September 23, 1913:
I have repeatedly written that any Persian, or although he be My relative or Afnan, if he has no credential in his hand, the believers must not at all approach him, or associate with him, because all the enemies of the Cause in Persia ñ Yahyais, Nakazeen, and Sufists ñ are turning their attention to America and will come in order to weaken the Cause of God. You must protect the Cause of God, and write to every one, and awaken all, that they must not meet any Persian who has not in his hand a credential in my handwriting and signature. (Signed) Abdul Baha Abbas



In response to a letter detailing the circumstances attending the arrival in San Francisco of two Persians from India ( via Honolulu), without credentials, of their appearance at a Bahai meeting, of their being advised to leave and return to their hotel, and of their being entertained subsequently in the home of a believer, the following Tablet was revealed by Abdul Baha :-
O thou who are attracted to the Kingdom of ABHA !
Thy letter was received. Its details concerning those two persons (Persians) became known. You have acted most reasonably.
Every Persian, or non-Persian, who comes from the East and has not in his hand a letter from me, although he may be one of my rel-


atives, the believers must not receive him, neither should they let him enter into their meetings. For some wolves are coming from Persia to those parts in order to tear the sheep of GOD, and to scatter the seeds of corruption and to become the means of division-especially the followers of Mirza Yahya. To receive these souls would be like permitting a thief to enter a home, or like letting a wolf into a flock (of sheelp). Unquestionably this is not permissible !
A man may receive his own enemy into his house and show him the utmost respect and consideration, but it is not allowable to receive a thief into his house, nor a traitor into his home, nor a wolf into the flock. This would be injustice. Although the heart of the wolf is displeased at this, yet the sheep of GOD must be protected.
For example, once in Persia, a person who was secretly a Nakoz, called on one of the believers. The utmost consideration was shown him and he was entertained with the greatest hospitality. From every standpoint he was treated most kindly. Finally, this guest stole all the jewels belonging to the wife of the host, broke open the safe and took all the money and the Tablets and writings. Then he took with him to the court these Tablets which proved his host to be a Bahai. He pleaded to the governor: ìI did not know this person before I became a guest in his ??? home, but now I have realized that he is a Bahai, consequently I have brought his papers to you.
The governor sent for the Bahai host and ordered him thrown into prison. The Bahai cried out: ìThis person has stolen my goods.î But the governor answered: ìBecause he has given information about thy being a Bahai, therefore thou are accusing him. Now to receive such a person as this thief into oneís home is an injustice to all the members of the family.
Show ye the utmost kindness towards enemies, that is, ignorant enemies, but not toward traitorous and treacherous enemies. I hope that through the Divine Bounty and Favor you may be guarded and protected.
Say to those two persons (Persians) :
ìBecause we have explicit instructions in regard to this matter we cannot disobey them. It would have beeter for you to have gone first to Akka, and, receiving permission and credentials, to have come to America from there. Then you would have experienced the utmost consideration. You must likewise obey this command. If you are sincere believers, act according to this clear injunction.
(Signed) Abdul Baha Abbas.
(Translated by M. Ahmad Sohrab, Ramleh, Egypt, September 30, 1913.)

BC # 73D


Tablet translated by M.A. Sohrab, Ramleh, Egypt, Sept. 30, 1913:
Thy letter was received. My desire is that thou mayest become the cause of the firmness and the steadfastness of the souls in the Divine Covenant in order that thy face may become illumined and thy breast inspired with the Bestowals of the Kingdom of ABHA.
Firmness in the Covenant contains an odor like unto the fragrance of the musk which perfumes the nostrils; while violation of the Covenant has a stench smell which nauseates the nostrils. Therefore, when one inhales with a Spiritual Power, unquestionably he will distinguish between the two smells.
The World of Violation is like unto a rootless tree: ere long it will entirely die. The World of the Covenant is like unto the Blessed Tree which is growing beside the River of the Water of Life: in the utmost delicacy and beauty ?? day by day it is developing and adding to its verdancy. Ere long no trace will be left from the World of Violation. No one will ever abandon His Holiness Bahaíoíllah and His INCONTROVERTIBLE TEXTS, and no one will ever follow the superstitions of the Nakazeen. For in His Irrefutable Utterance and Blessed Writing, He has most emphatically commanded all the Nakazeen to obey (the Center of the Covenant). All the Nakazeen whom you observe know this fact, but self-interest having crept in, they are following the Violation.
There are letters preserved with the handwriting of Kheirella in which he clearly writes: ìI testify that thou are Christ the Son of GODî; but I did not accept this from him and wrote back that I am Abdul Baha. Now on account of some interest, he is following the Nakazeen; but this interest will not remain, it will disappear. This century will pass, and in the next century there will remain not one Nakazeen.
Upon thee be Baha EL ABHA ! (Signed) Abdul Baha Abbas


Cablegram to W. H. Hoar from Alexandria, Egypt, October 11, 1913:
Hold aloof from Taki Zade, Baba Aga, Assadíoíllah, and whomsoever associates with them. Send cables to the Bahai Assemblies of America. (Signed) Abbas


Portion of a Tablet to Miss Juliet Thompson, New York City. Translated by M.A. Sohrab, Oct. 29, 1913, Ramleh, Egypt.
Convey this message to each and all the believers in New York:
Any person who comes to America from the East, whether Bahai or non-Bahai, although he may be one of my relatives, such as Mirza Jalal, Mirza Mohsen and Mirza Hadi (the three sons-in-law of Abdul Baha), who has not in his hand a letter of permission with my handwriting and signature, the believers of God must not at all approach him, but shun him and know that he is a wolf-he has come to scatter the



flock; a thief ñ he has come to rob the house ñ like unto Taki Zade. And whomsoever exhorts you to associate with them, no matter under what title, do not at all accept from him, even if he gives unto them the utmost praise. Write this to all the cities (Assemblies) of America, to each and all, so that they may announce it amongst the believers. Is it allowable to assist the wolf so that it may associate and consort with the lambs, or to encourage the serpent and scorpion in order that they may affiliate with the people? These souls are similar to them. They are negligent of GOD and have no faith whatsoever. But with these machinations they wish to cause your deviation from HIS HOLINESS BAHAíOíLLAH and submerge you in the sea of superstitions. However, you must exercise the utmost love toward your enemies, but not toward the wolves. Through this, spiritual results will be obtained and the world of morality will become illumined.
All the believers must show love toward Mr. Topakyan.
(Signed) Abdul Baha Abbas.


From a Tablet to the friends of GOD and the maidservants of the Merciful, United States of America; translated by M. A. Sohrab, Home of Abdul Baha, Mount Carmel, Haifa, Syria, April 19, 1914. (These words are in the handwriting of Abdul Baha.) :-
If a Persian comes from the East to those parts ñ supposing the impossible ñ although he may be my own son, or the only daughter of Abdul Baha ñ without having in his hand an epistle with my own hand and my own signature, to meet and hold conversation with his is forbidden. For whosoever goes to America without permission has no other aim save sedition and the violation of the Covenant. (Signed) Abdul Baha Abbas.


Cablegram received by R. C. Wilhelm from Abdul Baha Abbas, June 29, 1914:
Wilhelmite, New York: Dr. Fareed, his mother and relations are great violators of Covenant. Association with them totally forbidden. Inform believers. (Signed) Abbas.


Cablegram from Abdul Baha Abbas to Mirza Lotfullah Hakim, London, England, June 19, 1914:
As I have utmost love for believers, I awaken them. Dr. Fareed with his mother and relations are violators of Covenant and enemies of Cause. Avoid meeting them most scrupulously. Any association with them is totally forbidden. (Signed) Abbas.

BC # 73F


Cablegram sent from London to Abdul Baha by Charles Mason Remey and George Latimer, June 29, 1914:
Friends desire cablegram authenticated.

Several days later a cablegram came from Abdul Baha to Mrs. Thornburgh-Cropper, London, England, as follows:
Former cablegram correct. Protect Cause according contents. Inform Remey. (Signed) Abbas.


Portion of a Tablet to Mrs. Noble, Cleveland, Ohio, translated in 1903 by A. K. Khan:
Tests and trials only cause agitation to weak hearts, but to the pure souls a hundred thousand tests are like a mirage, imagination and shadow. The shadow cannot withstand the rays of the sun and pure fragrances of holiness will not be concealed through the doubts of the beetle. The headache of wavering will not affect those exhilarated with the wine of the Love of GOD ! In sooth, there will be found in those regions certain persons like the Pharisees in the time of Christ, who night and day will exert themselves with all heart and soul to cast forth doubts in order that they may deprive the souls of the Glad Tidings of the Holy Spirit. They will disseminate false rumors and utter many a calumny, and will publish and announce false stories. And some Pharisees among the missionaries of the Gospel will hasten thither from Persia and say: ìWe are aware of the secret of the matter.î All they may say is sheer slander. Now you know this, that in its time you may dispel and annihilate the darkness of these suspicions like unto a manifest light. (Signed) Abdul Baha Abbas.


