the new European superpower

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the new European superpower

Postby onepence » Thu Jun 08, 2006 9:18 pm

the new European superpower

Ukraine and Poland unite to create the new European superpower


Pope Benedict XVI has just concluded a visit to Poland, where he exhorted Poles to spread their Christian faith throughout the world. Poland these days is one of those epicenters of world history, along with Palestine and China, where future history is being shaped. In contrast with Poland, we observe nations such as America, Germany, and France, the rotting carcasses of history.

Recent history verifies the vision of German philosopher Johann Gottfried Herder (1744-1803), who viewed nations as collectives of individuals united by language, history, and culture. Herder predicted that Europe’s future would be determined by Slavs. Europe is dying, having rejected the Christian faith upon which its history was built. The future of Europe belongs to a new superpower, the union of Poland and Ukraine.

In early May of this year the presidents of Ukraine and Poland met in a Polish village to commemorate the slaughter of Poles and Ukrainians during and after the Second World War, when waves of ethnic cleansing resulted in mass murders of ethnic Poles and Ukrainians. The history of Polish-Ukrainian relations in the twentieth century is complicated, and each side might seem justified in maintaining its national antagonism. Yet the recent efforts to reconcile Ukrainians and Poles are encouraging, in that each side has pledged to forget past conflicts and to work towards reconciliation.

Poles have been distinguished by their often naive idealism. An example is seen with Polish King Jan Sobieski, who dashed to Vienna with his army in 1683 to defeat the Turks, thus saving Europe from a Turkish onslaught. A century later Austria participated in the partition of Poland, which resulted in the demise of Poland as a political state. In view of subsequent Polish history, Poles could hardly praise Sobieski’s idealism and sacrifices for Vienna. Yet idealism, however impractical, is the virtue of the Poles, evident in their staunch Catholicism. Drowning today in a sea of consumerism, materialism and relativism, Europe knows no idealism.

The idea of nationalism is not much compatible with a “union of nations,” though that is, in fact, what Poland achieved in uniting with Lithuania in the sixteenth century. And now Poland and Ukraine are poised to unite as “brother nations,” as the presidents of each nation have addressed each other recently on several occasions.

The virtue of the Ukrainians is their fervent Eastern Christianity, combined with a deep attachment to their native folk culture. It is Europe’s Center and East, Poland and Ukraine, areas spared the glut of materialistic modernity, which will ultimately save Europe, though this event represents one of the bizarre twists of history. As Western Europe dies, a new “primitive,” folkish strength emerges from Central and Eastern Europe.

The possible union of Ukraine and Poland will mean the unification and reconciliation of two Slav nations of similar language, history, culture, and religious sensibility. Such a union would also mark the reconciliation of Western and Eastern Christianity. Ukraine will become the center of a Ukrainian patriarchate which unifies the Orthodox and Greek Catholics and is in communion with both the Pope of Rome and the Orthodox Patriarch of Constantinople. The declaration of that union will be a time of rejoicing and the anticipation of the endtimes.

I am always struck in Poland or in Ukraine by the absence of qualities found in the other country. The Union of Ukraine and Poland will represent a type of utopia on earth for those inclined to the Christian gospel. The Union of Poland and Ukraine will initiate a new stage of world history.

The centers of power are shifting in the world. China emerges as a new, potentially dangerous power as America, Germany, and France are reduced to Third World Status. Russia and Iran are dominated by reactionary regimes, which are, however, rightly opposed to the evil of the Israeli-American alliance. The center of world conflicts remains Palestine, where a racist, ethnocentric state persecutes the autochthonous population. In Europe, the center of political focus shifts eastward, as a powerful Christian nation will emerge in a new union of Poland and Ukraine.

Stojgniev O’Donnell
Vosnesinnja Hospodne 2006

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Sean H.
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anti-semetic? Bourgeoisophobes?

Postby Sean H. » Sun Aug 27, 2006 10:11 am

The Soviets/Russians have of course had a long, dismal history of anti-semetic (and other ethnic) prejudices, which resulted in the deaths of huge numbers of people during "purges", probably approaching 10 to 20 million.

