Anyone heard of/seen a Seven Valley Game?

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Anyone heard of/seen a Seven Valley Game?

Postby Pilosofia » Sun Apr 01, 2007 11:40 am

I heard about the 7 Valley's game board, is this simular to educational
games ? anyone familiar with this?

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video game

Postby majnun » Wed Aug 01, 2007 1:07 am

Hi, long time no see.

I saw a video game on the internet called the 7 valleys,
but it has nothing to do with the writing of the same name.


kristen wilson
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Seven Valleys UT mod

Postby kristen wilson » Wed Aug 01, 2007 11:21 pm

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Postby Zazaban » Sat Aug 04, 2007 4:59 pm

That is.... neat. We need Baha'i Mario and Baha'i Zelda now. :D
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