From a Tablet revealed by Abdul Baha Abbas for a Chicago believer, translated by Dr. Zia Bagdadi, Sept. 2, 1913:
Remember thou that Judas Iscariot was the head of the disciples and their example. How then his feet stumbled and fell in the path, so that he shed the blood of Christ. Verily herein lies a lesson for those who are mindful.


BC # 73G

ìLeprosy may be interpreted as any veil that interveneth between man and the recognition of the Lord, his God. Whoso alloweth himself to be shut out from His is indeed a leper, who shall not be remembered in the Kingdom of God, the Mighty, the All-Praised.î

Nov. 8 ìHow is the situation and health of friends?î
Nov.12. ìHe who sits with lepers catches leprosy. He who is with Christ shuns Pharisees and abhors Judas Iscariots. Certainly shun violators.î
Nov. 12 ìI implore health from divine bounty.î
(St. X11234.)

TABLET TO A WOMAN IN CHICAGO (to be read to the Spiritual Assembly)
ìO thou dear maid-servant of God!
Thy letter was received and the contents became known. Thou hast asked some questions; that why the blessed and spiritual souls, who are firm and steadfast, shun the company of degenerate persons. This is because that just as the bodily diseases, like consumption and cancer, are contagious, likewise, the spiritual diseases are also infectious. If a consumptive should associate with a thousand safe and healthy persons, the safety and health of these thousand persons would not affect the consumptive and would not cure him of his consumption. But when the consumptive associates with those thousand souls, in a short time the disease of consumption will infect a number of healthy persons. This is a clear and self-evident question.
ìLikewise, if a thousand magnaminous persons associate with a degraded one, the perfection of those souls will not affect this debased person. On the contrary, this mean person will be the cause of their going astray. Therefore, His Holiness Bahaíuíllah says in the Tablet: ëSoon will a foul odor be spread; shun it, so commandeth the Omniscient


and the Wise. That foul odor is that of violation. You should avoid i ??????? His Holiness Christ says that the owner of the garden does not leave the dried tree, but certainly cuts it and throws it into the fire, because the dried wood is worthy and deserving of fire. Again, His Holiness Bahaíuíllah says: ìThen, O ye trees of the blessed garden of My bestowal, protect ye yourselves from the poison of the treacherous soulsÖ. so that the trees of existence, through the bounty of the Worshipped One, be not deprived of the blessed breaths and breezes of love.î
(St. X11 233-234.)
In handwriting: Read Old Testament
Numbers XII Verses 1-15 (Miriamís leprosy of violation against Moses)

Abduíl Baha:

ìÖ the brothers of His Holiness Christ came to Him and it was said, ëThese are your brothersí. He answered that His brothers were those who believed in God, and refused to associate with His own brothers. He did not exercise despotism in the case of Judas Iscariot and His own brothers, but they separated themselves. In short, the point is this: ëAbduíl Baha is extremely kind, but when the disease is leprosy, what am I to do? One must protect and safeguard the blessed souls from the fatal spiritual diseases, otherwise violation, like the plague, will become a contagion and all will perish.
St. X111 242

(Handwriting crossed off here)

Abduíl Baha:

ìThou hast written that in view of the questions of violation thou art perturbed. There is no occasion for perturbation, for the Blessed Beauty (Bahaíuíllah) has closed all doors of error and doubt and has entered into a Covenant and Testament. Will they (the teachings) be promulgated through senseless words by those who pretend to be philosophers, or through the doubts of the people of violation and lust?
St. X 233-234

Abduíl Baha:
ìThe Covenant of God is like a vast and fathomless ocean. A billow shall rise and surge therefrom and shall cast shore all accumulated foam.î
BC # 74B


ìToday, every wise, vigilant and foresighted person is awakened, and to him are unveiled the mysteries of the future, that nothing save the power of the Covenant is able to stir and move the hearts of humanity.î
Star of the West Vol X. P. 153.

Ö.. PrayerÖÖ

O God! Assit me with the hosts of the Supreme Concource and make me firm and steadfast in the Covenant and Testament. I am weak in the Covenat and Testament; confer upon me strength. I am poor; bestow upon me wealth from the treasures of the kingdom. I am ignorant; open before my face the doors of knowledge. I am dead; breathe into me the Breath of Life. I am dumb; grant me an eloquent tongue so that with a fluent expression , I may raise the call of Thy Kingdom, and quicken al of them in firmness to the Covenant. Thou art the Generous, the Giver, and the Mighty.î

BC# 74C


Through Mirza Ahmed and Mr. Remey,
To the maid-servant of GOD, Miss F. Meadowcroft.
O thou Beloved Maid-servant of GOD!
Thou has written regarding the death of thy mother. Praise be to GOD, she hath attained to the desire of her heart and hat ascended to the Kingdom of ABHA.
Happiness depends on the spiritual glad tidings and not upon material means. IT is found in the Kingdom of Abha and not in this mortal world.
O thou maid-servant of GOD! Become thou not extinguished by the winds of tests, but rather become ignited and be more happy, for then thou wilt become a tried believer.
Guide the maid-servant of GOD, Mrs. ?????, to the Power of the Holy Spirit and say: ìUnless the Holy Spirit becomes intermediary one cannot attain directly to the Bounties of GOD. Do not overlook the obvious truths. For it is a self-evident fact that a child cannot be instructed without a teacher and knowledge is a bounty from the Bounties of GOD. The soil is not covered with grass and green without the rain of the cloud, therefore the cloud is the intermediary between the Divine Bounties and the soil. A body does not develop and grow without the soul, therefore the soul is the medium of the spiritual life.î

BC # 75A


Convey respectful greeting to Mrs. ????? and say: ìI hope that through the Breath of the Holy Spirit the mysteries may become disclosed to thee, for without this channel it is impossible and unattainable. Turn thine attention to the days of His Highness, the Christ; some people imagine that without the Messianic Outpourings, it is possible to attain to Truth; but this very imagination became the cause of their deprivation.î
O thou maid-servant of GOD! The aim of the theosophists is to attain to Truth, but the Truth is unattainable except through the Favor of the Holy Spirit. The light has a center and if one desires to seek it otherwise but from the center, he can never attain to it. In this solar system the mainspring of light is the sun and every light is acquired from it; even the lamps of the night are ignited through the sun, for if there were no sun the trees would not grow nor the mines develop, so that the oil be extracted from those trees and mines and the lamps of the night be lit by it. Is it possible that one attain to the light in this globular sphere without the mediation of the sun? No, by the Life of GOD! To suppose it is pure imagination. But the Truth is this: the mainspring of the lights is the sun and the rays are shed from it upon all the regions.
Upon thee be Baha-ul-ABHA!
(Signed) E.E. Abdul-Baha Abbas.
Trans. By M.A. Esphahani, June 14, 1907, Washington, D.C.

BC # 75B

To Miss Meadowcroft, Chicago, Ill.
O thou who art advancing towards God:
In asmuch as the attracted maid-servant of GOD, Mrs. Cochran, hath guided thee unto this great cause, do thou listen to her and accept from her whatever name with which she may name thee; for, verily, her right is great upon thee, and she is kind unto thee for having guided thee unto the Light of Guidance.
Send My abundant greeting to the attracted maid-servant of GOD, Mrs. Cochran. Verily I beg of GOD to strengthen her with the Fragrances of Holiness at all times.
Upon thee be greeting and praise.
(signed) Abdul-Baha Abbas.

BC # 76

Through Charles Mason Remey, to the Denver Assembly, U.S.A.
To the believers of GOD and the maid-servants of the Merciful (upon them be Baha-Ollah El Abha)!
Denver, Colorado.
O ye servants of the True One and the maid-servants of the Merciful!
Do not think that ye are forgotten for one moment! Abdul-Baha is at all times remembering you with Infinite Love and Kindness and supplicates at the Threshold of Oneness, Assistance and Favor;-so that the Invisible Confirmation may pour down, the Divine Bounties unveil their countenances, the friends in that region be ignited like unto the lamps, and the maid-servants of GOD shine like unto stars;-in order to illumine that country, make that clime the Paradise of Perpetual Abode, to suffer the people to drink from the Wine of Guidance, to intoxicate the yearning ones after the Kingdom of Abha, to open spiritual universities, to be instructed in the mysteries of the Love of GOD by the Heavenly Instructor, to associate with each other with the utmost humility and attain to spiritual affinity.

BC # 77A


Extract from a letter written to America, by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, during
Abdul Baha's stay in Paris during March, 1913.

This morning the news of the American cyclone disaster again made the Master sad. I read to him the dispatches giving the detail of the tragic events and the appalling loss of life. His face was the embodiment of divine sympathy and spiritual consolation. Then he asked Mirza Mahmoud to chant the prayers of Baha'u'llah on behalf of these departed ones.