Please note that Nazism and Fascism rest of a foundation of apocalyptic Christian fanaticism and Romanticism, where the latter was (initially) the rejection, by the old, traditional elites of europe, of "modernist" (bourgeois, middle class, capitalist) values.

It looks like economic development in central europe (known to americans as "eastern" europe), the former Soviet "satellite states", has, ironically, given birth to yet another dismal revival of nationalism and anti-semitism (or at least the polemicists at Pravda are encouraging such).

David Brooks, a conservative (ex-liberal) american writer explores some of the culture history involved in the anti-semestic/anti-american agreement between europeans and "arabs" in the following article: ... 2gwtnf.asp


Among the Bourgeoisophobes
Why the Europeans and Arabs, each in their own way, hate America and Israel.
by David Brooks
04/15/2002, Volume 007, Issue 30

AROUND 1830, a group of French artists and intellectuals looked around and noticed that people who were their spiritual inferiors were running the world. Suddenly a large crowd of merchants, managers, and traders were making lots of money, living in the big houses, and holding the key posts. They had none of the high style of the aristocracy, or even the earthy integrity of the peasants. Instead, they were gross. They were vulgar materialists, shallow conformists, and self-absorbed philistines, who half the time failed even to acknowledge their moral and spiritual inferiority to the artists and intellectuals. What's more, it was their very mediocrity that accounted for their success. Through some screw-up in the great scheme of the universe, their narrow-minded greed had brought them vast wealth, unstoppable power, and growing social prestige.

Naturally, the artists and intellectuals were outraged. Hatred of the bourgeoisie became the official emotion of the French intelligentsia. Stendhal said traders and merchants made him want to "weep and vomit at the same time." Flaubert thought they were "plodding and avaricious." Hatred of the bourgeoisie, he wrote, "is the beginning of all virtue." He signed his letters "Bourgeoisophobus" to show how much he despised "stupid grocers and their ilk."

Of all the great creeds of the 19th century, pretty much the only one still thriving is this one, bourgeoisophobia. Marxism is dead. Freudianism is dead. Social Darwinism is dead, along with all those theories about racial purity that grew up around it. But the emotions and reactions that Flaubert, Stendhal, and all the others articulated in the 1830s are still with us, bigger than ever. In fact, bourgeoisophobia, which has flowered variously and spread to places as diverse as Baghdad, Ramallah, and Beijing, is the major reactionary creed of our age.

This is because today, in much of the world's eyes, two peoples--the Americans and the Jews--have emerged as the great exemplars of undeserved success. Americans and Israelis, in this view, are the money-mad molochs of the earth, the vulgarizers of morals, corrupters of culture, and proselytizers of idolatrous values. These two nations, it is said, practice conquest capitalism, overrunning poorer nations and exploiting weaker neighbors in their endless desire for more and more. These two peoples, the Americans and the Jews, in the view of the bourgeoisophobes, thrive precisely because they are spiritually stunted. It is their obliviousness to the holy things in life, their feverish energy, their injustice, their shallow pursuit of power and gain, that allow them to build fortunes, construct weapons, and play the role of hyperpower.

And so just as the French intellectuals of the 1830s rose up to despise the traders and bankers, certain people today rise up to shock, humiliate, and dream of destroying America and Israel. Today's bourgeoisophobes burn with the same sense of unjust inferiority. They experience the same humiliation because there is nothing they can do to thwart the growing might of their enemies. They rage and rage. Only today's bourgeoisophobes are not just artists and intellectuals. They are as likely to be terrorists and suicide bombers. They teach in madrassas, where they are careful not to instruct their students in the sort of practical knowledge that dominates bourgeois schools. They are Muslim clerics who incite hatred and violence. They are erudite Europeans who burn with humiliation because they know, deep down, that both America and Israel possess a vitality and heroism that their nations once had but no longer do.
. . .

---end excerpt---

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Postby Zazaban » Sun Aug 27, 2006 11:54 am

That's NOT a very neutral article. Seems christo-centric and something anti-american-israeli-western European. the united states germany and france are hardly 3rd world countires.......

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