Posting items that may be unrelated to the Baha'i Faith

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Posting items that may be unrelated to the Baha'i Faith

Postby Jonah-admin » Thu Aug 17, 2006 5:13 pm

By request, I added this forum for Dean (onepence), and anyone else, who wishes to post news items that might be unrelated to the Baha'i Faith.

For non-News topics also unrelated to the Baha'i Faith, by request I added another discussion forum at .


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Postby onepence » Thu Aug 17, 2006 11:06 pm

Thanks Jonah

It has been a pleasure to be a pioneer in the news forum.

It may be interesting for te readers to note that one of the very few professions that is named by Baha'u'llah in The Kitab-i-Aqdas is that of the town crier. ... B%5D=en-KA

As always it is hoped that many others will contribute
whether by commenting on articles
or by submitting artcles for viewing
to this section of the forum of the Baha'i Library Online.

a person of oneness
Dean Hedges

Awaiting eagerly your joyful news,
Your true brother


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