As he chanted these blessed communes, all of us prayed from our hearts and souls for America at this hour of her misfortune and suffering. When the prayer was finished, the Beloved, as though coming from the world of light said:-- "Although Outwardly these disasters are hard to understand and to bear, yet there lies a great wisdom behind them which will appear later. All the visible material events are inter-related with invisible spiritual forces. The infinite phenomena of creation are interdependent as the links of a chain.

When certain links become rusty, they are broken by unseen forces to be replaced by newer and better ones. There are certain colossal events which transpire in the world of humanity which are required by the nature of the times. For example the requirements of winter ae cold, snow, storm, hail and rain. But the birds and animals who live for 6 months enjoying a short span of life, not realizing the wisdom of the winter, chide and make lament and are discontent, saying "Why this awful frost, why this hail and storm? Why not the balmy weather? Why not the eternal spring time? Why this injustice on the part of the creator? Why this suffering? What have we done to be meted out with this catastrophe? However, these souls who have lived many years and have had much experience and have weathered many severe winters, realize that in order to enjoy the coming spring, they must pass through the cold of winter. The little bird of 3 months does not know there is a spring, but man knows that after the hard winter there is a spring time with its thousand viri-colored flowers and that after the velocity of the gale,

the soul refreshing breeze will waft. After the sterility and apparent death and fertility and life will manifest - After the hurricane and storm, quietness and calm will reign. After the silence of the birds, they will break forth into joyous songs of spring.

Now the wisdom of this American disaster is not known to many of those of this generation because they are too much absorbed in the immediate sufferings and hardships. When the cyclone has subsided and people shake off the temporary gloom, they will then realize that after the destruction there is construction, after this suffering there will be blessings, after this death, there will be life, after this loss, there will be profit, after this devastation, there will be upholding, after this havoc, prosperity, after this failure, success and after this war of elements, glorious peace and greater civilization."

In the afternoon, a French poet came to see the Master. To him the Master said:--

Man must spend his talent in a cause the result of which is eternal. If we spend our talent in the cause of God, its outcome is everlasting, but if we waste it over worldly affairs, it is like drawing pictures over the surface of the water. For example, if one write a book, it may perpetuate his name for one or two thousand years; it will be forgotten afterwards. But he who breathes one breath in the path of God in this day, it will bring forth eternal fruits. Therefore man must engage his talents through those channels that are services to the kingdom of God. Consecrate thy poetic imaginations to the cause of God. The end of all the undertakings that you observe except service to the Kingdom of Abha is ruin. Every building that you construct will be destroyed except the palace of the cause of God. The palace built by Christ is and ever will be indestructible, likewise the works of his apostles. I desire that those mayest likewise lay the foundation of such a palace as will stand the attack of the accidents of all time, I am sure God will confirm and assist thee.

The first day I met thee I observed in thy face, the signs of the love of God and I prayed in thy behalf. From God, I begged for thee assistance and confirmation so that in this city of Paris, thou mightest become a fruitful tree, the fruit of which may be enjoyed by all the people, that thou mayest become a fragrant flower, whose perfume may be inhaled by all the nostrils, that thou might obtain an illumined heart and a spirit rejoiced with the divine glad tidings and that thou mayest arise to serve the cause of God with the power of sanctity and holiness."

Mr. Cobb asked if there would ever be any clergy in the Bahai cause. Immediatel ythe Beloved said, "No, In this cause there will never be any paid ministers, no appointed clergy, no ceremonies. A Clergyman assuming that he is ordained to his ministry may think that he knows more about God while the humble man in his congregation may in reality know more. This theological position makes many a clergyman proud and haughty. There is but one distinction in this cause. Some people may become greater than the rest - no through affairs but through the purity of their hearts, their unselfish deeds, their heroic sacrifice and their knowledge of God. Such illumined souls, like unto kind fathers or teachers will guide and teach those less fortunate. They are the elder brothers of the community family. They do not arrogate unto themselves any title or position. You will know them by their humility, sincerity, deeds, severance, knowledge, spirituality and attraction. In this world millions of ministers have been ordained but the majority of them have been useless and atrophied and left behind neither fruit nor trace except a few limited days walking in the path of their own egoes and self gratification, and at last bade barewell to this ephemeral world, leaving behind no treasury.

But praise be to God that thou art confirmed. Thou hast hearkened to the call of the kingdom, thou art informed of the teachings of Baha'u'llah. The doors of the kingdom are opened before thy face and eternal life hath become manifest.

Therefore strive that in this world and in the world of the kingdom thou mayest deposit a treasury and leave behind a track and a result - so that day unto day thou mayest become more favored in the divine threshold and be classed as one of the most faithful and sincere servants of His Holiness, Baha'u'llah"

Another question was asked about whether there would be any modifications in the marriage relationship.

The Master said: "There are 2 kinds of relationship - real and unreal. The real relationship is based upon spiritual love and companionship and this relationship will forever remain the same and the other relationship which has no basis in reality will be done away with. Love between man and woman must be kept sacred and holy. Marriage is a command of God. It is necessary to the community, for humanity is continued through the practice of this law, but the family life should be pure, soul-elevating so that the children may breathe the uncontaminated atmosphere of sanctity. The love of their parents should be the great love example to them.

Some one asked about divorce, Abdul Baha said: "When there exists incompatibility of temper and complete antipathy between man and wife then divorce is permitted. To live together under such stifling conditions is productive of hell.

Another asked about the future of aviation and the Master promptly answered:- "The science of aviation will make great progress in the immediate future and people will travel in ease and luxury from one city to another without danger. Aeroplanes will become as popular as automobiles are now. Every well to-do person will have his aeroplane and riding through the air will be within the reach of all.

A number of important Persians called and the Master discussed with them the fall of Adrianople as prophesied by Baha'u'llah 50 years ago. Mr. Cobb and a Turkish friend came and the Master spoke at length in the peculiar sect of Baktashi, pointing out the 2 distinctive point in this Oriental religion - one its friendly attitude toward all peoples and the other its great religious tolerance.

Then he spoke on the uninterrupted descent of the grace of God, the eternal Creator. He dwelt on the fact that there is no suspension ever in His bounty and that He has always manifested in His Prophets.


Extracts from Tablet to Albert R. Windust. Chicago, Ill.
Upon him be Baha U llah El Abha.


Regarding the Spiritual Assembly (Board of Consultation, Working Committee, etc.), this is not the House of Justice. It is a purely Spiritual Assembly and belongs to spiritual matters, and that is to teach the Cause of God and diffuse the fragrances of God.

If the believers arise in the accomplishment of this work, the existence of the Spiritual Assembly will not become absolutely necessary or obligatory. THE AIM IS TO TEACH THE CAUSE OF GOD. In California they have no Board, but the teaching of the Cause is being done.

That which is the most important of all affairs in this day is to TEACH THE CAUSE OF GOD. You must engage in the diffusion of the Fragrances of God, so that ye may impart life to the worlds, illumine the dark regions, confer new existence upon these smouldering dead bodies, make intelligent and mindful these negligent hearts: thus they may free themselves from this nether world and soar toward the Universe of the Almighty.

Convey the wonderful Abha greetings to al the friends of God.

Upon thee by Baha El Abha.

(Signed) Abdul Baha Abbas.

(Translated by Ahmed Sohrab, Oct. 2nd 1913 Ramleh Egypt)


Part of a lesson given in parlor adjoining Corinthian Hall, Masonic Temple, Chicago, November 28, 1909, by Mr. Albert R. Windust.


The Covenant and Testament, in its highest meaning, refers to "THE WORD MADE FLESH" - the Manifestation of God to man thro [sic] Man - in every epoch. Such were Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, BAHA'O'LLAH.

Adam made a Covenant and Testament that God would finish His work in six days and rest the seventh;*** the others confirmed that Covenant and renewed it, and in BAHA'O'LLAH (The Glory of God") it was fulfilled. He was the finished work of the Creator, a Perfect Man. He is called "The Blessed Perfection."

There are other meanings to the Covenant and Testament which we will not mention today, and as the subject is deep and the time limited, we can only touch on what has been said regarding


The Covenant and Testament is as a "golden thread" running thro [sic] the Sacred Scriptures, which, if followed, leads the seeker for Truth out of the maze of mystery surrounding the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Consider how the WORD OF GOD, speaking thro Adam, stated that the Creator would "finish His work" by making man in "His own image," as we have just stated. This divine "seed" of the WORD planted in the "soil" of mankind, which Adam "tilled," was the germ of the future Heavenly Man and the "promise" of the coming of His "Kingdom of Heaven" upon earth. The WORD thro Noah was this same "promise" renewed, embryonic still, seemingly an insignificant "kingdom" - as small as "a grain of mustard seed" - yet safe in the Ark (of the Covenant) although surrounded with the "flood of water" in the womb of this world. The WORD of Abraham is this same Covenant and Promise of - coming "child." Although he could not discern it, believing humanity "barren" of any spiritual attainment, yet before his "day" passed, signs of life of that kingdom were apparent, and Abraham greatly rejoiced. The WORD of "the law" thro Moses is likened to the firm, rigid bony structure of this developing "child" of the kingdom, destined "in due time" to "fill the whole earth." During this period alternating paroxysms of joy, sorrow, peace, hope and lamentation of the WORD came thro the Messengers and Prophets; thus David, Solomon, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, et al, confirmed the "life" of this "active child" soon to be "delivered." The WORD thro Jesus Christ proclaimed the "birth" of this "child" and we read for the first time in the sacred recrod of the "breath" of the Holy Spirit entering into the "little flook" who were to go forth into all nations and proclaim the Gospel (i.e., good news) of the "coming" of the Kingdom. Repreatedly He used the illustration of the "child", saying: "And the kingdom of heaven is like unto a little child."

