Call for papers: first online-only Baha'i Studies conference

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Call for papers: first online-only Baha'i Studies conference

Postby Jonah-admin » Sat Aug 11, 2012 12:30 pm

From: Ismael Velasco,
Subj: Call for papers: The Cloud Conferences: Baha'i Studies series 2012-2013
Date: Aug 11, 2012

Call for papers: The Cloud Conferences: Baha'i Studies series 2012-2013

The Cloud Conferences will be the first Baha'i studies online conferences ever held. At a time of global access to knowledge, Baha'i scholarship is being pursued in a wide variety of fields across the world. The Cloud Conferences Baha'i Studies series seeks to overcome access barriers and broaden the audience for Baha'i scholarship.

The current call for papers invites scholars in every discipline to submit proposals for scholarly papers or presentations directly relevant to any aspect of the Baha'i Faith, to be presented at one of the forthcoming conferences, which are anticipated to take place quarterly, beginning in the autumn.

The presentations will be by video link in a very easy to use platform requiring only a web cam and access to the Internet. You will be able to speak directly as well as use powerpoints and even distribute handouts. Speakers will be able to interact with one another and take questions live from the audience, with a chairperson moderating. All this will be administered by the organisers, speakers only having to speak to camera and if appropriate progress through their slides. Technical help will be on hand in the unlikely case it is needed.

Outstanding papers and presentations will be published, subject to editorial approval and peer review, in the Baha'i Studies Review.

What can be presented?

Themes for the conference can include any of the following and any others that may be pertinent:

Foundational research:

Baha'i history: including all periods and all degrees of Baha'i connection, biography, community histories, contextual studies, Baha'i scripture and authoritative guidance: including manuscript history, provisional translations, vocabulary analysis and conceptual analysis.

Baha'i theology:
including doctrines, ethics, principles of Baha'i administration, metaphysics, etc.

Correlational research:
Connecting Baha'i ideas, practices, institutions and models to issues, concepts, practices, approaches, models and institutions in any field of human endeavour such as:
    Natural sciences
    Social sciences
    Community building
    Sustainable development
    Indigenous rights, traditions and perspectives

Comparative research:
Studies that compare Baha'i ideas, institutions or practices to those of other communities, traditions, institutions, philosophies, etc.

Descriptive research:
Studies that capture the way the Baha'i community operates in practice, including approaches such as:
    Sociology - quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods
    Action research
    Appreciative inquiry

Whom to contact?

Those interested should contact Ismael Velasco ( with a proposal, ideally with an abstract, although at this point an expression of interest will be adequate. It would be greatly appreciated if you would collaborate in the dissemination of this call for papers across your relevant networks and contacts. And see .

With high hopes of your support and scholarly contribution to this potentially historic new development in Baha'i scholarship, - Ismael Velasco

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