Wave of arrests in central Iran

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Wave of arrests in central Iran

Postby Sen McGlinn » Wed Aug 01, 2012 12:53 pm

At least 10 Bahais have been arrested over the past 24 hours, in Isfahan, Shahin Shahr (a city in Isfahan province), Vila Shahr (on the outskirts of Najafabad, also in Isfahan province) and in Yazd. Sasan Haqiri, Shahram Eshraqi, Adhar Pourkhourasand, Mr. Naqipour and Saba Golshan ( ساسان حقیری، شهرام اشراقی، آذر پورخرسند، آقای نقی پور و صبا گلشن ) were arrested in Isfahan city. Mrs. Tahereh Reza’i ( طاهره رضایی ) was arrested in Shahin Shahr. Khosro Dehqani, Vida Parvini and Noghmeh Farabi ( خسرو دهقانی، ویدا پروینی و نغمه فارابی ) have been arrested in Vila Shahr. Faribourz Baghi, Farida Ashtari, Nateq Na’imi, Farhnaz Rostami and Iman Rashidi ( فریبرز باغی، فریدا اشتری، ناطق نعیمی، فرحناز رستمی و ایمان رشیدی ) have been arrested in Yazd. A number of Bahais have also been arrested in Arak, in Iran’s Central Province, but their names have not been confirmed. These arrests follow almost 20 arrests of Bahais in Iran in the past three weeks, in Tehran Shiraz and Mashhad.

Source: PCED (in Persian):
http://www.edu-right.net/from-anywhere/ ... fehanbahai

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