Pre-historic1st day2nd day3rd day4th day5th day6th day7th day

BC # 133A

The WORD thro Mohammed*** is likened unto the schoolmaster who disciplined this "youth" of the kingdom.

The WORD thro Baha'o'llah is likened unto the full-grown man, the perfection of that hidden in the embryo of the "kingdom of heaven" planted on earth by Adam. It is the condition of maturity and the "day of judgment" and discernment.

Concerning this simple plan of the ages - yet sublime in its simplicity - we will quote from the Tablets of Abdul Baha, Vol. III, page 497:

"O thou servant of God! Unquestionably, thro the Manifestation of the Infinite Power in this glorious age, wonderful signs will appear in the world and great changes are seen in the present and promised in the future, for the WORD of God is like unto the Spirit, and the contingent world like unto the embryo in the womb of the mother. Through the power of the Spirit such various changes and metamorphoses become apparent, transforming them from one form to another."

And on page 535, Vol. III: "The Cause of Baha'o'llah is the same as the Cause of Christ. It is the same Temple and the same Foundation. Both of these are spiritual springtimes and seasons of the soul-refreshing awakening and the cause of the renovation of the life of mankind. The springtime of this year is the same as the springtime of last year. The origins and ends are the same. The sun of today is the sun of yesterday. In the coming of Christ the divine teachings were given in accordance with the infancy of the human race. The teachings of Baha'o'llah have the same basic principles, but are according to the stage of the maturity of the world and the requirements of this illumined age."

Next week we will continue this subject.

***It is well known that many of the sciences and arts enjoyed today were introduced into Europe, during the "middle ages," thro a Mohammedan seat of learning, Cordova, Spain. The Arabs and Moors were an industrious people, and the agriculture of Spain was in a most flourishing condition during their occupation of the country. They introduced plantations of sugar, rice and cotton. The Moors of Spain made the first paper manufactured in Europe; and their carpets and silks, their gold and silver embroidery, their manufactures in steel and leather were long unrivaled. We are indebted to the Saracens of Spain for the elements of many of the useful sciences, especially chemistry. They introduced the simple Arabic figures which we use in Arithmetic. They taught mathematics, astronomy, philosophy and medicine, and were so superior in knowledge to the Christian nations of Europe that many Christians of all nations went to be educated in the Arabian schools of Cordova.

*** *** ***

BC # 133B


Lesson on Adam and Eve and Garden of Eden, as recorded in Genesis.

To begin, let it be understood that the Prophets or Messengers of God are holy souls sent by Him to lead us to a knowledge of God and establish laws and ordinances for the people, which will tend to their development both spiritually and materially, in order that they might reach the intended aim; but their revelation or message has ever been given in accordance with the limitations or receptivity of the people of their time or age, for as long as the understanding of men has not reached the point of maturity the Divine Manifestations give explanations in illuminated verses expressing their works in a sealed, hidden and symbolical way.

The story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden is in reality an illustration of the development of man, or rather the evolution of the power of God in mankind, from its conception. By Adam is really intended the reality of the existence (or essence) of man, his five ranks or stations in his existence.

First station, that of the body, the solid or mineral condition which is referred to as Eden. The term "Eden" in the Arabic language means place of living or residing.

Second station, that of the growing condition of man, which is the development from the mineral to the vegetable, referred to as the Garden of Eden. The garden, as you know, is the place for plants to grow.

Third station, that of the power of sensation, which condition is arrived at after leaving or developing from the vegetable to the

animal, in which condition man begins to eat, drink, feel, etc., which sensations are referred to as the different kinds of fruits.

Fourth station, that of mentality; in this condition or stage of development man is enabled to use his reasoning faculties, which is referred to as the station or tree of good and evil; in other words, man has, at this time, reached a condition where it is possible for him to distinguish between good and evil (human).

Fifth station, that of the Kingdom of Faith in God, which condition depends upon one's attitude toward the Word of God.

When man reaches the human station he is, at this time, held accountable for his actions, because he is then capable of comprehending the Word of God and making his choice as between good and evil. When man has passed through all of the above mentioned conditions or stations, he will have attained to the Paradise of Eden.

The Tree of Life spoken of in this account refers to none other than the Manifestation of God in the human form, through whom God manifests His life-giving Spirit in the form of words, and whosoever partakes of the fruits of this Tree shall indeed attain everlasting life, in accordance with His Command.

The four rivers spoken of refer to the four great powers which are manifested only in the Manifestations of God, as follows:

River of Communes or Prayers, River of Interpretations, River of Doctrines and Precepts, River of answering difficult and scientific questions.

Man has a dual nature - spiritual and material - the inclination

toward good, referred to as the mind (Adam), and the inclination toward bad, referred to as the soul (Eve). These two powers are in equilibrium but usually like a balance, either up or down. The soul or material quality is ever in ambush to drag the mind or spiritual quality down and when one conquers, the other is obviously weakened; for example, mayor of city [sic.] about to do some good, knowing what is best, but is bribed into doing the contrary. The life of the mind depends upon the soul; if it does not come out (rib out of side), it will not be manifested. Take for illustration the gas and the light: the soul can be likened to the gas, the mind to the light. The light came from the gas, but the power of the light is much greater than the gas.

The soul is great, for it is the throne of the mind, and the soul, if pure, is of great assistance to the mind. As God knew the mind to be the manifestation of Himself, He said, "O Adam, do not obey the evil suggestions of your soul or you will be destroyed." When He said, as recorded, to Moses: "Put thy shoes off thy feet, for the ground whereon thou standest is holy ground," this meant, cast away all lust and soul's desire.

The mind has the power of Divine inspiration, but the soul, unless conquered, prevents it from soaring, keeps it back, and sometimes low. Let the soul be freed from the mind (spirit) and it will appear as one without clothes, as represented in the story; when the soul dragged the mind down or allowed the material to conquer, they discovered themselves as naked (devoid of the bounty of God).

The serpent spoken of is the Tempter or Satan, whose outward appearance is attractive and beautiful but inwardly is a poison to the mind. The fruit of Satan attracted Eve (soul) and she in turn deceived

Adam (mind), which caused their downfall. At this time Adam realizes his condition, his station lost by reason of his having yielded to temptation and begins to make excuses, which are referred to as the leaves of the tree with which he attempts to cover his body and seeks forgiveness. Then the light shines forth, he hears the voice of God: "Adam, where art thou?" and makes confession: "She (Eve) gave me to eat." Again he hears: "For this thou art cursed, and enmity shall exist between thee and the soul, etc."

In other words, this struggle between the good and bad, spiritual and material, is ever taking place and it behooves us to be on guard constantly. Some people will say: "Why cut yourself from the world when God created it? What is the world for if not for our benefit and pleasure? Why should we not get all we can out of it? If what the Prophets say is right, why stay here?" By cutting ourselves from the world is intended avoiding things that hinder our advance toward God; this world is but a stepping stone for the world of spirit; besides, if all were to withdraw, this world would be destroyed.

When in the embryonic world or condition, we do not realize the necessity of eyes and ears, but when we reach our present state, we then see the great need of them. Are not deaf or blind persons subject to our sympathy? And yet their conditions are but symbols of conditions in the next world.

The spirit of the world is that of avarice, selfishness and envy, while that of the Kingdom is mercy, unselfishness and love. We can be likened to children who do not realize the great benefits of acquiring a good education until it is too late.

When Moses appeared and taught sacrifice for sin, there were two kinds, one for evil deeds and the Daily Sacrifice (prayer). He admonished the people to subdue the promptings of Satan, but they did not understand. He, therefore, ordered them to pay tithes in order to conquer or hold them, but the Spirit of Religion disappeared - only the letter remaining. Material tithes are not accepted - only spiritual ones.

Though one is holy, he needs to pray daily, because all are continually engulfed in sin.


To a Paris Believer.

O seeker of the Kingdom!

Your letter has arrived and its contents became known. You asked: What is Truth? Truth is the WORD of GOD which gives life to humanity: it restores sight to the blind and hearing to the deaf; it makes eloquent those who are dumb, and living beings out of dead beings; it illumines the world of the heart and soul; it reduces into nothingness the iniquities of the neglectful and erring ones. Beauty, perfection, brilliancy and spirituality of this existence comes from or through the WORD of God. For all it is the supreme goal, the greatest desire, the cause of life, light, instruction. The road to attain to this Truth is the Love of GOD. When this light of the love of GOD is burning in the mirror of the heart, that flame shows the way, and guides to the Kingdom of the WORD of GOD.

As to that which causes the growth of the Love of GOD -- know that it is to turn one’s self towards God.

As to progress after death: know that after death it is the Divine world. Progress is possible, but it depends upon the generosity of GOD, and not upon the efforts and struggles of man. In other words, progress becomes possible only through grace, because the progress from one rank to another depends entirely upon divine generosity, whereas, on the contrary, progress toward perfection is obtainable through man’s effort. For example, the progress of a mineral reality to the rank of a vegetable is to be obtained only through generosity; likewise the passage of a vegetable reality to the rank of an animal reality to the rank of the human is also due to mercy and generosity; likewise the passage of a human reality to the world of the Kingdom depends entirely

upon generosity. What I mean to say is that the passage from one rank to another depends wholly upon grace, whereas the acquiring of perfections is dependent upon man’s efforts and struggles. Take mankind: GOD created man from the mineral enabled him to attain to his present station; now by his efforts and struggles he can acquire human perfections and seek to increase in virtue and purity. It is therefore clear that the passage from one rank to a higher rank depends entirely on generosity, whereas the acquiring of virtues is possible through effort and will power. In consequence, after the passage through this corporeal world into the Divine World, the traversing of ranks is possible, but only through the grace and bounty of GOD.

As to the significance of the Cause of Bahá’u’lláh: know that everything which belongs to the universal welfare is divine, and all that which is divine is certainly for universal good. If it is the Truth, it is for all, otherwise it is for no one. Therefore, a divine Cause for universal good cannot be limited to the Orient or to the Occident; because the flame of the Sun of Truth illumines the East and the West, and its heat is felt in the South as well as the North, -- there is no difference between the two poles. In the time of the manifestation of Christ, the Romans and Greeks thought that the Cause was especially for the Israelites; they thought that they had no need for it, because they saw that according to appearances they possessed a perfect civilization, and that they did not need the instructions of Christ. This false supposition was the cause of depriving many people from its grace.

Also know that the principles of Christianity and the commandments

of Bahá’u’lláh are identical, and that the roads are the same. But every day there is progress. There was a time when the divine institution was in an embryonic condition; then it became a newly born -- a child -- an intelligent adult. Today it has reached maturity; its capacities, its body is the same,- but today it is resplendent with the greatest beauty and brilliancy.

This explanation is clear and sufficient. Happy is he who penetrates the mysteries, and who takes his share from the world of light. The sun could shine a hundred thousand years and shower its heat upon a stone or hard piece of earth; they would not become luminous gems, a ruby or a pearl.

Thank GOD that you are a seeker of Truth, gifted with sight, hearing, judgment and penetration. I do not doubt but that you will arrive at understanding mysteries.

Upon you be the Beauty of El-ABHA!

(Signed) Abdul Baha Abbas

(BC #139A-C [except for the first sentence and "You asked:" in the beginning and the last paragraph, all are from Baha'i Scriptures, no. 953-955])
From Book of Enoch.


From Ahmad Sohrab's Diary, Ramleh, Egypt, October 4, 1913.

In the Name of the Wise, the Mighty!

This is the day in which the Throne is amongst the tribes (of Israel); is calling for the inhabitants of the earth and is summoning to the glorification and the sanctification of the Almighty.

This is the day in which the Angels of Heaven are continually descending with the Cups of Explanation and Goblets of Knowledge, and after being perfumed with the Holy and Sweet Fragrances, they are ascending.

Proclaim: The Promised Lord saith: O ye concourse of the Jews. You have belonged to Me; from Me ye have appeared and to Me ye shall return. What has happened to you that now you are not recognizing Me,- enemies instead of friends,-and have abandoned the real Friend?

This is the day in which the New Heaven hath appeared and the old earth is renewed. Should you look with sanctified vision, ye shall behold the New Jerusalem. Should ye listen with attentive ears, ye shall hear the Voice of GOD!

This is the day in which all things call unto you and invite you to advance toward the Promised Lord: But alas! Ye are so intoxicated with the wine of haughtiness that ye are not aware of it for a moment.

The ear is for the sake of hearing My Voice, and the eye is for the sake of beholding My Beauty. Hearken ye unto Me and detach yourselves from aught else save Me. The Tabernacle of the Lord through the Hand of Divine Providence is lifted up, and in the Cause of GOD hath become manifest.

The time of the old things is rolled by and the cycle of regeneration hath come. The Lord hath so willed that everything be renewed.

But the new vision is enabled to behold this transformation and the new intelligence is informed in this condition.

The origin and the end were couched in one Blessed Word, and that Blessed Word hath appeared and stepped upon the arena of existence.

It is the Spirit of the Divine Books and Scriptures. It has been from the beginning before which there was no beginning and it shall continue to the end after which there is no end. It is the Key to the Most Great Treasury of the Lord and the Concealed Mystery of GOD, which hath been hidden from eternity behind the Canopies of Celestial Infallibility.

It is the Alpha and Omega prophesied by John. It is the first and the last, the manifest and hidden.

O thou Abd-e-Hossein! GOD willing, thou shalt become confirmed in rejoicing the tribes (Israelites) with the prophecies which are revealed in former times in the Holy Books. This Glad Tidings is indeed like unto the Water of Life for the dead people of the world.

Blessed are those who drink thereform, and woe unto those who reject.

Declare: To-day the City of God hath appeared and become manifest, with the utmost adornment. Ponder ye over the words of John, who hath prophesied concerning the coming of the Holy and Glorious City of GOD, say: 'For the Lord GOD Almighty and the Lamb are the Temple of IT. And the City hath no need of the sun; no light of the moon to shine in it.'

(BC #141 [Cf. "Bahai: The Spirit of the Age" by Horace Holley, "The Bahai Message to Judaism", pp. 88-90, which has an additional paragraph and Tablet background, though it is missing two paragraphs, beginning with "O thou Abd-e-Hossein!"]

Instructions given by Abdul Baha to Mrs. Thornburg Cropper.

All prophets are messengers from God and all ways lead to Him and all have borne fruit.

The great gift is unselfishness, and the loving wish to help others will guide us.

There are seasons in the Revelation from God as in the natural year, and just as the Christ had realized the Spirit of God in the flesh and had helped the earth in His time, now the Message of Baha'u'llah was the medicine of which the world had much need.

All reverence and gratitude should be given to the prophets of the past. If truth be rejected, it is a mistake for which we must be sorry -- not a sin; and the Mercy of God transcends all human error. That to accept the laws and Message of Baha'u'llah was the quickest way, but that everything done in sincerity and with a loving heart was accepted, and that the Mercy of God covers all. But Baha'u'llah had a larger Message on a greater number of subjects than any other, just as this was an age more fitted by a great spiritual advance made in the great kingdom of Knowledge to understand and benefit by His just Commands.

That wherever we found good or heard of it, we were to rejoice and accept it; that all religions were of God.

I asked, "How shall we judge? By the unselfishness of the life?" "Yes, the loving heart can never be concealed from man or Heaven."

That He rejoiced greatly in the practical turn that spiritual problems were taking in the world; that He hoped to see them improved upon and carried out without any dissent, in absolute unity, and that He felt that when the waves of progress swept the shores of the East their effect would be immediate, because the Eastern mind was well grounded in philosophy and thought much on these subjects. That iron sight was very ordinary in Persia amongst the Sufis, and people who studied these questions. That you could not perfect yourself in it except by constantly turning your mind and heart in a spirit of loving demand that God would shower His Bounty, and that illumination was bound to follow. That each time we turned to God we received and showed forth radiance. That one does well in not relying too much upon the teachings of others, but to turn to the Holy Spirit for guidance.

That the Christian Science movement was doing great good in America and in other parts of the world. That different minds need different experiences. That without splendid health you were incapable of doing your best and most useful work, while suffering and adversity had its lessons which we must all learn sooner or later.

That we must always have a cheerful face because of the glad tidings in our hearts.

That life and death were the same, there was little change; and as human beings helped each other on the earthly plane, they could still continue to show affection and give support to each other after the apparent separation.

That the Heavenly Kingdom was in us now. That if the spirit of the departed entered the most heavenly Paradise without eyes to see its beauties and ears to hear the celestial music, they would hardly recognize they were there. That on earth you could either ascend or fall; that in Heaven there was no descent possible, only unbroken progress.

That one should constantly turn to the Heavenly Father for guidance on all points.

(BC #142 ["Mrs. Rutherford" signed at top of typed copy])
To the servant of God Mrs. ISABELLA D. BRITTINGHAM.
(Upon her be Baha'-Ullah')

Oh thou who art attracted by the Fragrances of God.

I have received thy letter dated Oct., 1st, 1903, and am informed of its contents.

Know then, that sex--male and female--relates to the exigencies of the physical world, and has no relation (connection) with the Spirit. The Spirit and its world are purified from these conditions, and sanctified from all similarities to the bodies in the contingent world, but during ancient Cycles men were distinguished from woman because the physical powers were holding dominion over the spirits. But in this Glorious Cycle, as the power of the Spirit surpasses that of fore--distinction between males and females is abolished, and the effectiveness of the Spirit being manifest, man and woman are equal, for to-day there is no distinction or difference between males and females, who, under all conditions and circumstances, are in one station. Distinction and difference belong only to the one who is kindled by the Fire of the LOVE of GOD, informed by His Mysteries; who in arising for the service of His Cause, announcing the Message o fthe Manifestation of His Kingdom; from whom spiritual virtues are manifest, merciful and divine perfections are evident, and who is hearlding and proclaiming peace, concord, affection, love, harmony and union among the nations, such a one is the noblest of souls, and the most perfect being in existence, whether (that soul be) male or female.

Regarding thy question as to the beginning of Creation: Know thou that the Truth (GOD) has eternally ever been, and so also have His creatures, for there is no beginning either for the Truth (GOD) or for the creatures. According to the bodies in this contingent world, the "beginning" mentioned in the Holy Scriptures means the beginning of the Manifestation, and "Creation" signifies the Second Spiritual Birth: as Christ says, "You must be born again." There is no doubt that the beginning of this Spiritual Creation was the Manifestation Himself, for such Manifestation of the Divine Manifestations is the Adam (of His time) and His first believer is Eve, while all the souls who are born of the Second Birth are His children and decendents. In the New Testament it is recorded:-

"That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is Spirit." Again in John first and thirteenth:- "Which were born not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of GOD."

Concerning the Universe, Creation and Existence, these are the exigencies of His Names and Attributes, for without His creatures the Creator could not be identified. There can be no provider (GOD) without there be some one to receive His provisions. There can be no Possessor without having something to possess; neither can there be a Sovereign without subjects. The monarchy of GOD is eternal, perpetual, and without end, and the dominion of such a real Monarch, His subjects, Glory and Beauty, is also eternal and everlasting. The meaning, then, of the "beginning of Creation" mentioned in the Holy Scriptures, is a Spiritual Creation, and the second Birth.

Upon thee be greeting and praise.


(Revealed Oct., 24th, 1903. Translated in the Holy City. Translation certified to by Mirza Fareed Ameen, Dec. 26th, 1903.)

(BC #143 [The paragraph beginning "Regarding thy question as to the beginning of Creation" is essentially the same as that at BC #286C])

O Thou Seeker for Truth!

Whatever thou hast heretofore heard was fancy, not truth; was tradition (or narration), not vision; for it was but an explanation concerning the rising of the Sun, and the explanation was during the night. In this Day, however, the Light of Truth has dawned and the world has become illumined; therefore, whatever thou (now) hearest concerning the Sun is on the authority of vision (or actual sight), not of tradition (or narrative). Consequently, open thine eye so that thou mayest witness the lights, and open the ear of thy soul so that thou mayst hear the Divine Voice. Be delivered from thyself, from imaginations and superstitions, so that thou mayst find Eternal Life. Recollect how many fancies (or imaginations) thou hast had during thy life. Now it has become evident that they were all superstitions not the truth. Walk now in the Path of Truth, so that the shining lights may encompass thee and thy soul find a new life. Be quit of the superstitions of the Pharisees, so that they may not prevent thee from believing in the Christ; for the Pharisees were heedless of the real meaning of the Pentateuch, they assailed His Highness, Christ. One said, "Christ must come from Heaven, and this person has come from the womb of Mary." Another said, "He must come from an unknown place, and we know that this one is from Nazareth." Another said, "Where is the Kingdom of the Messiah?" Another said, "Where is the iron rod?" Another said, "Where is the throne of David? How did the Messiah sit upon it?" Another said, "Where is the justice that was to come in the days of the Messiah, and the association of wild beasts, the wolf and the lamb, the leopard with the young goat, the asp and the suckling babe?"

To be brief, as they did not understand the meaning of the Holy Scriptures, they did not approve of His Holiness, the Spirit of God (i.e., Christ). They opposed Him, avoided Him; nay, they even made Him an ornament of the cross. They took the liberty of treating Him with the utmost injustice.

Now, too, (in this Day) the heedless ones are like unto the Pharisees; they are not informed (or, are ignorant) of the truth of the Holy Scriptures. Consequently they oppose the Blessed Beauty (i.e., Baha'u'llah)

and are of the scoffers. Before long this great Cause will change the dust-bin of strife, conflict and warfare into the rosegarden of love, affinity, peace and conciliation.

Upon thee be greeting and praise.

(Signed) Abdul Baha Abbas.

Translated by A. K. Khan,
July 9, 1905.
Cambridge, Mass.

O ye illumined friends and maid-servants of the Merciful:

When the darkness of ignorance, heedlessness concerning the Realm of Eternity, and bereavement (or deprivation) from the True One had encircled the universe, then the resplendent Luminary dawned, and the brilliant Light illumined the horizon of the East. Hence the Sun of Reality shone forth, scattering the sparkling lights of the Kingdom to the East and the West. Those who had the seeing eyes found the most great glad tidings, began to cry the call:--“Oh blessed are we! Oh blessed are we!” and have beheld the reality of things in themselves, and have discovered the mysteries of the Kingdom; they were released from superstition and doubts, perceived the Light of Truth and became so intoxicated with the cup of the Love of God that, wholly forgetting themselves and the world, while dancing, they ran with utmost joy and ecstasy to the City of Martyrdom, sacrificing their minds and lives upon the altar of love. But those who were blind became astonished, and on account of these joyous exclamations they were bewildered and began to cry:-- “Where is the light?” They said, “We do not behold any light. We do not see any rising sun. It is void of truth. This is pure imagination.”

However, they have hastened batlike, in the darkness below the ground, and according to their own thoughts they have found a little comfort and tranquillity. Nevertheless, it is yet the early dawn, and the strength of the heat and the rays of the Sun of Truth have not yet made their torrid and complete impress. When it reaches the middle of Heaven the heat will interpenetrate with such intensity that it will move and spur to the greatest velocity even the insects below the earth; although they are not able to behold the Light, yet the penetration of the heat will move and agitate all of them.

Consequently, O ye friends of God, be ye thankful that in the Day of effulgence ye have turned your faces to the Orb of the regions and have beheld the lights, that ye have received a portion from the rays of truth and are endowed with a share from the everlasting outpouring. Therefore, ye must not rest one moment, but thank Him for this bestowal. Be ye not seated and silent. Diffuse the glad tidings of the Kingdom far and wide to the ears, promulgate the Word of God, and put into practice the advices and covenants of God. That is, arise ye with such qualities and attributes that ye may continually bestow life to the body of the world, and nurse the infant of the universe up to the station of maturity and perfection. Enkindle with all your might in every meeting the Light of the Love of God; gladden and cheer every heart with the utmost loving-kindness, show forth your love to the strangers just as you show it forth to your relatives, and be ye like unto faithful friends to the outsiders. If a soul is seeking to quarrel, ask ye for reconciliation; if he blame, ye praise; if he gives ye deadly poison, bestow ye an all-healing antidote; if he createth death, administer ye eternal life; if he becomes a thorn, change ye into roses and hyacinths. Perchance through such deeds and words this darkened world will become illuminated; this terrestrial universe will become transformed into a heavenly realm, and this satanic prison become a divine court; warfare and bloodshed will be annihilated, and love and faithfulness will hoist the tent of unity upon the apex of the world.

These are the results of the divine advices and exhortations, and the epitome of the teachings of the Bahá’í Cycle.

Upon ye be greetings and praise!

(Signed) Abdul-Baha Abbas.

Translated by Mirza Ahmad Esphahani, July 3, 1906; Washington, D.C.)

(BC #145B [See Baha'i World Faith, pp. 352-353 for essentially identical text, besides it lacking the closing and the words "and be ye like unto faithful friends to the outsiders"])


"Now as to the coming of the Great Master: His appearance is dependent upon the realization of certain conditions. Investigate the Reality, and in whomsoever those conditions are fulfilled, know ye of a certainty that He is the Great Master.

  1. That Great Master will be the Educator of the world of humanity.
  2. His teachings must be universal and confer illumination upon mankind.
  3. His knowledge must be innate and spontaneous, and not acquired.
  4. He must answer the questions of all the sages, solve all the difficult problems of humanity and be able to withstand all the persecutions and sufferings heaped upon Him.
  5. He must be a joy-bringer and the Herald of the Kingdom of Happiness.
  6. His knowledge must be infinite and his wisdom all-comprehensive.
  7. The penetration of His Word and the potency of His influence must be so great as to humble even His worst enemies.
  8. Sorrows and tribulations must not vex Him; His courage and conviction must be Godlike. Day by day He must become firmer and more zealous.
  9. He must be the Establisher of Universal Civilization, the Unifier of religions, the Standard-bearer of Universal Peace, and the Embodiment of all the highest and noblest virtues of the world of humanity.

Whenever you find these conditions realized in a human temple, turn to Him for guidance and illumination."

(BC #146 [The numeric points and conclusion are present in Star of the West, vol. 7, issue 7, p. 56])
Address by Abdul Baha on the Four Proofs of the Manifestations of God. Friday evening Feb. 14th, 1913, - 15 Rue de Greuze, Paris.

Whenever the Holy Manifestations of God appear in this world they establish their validity with certain proofs. One of their proofs is the prophecies given by former Manifestations. The second is the wonderful traces which emanate from their personality. The third proof is their own deeds. The fourth proof is their teachings.

The first proof which deals with the prophecies of the former Manifestations are only acceptable to believers. For example, it is recorded in Daniel that 70 weeks after the destruction of the Temple; according to prophetic reckoning when we turn these 70 weeks into days, we have 490 days. In accord with the scriptural idea every day is a year, therefore this makes 490 years, which date comes very near the date of the ascension of Christ. From this prophecy we understand that during the interval of 490 years Nebuchadnezzar came, destroyed the Temple, carried away many prisoners and toward the end His Holiness the Christ appeared, and after the period of His ministry He passed away. The evangelist will put forth a proof like unto this from the old Testament to establish the validity of Christ, and we who believe in Christ accept such a proof. Those who are not believers in Him will not accept or be convinced by this kind of proof. In short the prophecies which are recorded in the books of the former Manifestations are satisfactory proofs for the believers, especially the conditions which are explained in the former books concerning the subsequent Manifestations. For instance it is recorded in the Old Testament that the Messiah should come down from heaven, should reign as a king etc. Consequently those who are believers

finding the fulfillment of these prophecies acknowledge the Prophethood of Christ.

The second proof is the miracles of the Prophets. For instance the miracles which were performed by Moses. It is recorded in oriental history that His Holiness Abraham was thrown on a burning pile, but He was protected and was unhurt, and that Moses divided the sea into two, changed the rod into a serpent, and caused the descent of manna from heaven; under the smiting of His rod water gushed forth from the rock. This kind of proof is always for the believer. A Buddhist will not be convinced by these proofs, they are convincing as far as the orthodox Jews are concerned because they believe in Moses. On the other hand the miracles which are attributed to Jesus Christ are only proofs for the Christians. The Jews refute them as a whole. No one lives today who has seen these miracles performed by Christ, so that they may bear testimony to them. Likewise they attribute many miracles to Mohamed - these miracles are only accepted by the Mohammedans and not by the Jews and the Christians. This is to show you that these two proofs are not final.

The third proof consists of the deeds of the Holy Manifestations. When we consider the deeds of the Founders of Religions we are confronted with certain irrefutable facts. For instance, His Holiness Moses founded a Cause singly and alone. No one else could have performed such a great feat. He appeared when the Jews were in the lowest depths of degradation and ignorance,- He caused them to ascend to the highest station of honor and knowledge. The Israelites were downtrodden in Egypt, they were captives and laborers. Their morality was in a degree of baseness to such an extent that they were considered worse than animals. His Holiness Moses through the Power

of God was enabled to raise this ignorant and dark nation to the summit of light and knowledge. This is an evident proof of His prophethood because a single man cannot accomplish such a wonderful universal work, to exalt a lowly humiliated nation to the highest horizon of prosperity and success amongst all people. It is incontestable that this work is accomplished through the Divine Power, no just person can deny this. For instance, His Holiness Christ was quite alone, He was a Jew from among the Jews. At a time when the Israelites were under the yoke of the Romans Christ appeared. Those souls who believed in Him attained to the summit of everlasting glory. Through his Teachings the Chaledeans, the Syrian, the Assyrians, the Greeks, the Romans and the Egyptians became united. He renewed the world of humanity, it was transformed from one state into a higher state. He was able to accomplish this alone through the Divine Power. His Holiness Mohammed appeared among the tribes of peninsular Arabia. The Arabs were in the lowest degree of savagery and barbarism. Mohammed alone and without assistance educated these wild tribes and suffered them to attain to the acme of progress and advancement. One cannot accomplish such a mighty work through physical power. His Holiness Baha'u'llah appeared with an extraordinary supernatural power. At a time when the East was immersed in a sea of darkness and superstition, the people were in a state of hatred and ignorance, Baha'u'llah like unto the sun shone forth from the Eastern horizon. He flooded those regions with His Glorious Light. The oriental nations rose against Him and strove to extinguish His Light. Without any outward power or influecne He withstood their attacks. He willingly accepted every trial, vicissitude and tribution till His Banner was upraised and the banner of all the rest brought low. Under the chains He unfurled the flag of oneness

of the world of humanity. In the prison He spread the principles of universal peace and brotherhood. From behind the barrack He wrote His famous epistles to the kings and rulers of the earth. Some of these sovereigns were arraigned severely, the fall of others was predicted, which came to pass a few years after. One of them was Napoleon, he did not answer the first epistle, so Baha'u'llah wrote again. These letters were printed and published in the book called "Surat Ul Hykl", 22 years ago in Bombay, India. In this letter He says: "I have written to thee an epistle, but thou didst not heed it, therefore thy dominion shall be uptorn, this earthly glory has made thee proud, but I see humiliation is hastening after thee, the foundation of thy sovereignty shall be shaken, and thou shalt be subject to great humiliation". Baha'u'llah wrote this from His prison. Likewise He wrote another epistle to the Sultan of Turkey Abdul Aziz saying: "Thou art become haughty through thy power, thou art relying too much on thy sovereignty, thou hast heaped upon us tribulation and persecution. Know thou of a certainty that the basis of thy dominion shall be destroyed. In Constantinople there will be great confusion and thy glory shall be taken from thy hand, and it shall fall into the hands of others". These events of today are clear proofs of the validity of these prophecies. This Tablet was printed in the above mentioned book before the downfall of Abdul Aziz. Likewisse He wrote an epistle to Naser-id Shah of Persia, saying: "Thy kingship has prevented thee from belief in this Movement. Thou art thinking that thy sovereignty is eternal. This sovereignty of thine shall be disturbed and in Teheran there will be a great constitutional movement. The pillars of the sovereignty of Persia shall be shaken as by an earthquake, and great commotion and agitation appear". For the last few years all these prophecies foretold by

Baha'u'llah more than 40 years ago have come to pass. They are irrefutable.

While Baha'u'llah lived in prison He carried Himself with the utmost majesty and independence. Before Him every one was humble. Everyone who presented himself in the presence of Baha'u'llah would come out impressed with His spiritual power and authority. Even His enemies bore testimony to this fact. They wrote after meeting Baha'u'llah "This is a miraculous personage, but we do not believe in Him, we are not following Him because he is against our ideas of religion. In brief the deeds and actions of the Divine Manifestations are their greatest proofs. The proof of the sun is its rays and heat. There is need of no further proof; the proof of this lamp before us is its brilliancy. Notwithstanding this there are many other proofs concerning Baha'u'llah, many miraculous deeds appeared from Him, but as they cannot be proofs for those who have not seen, therefore we do not mention them. For if the people of the present day had lived in the days of Baha'u'llah they would have been proofs for them, but if we mention them nowadays, some people might deny them, and others who have exceeding love may accept.

The fourth proof of the Holy Divine Manifestations is the Teachings. For instance, the Teachings of His Holiness Christ are sufficient proof, there is no greater proof than these teachings, because they were the light of that century, and the spirit of that age. Everything that He said in those days was in accord with the need of the time. His teachings were peerless and unique and matchless.

Consider His Holiness Baha'u'llah and His teachings. They are the spirit of this cycle, the light of this century, and they illumine the dark corners of humanity. Whosoever has heard them has confessed that these teachings are in accord with the spirit of this

period. Those who deny the station of Baha'u'llah and likewise those who believe in His claim bear testimony to this fact.

While in America and London I explained fully in my various addresses these teachings. Everyone praised them, and all acknowledged that the world of humanity is like unto a body and these Teachings are like the spirit animating that body. No one offered any contradiction, everyone believed that these principles are the remedy of every ailment, the balm for every wound, and the means of the prosperity for the world of humanity. Without the inculcation of these principles mutual understanding and conciliation between the nations will not be realized. For instance the greatest evil of this century is war. In the Baha'i teaching war is prohibited. The greatest need of this century is universal peace. Baha'u'llah has instituted it. The most urgent need of humankind is the declaration of the oneness of the world of humanity, this is the first principle of the Baha'i Teachings.

That which will illumine the human world is love, the abandonment of dogma and the forgetfuness of religious and national hatred. These teachings are inculcated in the religion of Baha'u'llah. Therefore you observe that these Teachings are the greatest proofs of His claim. Such power appeared from Him, sufficient to convince the whole world - The proof of the sun is its light and heat.

(BC #147F)

Walking today in the gardens by the Hudson River in the early morning, I had the privilege of being with Abdu'l-Baha, and I told Him how some people have tried to spread the untruth that the Baha'is teach free love.

He answered: "The marriage bond is very important." He repeated it again: "Very, very important. Marriage must be strict and pure. You must all be very careful about this." He continued: "Women and men must not embrace each other when not married, or about to be married. They must not kiss each other. If women kiss women, that is not bad. If men kiss men, that is not bad. But men and women must not embrace. Such conduct is not taught in the Baha'i Revelation and must not be done. It is not permitted. If they wish to greet each other, or comfort each other, they may take each other by the hand. Describe how you have seen the women of the East, as in Haifa. The Blessed Beauty directed that there should be great modesty in the women, that they should not bare the neck and bosom, and that the women in the East should wear a veil. The conditions are different in the West, but the women of the West must see the spiritual significance of this teaching. Do not distress them by saying that they should not have done this or that. They will see for themselves. Talk about this only, so to speak, one by one, with the friends, when you have the opportunity."

From notes of a talk with Abdu'l-Baha, New York City, June 7, 1912, recorded by A.M.B.; forwarded through Dr. Lathrop of Seattle by Roy Wilhelm.

[See also http://bahai-library.com/guardian_easy_familiarity]

On Psychic Forces by Abdul-Baha

To tamper with psychic forces while in this world interferes with the condition of the body in the world to come. These forces are real, but not to be active on this plane. The child in the womb has its eyes, ears, hands, feet, etc., but these powers are not in activity. The whole purpose of the womb life is the coming forth into this world, so the whole purpose of this

(BC #148A)

matrix world life is the coming forth into the world of reality, where all these forces will become active. They belong to that world.

(BC #148B [The latter is also published in Baha'u'llah and the New Era, p. 193])

Portion of a letter written by Mirza Assad Ullah in September, 1905.

A remarkable event that took place in the time of the trouble was the performance of the marriage ceremony uniting Mirza Anayet Ullah and Khanum Zeah. Mirza Anayet Ullah is a borther of Mirza Ameen, and Khanum Zeah is a descendant of the "King of the Martyrs" on the mother's side and of the "Beloved of the Martyrs" on the father's side. This marriage was contemplated, and the Master performed the ceremony on the night when nothing but trouble was expected. He said: "When in trouble we shall have our marriage, for in trouble do we have peace."

The following is a copy of a Tablet revealed for Mirza Anayet Ullah and Khanum Zeah at that time:


"All the peoples hold their banquets at the time of peace, comfort and joy. They are merry and marry when in happiness and peace. But the people of God open the doors of joy in disturbance and in the time of trouble. At the time of calamities do they perform marriage ceremonies, and in the time of trouble are they in the Paradise of Abha. Joy and peace at the time of unexpected ordeal is a special sign of the saints, and inward happiness in oppression is the necessity for the people.

"Therefore in these days the evil wishers have disturbed the peace of the people, attributed untrue desires to them, manfested their enmity, and sent reports to the Center of the Government (May God confirm it!), which caused great disturbance of the mind and tumults of the heart. Thus at such a time of trouble did we prepare our banquest and perform the marriage ceremony of the descendant of the two martyrs, so that it may be known that we seek only the Truth and severance from this mortal world, trusting in God and following the Independent Pathway!

"O My God, My Hope and My Desire! Thou seest these, Thy servants and maid-servants in a great calamity and ordeal which was caused by the enmity of the opposers. They said of us that we oppose the Government, and seek corruption among the people! Thou knowest, O God, that our purpose is Thy Will alone, and that our desire is but obedience, for, verily, Thou hast commanded us in Thy blessed Book to obey every just sovereign and to follow his strict commands; and yet do they attribute to us such false statements and cause disturbance in Thy land.

"O God! We are content with what Thou hast destined for us, and seek Thy good pleasure only! Our hearts are not disturbed in great ordeals, for, verily, they are in Thy Path!

"We have performed, O God, the marriage ceremony of the daughter of a martyr to Thy servant Anayet, while in this great ordeal.

"O God! O God! Bless this union through Thy Grace and Bounty, and make it a living unity, and of one spirit--a unity without separation, and bless them with good descendants, and confirm them in Thy Cause!


(BC #149)
To Mrs. Rosa V. Winterburn.       Upon her be Baha'u'llah!

O thou beloved maid-servant of God!

Thy letter dated April 22, 1907, was received and its contents became known.

In this most Merciful Age the ignorant prejudices are entirely removed, therefore the marriage of ____ to Mr. ____ is permissible, but Miss ____ must exert herself day and night so that, like the favored maid-servant of God, Mrs. Maxwell, she may guide her husband. She must not rest until she makes him her spiritual as well as physical partner in life. But the Bahai engagement is the perfect communication and the entire consent of both parties. However, they must show forth the utmost attention and become informed of one another's character, and the firm covenant made between each other must become an eternal binding, and their intentions must be everlasting affinity, friendship, unity and life. The bridegroom must, before the bridesman and a few others, say; Verily, we are content with the Will of God. And the bride must rejoin; Verily, we are satisfied with the Desire of God. This is Bahai matrimony.

Regarding the marriage of Mr. ____ and Miss ____, that also, God willing, is blessed.

The marriage of the Bahais means that both man and woman must become spiritually and physically united, so that they may have eternal unity throughout all the divine world and improve the spiritual life of each other. This is Bahai matrimony.

Upon thee be Baha-El-Abha!

(Signed) Abdul Baha Abbas.

Translated by M Ahmad Esphahani,
August 1, 1907, Washington, D.C.

(BC #150 [See Selections from the Writings of 'Abdu'l-Baha, sec. 86 for a partial updated translation, and Tablets of Abdu'l Baha Abbas, pp. 325-326, for an older but more complete translation])
Explanation of the Greatest Name. By Abdul Baha. Taken from the various Tablets and Talks.

"The interpretation of the ring is not the meaning of the letter or its form; the real meaning is a symbol from the Real Light.

"The word Baha or the form of this ring gives both ways alike the reality or significance of Baha, which means light. The Light of Truth. With this symbol this form of the ring,- one can remember the meaning of that Light which means Baha. When he looks upon the ring he remembers Baha. This is the cause of remembrance,- the form of this engraving on the stone. It can be read from four points the name,- Baha. One is the station or identity: second qualities or attributes; third, the name; and fourth, deeds,- because every thing contains identity, attribute, name and deeds, which is its fragrance. For instance, the sun has identity, qualities, name and function.

Question - What is the reason that every one should mention every morning, ninety five times, the Greatest Name; i.e., Allah'u'Abha! "It is only for mentioning the name of God, for to comemorate His Holy Name causes us to advance toward Him and to be more vigilant."

Question,- We find in the Scriptures that all kinds of pronouns are applied and referred to GOD; namely masculine, feminine and neuter. How is it?
Answer., "Because God is sanctified, purified and is holy above all attributes and qualities, therefore all kinds of pronouns are referred to Him. By these applications are meant the sign and hint of addressing Him."

In reference to the New Name (spoken of in the Book of Revelation) Abdul Baha said that New Name has a spiritual and inward meaning, not an outward one; that it does not mean something that can be pronounced by the tongue, but it means that when a soul comes into the Great Kingdom of God, the "Attributes or "Names" of God light upon him, and by this he receives new consciousness and new understanding and he recomes a new man. Just as when in spring time the sun and rain revive the earth, all the trees and herbs spring up and bear new flowers. Man is, so to speak, in shadow; bit when the sun shines upon him all the shadows disappear."

"The star is the symbol of mans body (Hykl). The Bab designed the star and wrote 360 forms of the Name Baha'u'llah in the center. These represented the Lights of the Perfection of God which could be contained in the body of a perfect man. Manifestation ."
Abdul Baha designed the engraving on the stone. The center symbol means the Greatest Name. One star represents the name Bab and the other star was used to balance the design."

Regarding the use of the Beads; The object lies not in the Beads, but in their number - ninety-five - for in reckoning the names of the numbers according to the customs of the Orient, One (Wahid) amounts to nineteen and the meaning of "Wahid" is the oneness and singleness of the Infinite Essence. The number of the name "Bab" is five; therefore, multiply nineteen by five and ninety-five is produced. The bab was one of the nineteen, the remaining eighteen being His disciples. Twelve being the number of the disciples of Christ, is held in reverence by the Christians, while the number thirteen is rejected as unlucky."